Dave Joseph: Another AZ Democrat under investigation

Dave Joseph, a candidate for the Arizona state legislature in LD 11, is under investigation for violating campaign finance laws.

Clean Elections stipulate specific rules that candidates must follow when they accept public campaign funds. In this case, it appears Joseph took the money and broke the rules, according to the details of the complaint. It will be interesting to see if Clean Elections actually does anything with this case or if it just gets swept under the rug.

The complaint filed with the Citizens Clean Elections Commission alleges that the “Dave for LD11” campaign broke the law by sending mailers to registered Republicans during the primary season — Joseph is a Democrat — and spending primary funds on general-election materials. Both are violations.

Adam Kwasman and Steve Smith are the Republicans running for the two District 11 Arizona House of Representatives seats. They are running as traditionally funded candidates and not using public monies.

The new legislative district  includes the communities of Oro Valley, Marana, Catalina, Picture Rocks, and Avra Valley in Pima County and SaddleBrooke, Red Rock, Arizona City, western Casa Grande, Stanfield, and the City of Maricopa in Pinal County

Read more regarding Dave Joseph, courtesy of Arizona Public Media here.


8 Responses to Dave Joseph: Another AZ Democrat under investigation

  1. Maggie says:

    Another day another Democrat in hot water. It’s not even news, it’s a given.

  2. Justin says:

    This guy looks really seedy. Even if the moustache is intended, the rest of his face looks like a three day growth. If he’s bothering to put on a suit and tie, how about getting up a few minutes earlier and shaving?

  3. diogidog says:

    It’s all ‘inside baseball’ and the regular Joe couldn’t give a hoot about this crap.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Honesty is not “inside baseball” niether is it “crap.” It’s the least we should be able to expect from those who claim to want to represent us.

      The average conservative “Joe” cares a great deal about being taken to the cleaners and being screwed over by those who disregard the rules. I’m no fan of the so-called Clean Elections scheme. But if Dave Joseph chose to use public money to finance his liberal campaign, he should at least follow the requirements for his $14,355.00 cash infusion.

      You obviously are content with crooks and cheats. I am not.

      • diogidog says:

        That’s right ACG. Always get personal and go for the throwback onto the truth teller. You like crap and you like to read crap. There. I can get personal too, man.

  4. Saguaro Sam says:

    I went to his website, for which SRA provided the link, and found some interesting things under the “endorsements” tab.

    He is allegedly endorsed by the F.O.P. (Fraternal Order of Police)—but which chapter? Also supposedly endorsed by the AFL-CIO (with no local unions cited); the National Assoc of Social Workers (no big leap there—Ron Barber probably made that happen); the CWA (which is unexplained on his website, but stands for the Communication Workers of America which is a huge union; and Planned Parenthood.

    His slovenly appearance extends to the pics on his website.

    Politics has become a pig stye.

  5. Pima Pal says:

    Dave Joseph is obviously cultivating the Yasser Arafat look!!

  6. Doc says:

    Th’ dude looks like a mafia lieutenant from Bayone, N.J.—