Obama’s magical job figures exposed

Just in time for the 2012 election, employment suddenly skyrockets by 873,000 — the biggest one month jump since 1983

Noel Sheppard of NewsBusters writes: “The unemployment rate decreased to 7.8 percent in September, a number certain to impact the presidential race. Pundits have been saying for months this number had to drop below 8 percent for it not to be a hindrance to President Obama’s reelection chances.

The economy added 114,000 nonfarm payrolls in the month according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics with gains in healthcare, transportation and warehousing.

Truly shocking in the report was that the number of unemployed people dropped by 456,000 to 12.1 million.

Maybe more shocking, total employment, as measured by the Household Survey, rose by 873,000 in September to 142,974,000, the biggest one month jump since June 1983.

As such, total employment now stands at the highest level it’s been since December 2008 before Obama was inaugurated. But even more mysterious is the divergence in the two surveys done by Hilda Solis’ Labor Department.

The Household Survey showed a gain of 873,000 people employed in September – resulting in the surprise drop in the unemployment rate – while the Establishment Survey only showed a rise of 114,000.



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  1. ZOO says:

    I love the disclaimer “well…gee…er…no manipulation can take place, the BLS and DOL are two separate agencies!” I think reconquista Hilda Solis is at the root of this, she knows that a Obama re-election means a piñata in every pot.

  2. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Would Labor Secretary Solis doctor the figures to benefit Obama? There’s no question!!!

    Hilda Solis and her Arabic husband Sam Sayyad, have been screwing the American taxpayers for years as tax cheats.
    Read this and the links to USAToday

    But in the final analysis none of it mattered. She’s a liberal Pelosi devotee and a pro-amnesty, pro-abortion Catholic, female Hispanic who ideally filled the bill for Obama. She was known to hate Ronald Reagan, which gave her even greater credibility with the leftist crowd. Her father was a Teamster official in Mexico. Solis has been the darling of the unions and leftwing groups for years.

    • Villanova says:

      Good background on Solis, Matt.
      But must take you to task on the term “pro-abortion Catholic.” Abortion supporters aren’t actually Catholics. The Kennedy clan, John Kerry, Nancy Pelosi all immediately spring to mind. They are liberal Dimocrats whose God is political expediency.

    • garvan says:

      A “pro-abortion Catholic” is not a Catholic.

      This piece of leftist debris is Catholic in name only.

      I don’t know which diocese she calls home, but if the bishop of that diocese hasn’t notified her of her excommunication, then he is a Democrat first and a priest second – – just like most of his fellow bishops are.

  3. Saguaro Sam says:

    The Feds are hiring! You just have to meet certain criteria to get a job. Do you speak a foreign language, or merely look like you might be able to? If so, proceed to the next phase of the Fed hiring process. Are you ready, willing, and able to participate in the next gay pride day at DHS Hdqtrs in D.C? If so, take two giant leaps forward in the hiring process. Jump right over those truly qualified folks, why doncha’? If you are a registered Democrat or would like to be–well, this completes the interview process. Congratulations, you are now a Federal employee. Now please cast your ballots in as many jurisdications as possible for Barack Hussein Obama. And remember, Big Brother is watching.

    • garvan says:

      We need to take Sam’s narrative to the next level, and by no means is any sarcasm intended:

      I see the day coming when it will be frankly dangerous NOT to be a member of the Democrat party.

      Think: OSHA, Ag, Corps of Engineers or EPA inspection, zoning inspection, getting and keeping a job with a firm that does business with the government, etc.

      Remember Herr Schindler (played by Liam Neeson) in the movie Schindler’s List? Remember the scene where he carefully puts on his Nazi Party pin before going out to dinner?

      Schindler was not a Nazi at heart; he just realized, as did perhaps 90% of Nazi party members, that party membership was essential to getting and keeping a job, and not getting hassled by the Gestapo.

      The GOP establishment is vindictive to its own, not to Democrats. Witness: Todd Akin getting thrown under the bus.

      The Democrats seldom if ever eat their own young.

      The day may be coming when it will be prudent to be on the Democrat Party membership list, and imprudent to be a registered Republican.

      Think about it.

      • ZOO says:

        It seems to me candidates from both parties have dropped party affiliations from their campaigns for some time now. You rarily see them on road signs or TV spots. The only place I recall seeing “Republican” on a sign in our recent primary was Wil Cardon. A Sheriff Joe mailer arrived today and “Republican” is no where on it. The trend tells me the oligarchy knows both of their brands are damaged.

        I agree about contentiousness for Republicans vs. Democrats. In their inconceivable lunacy, Democrats have homogeneity. IMHO, the ‘wedge’ issue in the GOP continues to be illegal immigration.

        In Arizona, this began in 2004 with Prop. 200. Republicans feared a backlash (ala Mexifornia) for standing up for the law and state sovereignty; that is why it wound up on the ballot. When voters passed Prop 200, that changed some attitudes for the next few years. But as we all know, in Arizona and nationally the GOP is now infected with spineless vermin looking to bend and spread’em for the Illegal Alien Lobby.

        Arizona Republicans surged into a super majority seven months after passing/signing SB 1070. So now the party faithful run out and elect Flake, Lewis, and Worsley? This attempt to “double back” is simply suicidal. If Romney is elected and goes all GWB on us, the party is toast.

  4. Frankly Speaking says:

    Of course people are suspicious of these newly released numbers coming on the tail of Obama’s pathetic debate performance. He has no record to run on or defend, so they fabricate an employment spike? Even these numbers they are gloating about are shameful.

    If a Republican president’s administration tried to pull such a scam on the American people, the libs would be calling for his head and demanding the colluding Labor Secretary step down.

  5. garvan says:

    Former Asst Secretary of the US Treasury (and former associate editor of the WSJ) Paul Craig Walters just wrote the following at LewRockwell.com:

    “As 114,000 new jobs are not sufficient to stay even with population growth, the drop in the unemployment rate is the result of NOT COUNTING DISCOURAGED WORKERS who are defined away as ‘not in the labor force.’

    “According to the BLS, ‘In September, 2.5 million persons were marginally attached to the labor force.’

    “These individuals ‘wanted and were available for work,’ but ‘ they were not counted as unemployed because they had not searched for work in the 4 weeks preceding the survey.’

    “In other words, 2.5 million unemployed Americans WERE NOT COUNTED AS UNEMPLOYED.”

    I pray to God that Romney has someone on his campaign staff you can articulate this in a swing state ad.

    Otherwise, obama is going to get credit for a non-existent “drop” in unemployment.

  6. Not Fooled says:

    I’ve also noticed the drop in listed party affiliation on campaign signage and literature. It’s most often done by Democrats attempting to conceal their leftward slant. But RINOs use the ruse, also.
    In 2008, there was a guy running for the AZ House — supposedly as a Republican — who even included a picture of himself with Janet Napolitano in a campaign piece. He was angling for Independent votes. The Republicans didn’t go for the ruse and apparently neither did the Dems OR Independents. He lost.
    Stand for something or you stand for nothing. The two major parties represent very different issues and values. Candidates should at acquaint themselves with the party platforms. They might find they actually belong in “the other one.”

    • ZOO says:

      It seems this “stealth” campaign style goes hand in hand with the “top 2” crackpots. Maybe it was the inspiration.