It’s Sunday: Time for a sermon

This powerful message from Bishop E. W. Jackson of “Ministers Taking a Stand” is aimed at black Christians. We urge you to watch it — regardless of your ethnicity.

For the first time since the black community’s political realignment with the Democrat Party in the 1960’s, a nationally prominent black Pastor has called on his church community to leave the Democrat Party in a movement dubbed “EXODUS NOW!” Bishop E.W. Jackson’s call to “come out from among them” is being heeded by many black Pastors and Christians across America and creating a stir in many churches. There is concern at the highest levels of the Democrat Party. Read more here.

Bishop Jackson’s impressive biography can be seen here.


4 Responses to It’s Sunday: Time for a sermon

  1. CD9 says:

    Excellent sermon, I hope both black and white hear that in their churches.

  2. Orion says:

    Unfortunately, Democrats have duped too many black voters for too long. It’s wonderful to hear a pastor who speaks the truth in no uncertain terms.

  3. Kimball says:

    Lincoln was a Republican. Lyndon Johnson, the Democrat, decimated the American black family by supplanting welfare checks for fathers. Crime rose, church attendance fell and teenage mothers became prevalent. The Democrat party has caused irreparable harm to so many. Bishop Jackson speaks the truth. I hope he’s heard and heeded.

  4. patriotmom says:

    Bishop Jackson is a far cry from the “victim politics” of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton. We need to hear more from principled, godly men like this. Clearly this man cares about black people and his country- what a refreshing difference from what we have endured over the last 4 years.

    Watch the liberals try to take him down.