AZ CD 9: República endorses commie radical Sinema

Anti-American lunacy on display

It’s no secret we have been harsh critics of Vernon Parker — now the Republican candidate in the new Congressional District 9. Yet in the match-up with radical leftist Kyrsten Sinema, whom the leftwing AZ República newspaper editorially endorses this morning, there is no question Parker is the standout.

The editorial is titled “Sinema a good fit for the district.” That might be the case if the district were in a soviet bloc country.  The editorialist acknowledges that “Sinema is a liberal who took extreme positions early in her political career. What’s more instructive is Sinema’s growth over the past decade. She’s learned to moderate herself to match voters.”

Most of us can discern raw opportunistic fabrication from what the newspaper boorishly terms “growth.” What they meant was, As she strategically distorts her own views in order to get elected. The editorial concedes as much with this telling tidbit, “This district won’t re-elect someone who goes all Nancy Pelosi. Sinema is sophisticated enough to understand this. She’ll tilt to the left, but not to the degree those scary ads suggest. Finally, there are the intangibles. Sinema displays a lot more fire in the gut.”

That ‘fire’ is driven by a far left conviction that enables both the newspaper and Sinema to finagle and misrepresent to achieve their ends.

As we wrote last month in Kyrsten Sinema: Far-left radical AZ CD 9 Dem exposed, a bit of Sinematic history is in order: In 2005, Sinema, a committed pro-abortion and open-borders advocate, lost her initial legislative race as a Green Party candidate. The self-proclaimed bi-sexual then set out re-crafting herself as a Democrat. And akin to AZ Congressman Raul Grijalva, Sinema’s ideology is deeply intertwined with the Communist Party.

Sinema was one of eight AZ Dems who introduced HB 2286, an appalling bill that imposed mandatory minimum jail sentences on members of the civilian Minutemen trying to get a negligent U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws by alerting authorities to the flow of illegal invaders crossing our southern border. And like her close friend, Janet Napolitano who singled out America’s returning service personnel, Sinema referred to these patriotic citizens as domestic terrorists.”

An ardent supporter of same-sex marriage, she mockingly blasted women who devote themselves to their families rather than working outside the home. Her foul-mouthed rant was: “These women who act like staying at home, leeching off their husbands or boyfriends and just cashing the checks is some sort of feminism because they’re choosing to live that life. That’s bulls**t.  I mean, what the f**k are we really talking about here?” Following the spirit of unity Dems claim to embrace, Sinema derided conservatives as “Neanderthals.”

In May, Guy Benson political editor for Townhall, wrote this exposé: “Moderate” Arizona Democrat Has Deep Ties to Left-Wing Radicals, Obama White House.

Here, Sinema added her name to a “Cinco de Mayo greeting” in the Communist People’s Weekly World:*

The next year, her name appeared on this Arizona Communist Party May Day greeting:*

This is how Sinema was described on Andrew Breitbart’s website in an article by Trevor Loudon: Kyrsten Sinema: Communist Connected Arizona State Senator to Run For Congress.

* H/T Moonbattery

17 Responses to AZ CD 9: República endorses commie radical Sinema

  1. Kent says:

    Wow! Another great commentary, Seeing Red AZ!! Now I’ve got to go back and read all of those links. I suspect they will also be enlightening.

  2. sykotek says:

    Mr. Parker, as you’ve all read me ranting about due to his disgusting flip-flop re:JD Hayworth vs. John McCain…is sadly the only choice & MUST BE VOTED FOR IN CD-9! Just like our ?senatorial? race re: carmona vs. McFlake…the candidate choices go from bad to worse…

    • ZOO says:

      If you are staunchly against illegal immigration, amnesty, and the Dream Act, Arizona Republican voters have abandoned and betrayed you time and time again:

      2010 John McCain vs J.D. Hayworth
      2011 Jerry Lewis vs Russell Pearce
      2012 Bob Worsley vs Russell Pearce
      2012 Jeff Flake vs Wil Cardon

      It is time to send the message: support RINOs and YOU LOSE!

      Vote AGAINST Jeff Flake for U.S. senate
      Vote AGAINST Steve Pierce in LD 1 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST Nancy Barto in LD 15 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST Rich Crandall in LD 16 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST John McComish in LD 18 for state senate*
      Vote AGAINST Bob Worsley in LD 25 for state senate
      Vote AGAINST Jerry Lewis in LD 26 for state senate
      Vote AGAINST Adam Driggs in LD 28 for state senate*

      * These Republican state senators are incumbents, and in March 2011 they collapsed under direct orders from Glenn Hamer, Cindy McCain, and the Arizona Chamber of Commerce. At the COMMAND of cheap-illegal labor corporations, these senators killed 5 immigration bills without blinking an eye.

      Are YOU going to let the Arizona Chamber of Commerce run our state government? Are YOU going to let Arizona Republican party heel clickers take our state BACKWARDS in the fight against illegal immigration? Stop it NOW!

    • Army Of One says:

      All too true, sykotek and ZOO.

      If I lived in CD 9 (which I don’t) I would have to vote for the phony liar Vernon Parker over Sinema, the communist bi-sexual, BFF of JNo.

      In the US Senate race, there is absolutely nothing that would move me to cast my ballot for the perpetually grinning while sticking a knife in our backs, Jeff the McFlake.

    • Mitchell Wachtel says:

      Why would you vote for someone connected to organized crime? How can you possibly do that? The woman lacks a residual sense of shame. The felon to which she is connected, Ms. Lynne Stewart, was involved with the Sheik Rahman crime family. No joke. It’s the truth. Think of it this way. No matter how you feel about Ms. Sinema, she certainly is drop dead gorgeous, intelligent, & well spoken, her demeanor bespeaking great family wealth (assertions of poverty notwithstanding). Why would not any Democrat with an ounce of brains choose her over much less exciting opponents? Yet Pres. Clinton came to town . . . and supported one of her drab colleagues. Vice President Gore came to town . . . and supported the other boring opponent. It only makes sense if there was something really, really wrong with Ms. Sinema. And there sure the heck is. Why would I, a person from Texas, someone who has never been actively involved in a Congressional Campaign, really care about this? Do you think I know Mr. Parker from the good old days or something?

  3. greenvalleygal says:

    An Arizona Congressional candidate wears a gauzy prom dress to have her pix taken along side a former Arizona Governor who wears a wolverine on her head.
    The wolverine comment comes from Dennis Miller. Wish Dennis could see this photo. Anybody have his email?

  4. Doc says:

    SRA-the “sykotek” comment is mine…this blasted infernal machine skrewed with my password/name…sorry about that…-Doc

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      It’s not a problem, Doc. It went through since you are an “approved” commenter. You can use either or both names — or if you’d prefer, we can change it to Doc.

  5. Matt DeGennaro says:

    Excellent and well researched piece on this hard left radical trying to deceive CD 9 voters. How convenient for her that the newspaper aids and abets her flagrant deception. The Arizona Republic is probably getting its marching orders from the White House via its favorite AZ governor, Janet Napolitano!!.

  6. Hagar says:

    Is that an engagement photo?

  7. chick20112011 says:

    Janet always looked a little “too happy” in this pic.

  8. Mitchell Wachtel says:

    One thing to do is to permit folks who just love Ms. Sinema to post here. Heck, invite them right in. Love to talk with them. Check out this blog here.

    Now the Sinema folks like to restrict speech in general. I have never used four letter words. The only time I get angry at someone is for cowardly threatening me without answering my complaints.

  9. Mitchell Wachtel says:

    Here’s another point. She suddenly went INACTIVE on her law license in Arizona. Why in the name of heaven would she do that? Well, I did a bit of checking. Could find ZERO documents related to her at the Maricopa County Court, which kind of would be expected for any attorney who REALLY defends murderers, one of the most honorable jobs society has to offer. What I did find was contact of another sort with the legal system, displayed at the end of this here post. Perhaps she’s planning a few murders after she loses & wants to be protected from the death penalty by these bills. Anyways, look at her rap sheet, which includes speeding in a school zone (if a kid got killed that would be called manslaughter),

    Public Access to Court InformationCase Search

    The Arizona Judicial Branch is pleased to offer Public Access to Court Case Information, a valuable online service providing a resource for information about court cases from 153 out of 180 courts in Arizona. Show unavailable courts.

    << return for new case search15 records foundCase NumberNameParty TypeBirth DateAddressCourtM-0741-3308174KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-3413806KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANT07/1976PHOENIX, AZ 85014Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-3848773KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalJ-1103-SD-2009002031KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANT07/1976PHOENIX, AZ 85003Eloy JusticeM-0741-4035928KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-4083131KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-1347-PR-2009012548KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANT07/1976PHOENIX, AZ 85003Prescott Valley MunicipalM-0741-4120345KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-4158048KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANT07/1976PHOENIX, AZ 85014Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-4196794KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-1347-PR-2010011339KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANT07/1976PHOENIX, AZ 85003Prescott Valley MunicipalM-0741-4246400KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-4291294KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-4443735KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANTPHOENIX, AZ 85003Phoenix MunicipalM-0741-4588867KYRSTEN SINEMADEFENDANT07/1976PHOENIX, AZ 85014Phoenix Municipal

    I have a speeding ticket or two, but I have never gone >15 mph above the limit in a school zone. It would not occur to me to endanger children that way.