AZ República, Councilman Nowakowski, “floating” crap

Michael Nowakowski is a Phoenix City Council member who represents District 7 in southwest Phoenix. Although he carries a Polish surname, he identifies as Hispanic and is the Executive VP of Communications of Radio Campesina, a network of 10 Spanish-language radio stations in three states, also broadcasting into Mexico. Latino Perspectives magazine slathers him with praise for “empowering people.” It’s a sure bet the people Nowakowski — who reveres the memory of controversial union leader Cesar Chavez — seeks to “empower” are specific residents of his district.

Democrat Nowakowski’s focus is Hispanics — whether legal or illegal. As proof, he is now –according to the dying Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) — “floating the idea”  for city issued ID cards for what the newspaper coyly refers to as “undocumented immigrants.” The newspaper uses the soft words “proposed” and “suggested,” to describe Nowakowski’s scheme.

To get a handle on its drift, check out our post titled A Primer: How to decipher Republicese.

Officials in Dayton, Ohio, looked into issuing ID cards last year. They found the costly program would be ineffective, along with valid concerns that illegal aliens would not self report, even if it meant getting city sanctioned ID.  What do they need it for? They’ve already purchased counterfeit or stolen documentation, including driver’s licenses, birth certificates and social security cards in order to facilitate their lives in the U.S. 

District 6 Councilman Sal DiCiccio said he would not be in favor of the ID cards. “I would just be very cautious of the city of Phoenix getting involved in the passport business,” he said. “That’s for the federal government.”

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne also expressed concerns. “Here’s the problem that I see…I see it as a way to get illegals to vote,” Horne said. “The only protection we have against illegal voting is the ID at the polls.”

We agree.

Government sanctioned identification for those in the United States illegally is unacceptable. This is an idea that needs to be flushed.


5 Responses to AZ República, Councilman Nowakowski, “floating” crap

  1. ZOO says:

    Another imported idea from L A County. If the Phoenix city council is looking for trouble, just let them get within 10 miles of this depravity.

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Once upon a time our city council was elected at large, meaning the council members ALL worked together on behalf of ALL of the citizens of the City of Phoenix. That system was very efficient and served us very well…but not well enough for the Democrats and those like Michael Nowakowski who has his own constituency and the hell with the rest of us — especially if we’re not Mexicans. This ID card for illegal aliens is a preposterous idea. Thanks for alerting us.

  3. says:

    Why don’t use publish contact information for the jerks who propose this
    kind of crap? Sheriff Joe’s home address was published. Turnabout is fair

  4. patriotmom says:

    It’s just another step towards amnesty. Provide sanctioned ID cards, then the next logical step is allowing them to vote “within their own communities” and then we’re off to the races for full blown amnesty.
    Another solid reason to vote GOP this year or by this time next year Nobama will be planning amnesty, Obamacare Part Deux and two more liberal Supremes for his “holiday” presents to the American people.

  5. Clark says:

    Nowakowski and Jerry Lewis are good buddies. I’m sure Lewis will be willing to help Nowakowski “float the idea” in the Senate too.