It takes a village…idiot

Meet a typical Obama voter

Although most of us understand it takes committed parents to do the optimum job, Hillary Clinton championed her liberal philosophy “It takes a village to raise a child.” It was the theme of her 1996 book bearing the same name.

Here we have Nicole, the village idiot with six kids, who has called in to give Tucson radio talk show host Jon Justice and his guest Arizona State Sen. Frank Antenori her thoughts on parenting. Listen closely:


6 Responses to It takes a village…idiot

  1. Maggie says:

    Let’s hope Nicole’s stupidity runs so deep, she’s unable to find the polling place. Her thought processes are obscene.

  2. CD9 says:

    Please let me find the person speaking to my 9 yr old about sex without my permission. The only village it took to raise my children was the one I made in my home.

  3. patriotmom says:

    Your typical Nobama voter, simple and untainted by reason or facts or basic common sense. Unfortunately for the rest of us, they breed, often in big numbers.

    Our home was always a place our children could bring their friends for pool parties, sleepovers and just hanging out. While there may have been some advice shared a couple of times, I would never have overstepped as a parent and presumed to speak about something as personal as sex with another parents child- and I would have prevented my child from going to a home where it was allowed. Who are this woman’s neighbors- the Simpsons?

    • Doc says:

      ….well ya’ knooowwww….Marge Simpson DID POSE for Playboy…

      …I must concur w/CD-9…GOD HELP th’ fool talkin’ to ANY of my kids about sex…their Souls better belong to JESUS, cuuuzzz…

  4. American Dad says:

    Count me among the irate listeners to No Brains Nicole. She thinks it’s our duty to support her and her family of SIX kids while she discusses sex with the neighbors youngsters? That would be over someone’s dead body — and it wouldn’t be mine!

    And from the way she was going after the Republican state senator, it’s all too clear she’s voting for Obama. This is what we’re up against with the entitlement mentality.

  5. voter says:

    This HAD to have been a set up. Ain’t NO ONE that stupid.