Valdez cloaks her GOP loathing in rainbows, lyrics

Linda Valdez, the Periódico de la República de Arizona’s  (Arizona Republic) resident illegal alien apologist, is back at work.  She begins her essay with lyrics from a 1975 ditty “My Town,“ by Paul Simon. It makes sense.  Paul Simon is a longtime donor to leftist candidates and causes — giving nearly $70,000 to politicos such as Barbara Boxer, Al Franken, Hillary Clinton as well as the DNC and Act Blue.

Valdez accuses Arizona’s taxpaying citizens of fear and lack of vision for their unwillingness to continue to fund illegals.  She cites demographics which show growing numbers of Hispanics and coyly refers to the threat they pose.  We better “pay attention to their needs and interests,” she warns, since “they are the future — and Latino kids should be a top priority.”

From there, the unabashed liberal swings into action, taking on Republican elected officials, saying that “instead of leaders who nurtured the talents of young Latinos, Arizona got the four horsemen of the anti-immigrant apocalypse: former state Sen. Russell Pearce, Gov. Jan Brewer, Attorney General Tom Horne and Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio. All Republicans.”

Readers can almost feel the hot spray of spittle as she vents.

Valdez accuses Republican office holders of not doing a good enough job “of celebrating the marvelous cultural heritage” — all too often illicitly imported across the border. Facts take a back seat to Valdez’ fabrication as she alleges “Arizona outlawed bilingual education, criminalized undocumented workers, institutionalized racial profiling, denigrated Mexican-American students as gangsters, banned ethnic studies and made it official state policy to harass the undocumented.”

For assistance in navigating this unmitigated dishonesty, read A Primer: How to decipher Republicese, which includes a link to our popular Lingo.

Yet amid all of this contrived venomous rancor she finds coming from Arizonans who believe the laws of their sovereign nation should be enforced, Valdez sees a “rainbow.”

She applauds “Latino kids” who are involved in a group called Adios Arpaio with the sole aim of ousting Sheriff Joe Arpaio — a career law enforcement professional elected to an unprecedented five-four-year terms by grateful Maricopa County citizens who have had enough of the costly invasion of our state.

Her threat includes newly registered voters in Mexican-majority neighborhoods, being recruited by an army of mostly high-school student volunteers.  She neglects to mention if any of the new voters have dubious citizenship status.

“I may be only 16, but the things I’m capable of are humongous,” said a teen whose illegal father was deported two years ago. Another criticizes policies that saw his uncle — “the life of the party” — deported last year. “I want to make Arizona a better place,” says another who’s waiting for approval of his application under Barack Obama’s backdoor amnesty DREAM Act, implemented via executive order.

This teen, disenchanted with a nation that honors the rule of law is part of a “rainbow” Arizona should start appreciating, says a straight-faced Valdez.

10 Responses to Valdez cloaks her GOP loathing in rainbows, lyrics

  1. Villanova says:

    The rule of law means nothing to those who regard illegally invading our state and country as their right. Valdez is an arrogant ignoramus.

  2. Blaine Dunning says:

    We made it a policy of enforcing the laws, something Valdez doesn’t care about one bit.

  3. ZOO says:

    An oldie but a goodie:

    In 2004, Arizona passed Prop 200 and one of the provisions was to require proof of citizenship to vote. Prior to the election I was visiting a friend in west Phoenix whose neighborhood was heavy Hispanic. Suddenly the neighborhood was flooded with “recruiters” from Chicanos Por La Causa. They began canvassing each house up and down the block to register voters, and arbitrarily slapped a “NO ON PROP 200” sign on each front porch as they left.

    The next day, my friend was talking to his Hispanic neighbor who told him the “recruiters” filled out his voter registration for him and also a request for an early mail-in ballot, then ask him to sign it. Then they told him when he received his early ballot to hold on to it, and they would return to help him fill it out.


    Arizona’s requirement for proof of citizenship to register to vote (Prop 200) stood from November 2004 until November 2010, when a three-judge panel on the 9th Circuit headed by Sandra Day O’Conner struck it down – with one judge dissenting.

    The Supreme court will review the “proof of citizenship to register to vote” issue in their upcoming 2012-2013 session – too late for the 2012 general election.

    I propose November 1st be declared “Russell Pearce Day” in Arizona.

  4. Macbeth says:

    Personality l’d prefer to prioritize kids who respect the United States. This crew are willing pawns of the open borders extremists.

  5. CD9 says:

    I would prefer for American children to get vouchers to attend the school of their choice. If illegals want an education, charge them. I am tired of footing the bill for every dumb idea that comes down from Democrat politics.

    We need to remember the Presidential election we will have at least 3 Supreme’s to replace, and my Lord no more Kagan or the wise Latina, make me vomit, Sotomayor.

    • Capt. Marvel says:

      Reading the absolute garbage spewed over the years by Linda Valdez proves two things:
      1. Fair and objective journalism is dead. This mud fence clearly hates Republicans.
      2. Joe Arpaio was right — again! Watch this ad to the end.

      • Anthem Al says:

        Thanks, Capt, for finding that ad! It’s far and away my favorite, both of the sheriff’s and as it relates to what we should do with the lousy newspaper. We stopped subscribing several years ago. Try reading the Sonoran News. it’s a hard copy newspaper, decidedly conservative and privately owned, so publisher Don Sorchych has free rein. It’s also online. FREE, unlike the disgusting Arizona Repulsive. Check out the numerous awards it has won over the years, going back to 1996:

  6. Jackhammer1941 says:

    November 1st Senator Russell Pearce Day
    November 2nd Sheriff Joe Arpaio Day
    November 3rd Arizona Seeing Red Day
    November 6th Nobama Day

  7. patriotmom says:

    Valdez accuses Republican office holders of not doing a good enough job “of celebrating the marvelous cultural heritage” — all too often illicitly imported across the border.

    FACT:”Rich heritage” includes; animal abuse, kidnapping of underage girls, drug lord worship, gang activity, disinterest in education and high unwed teen statistics. Great family values.

    Facts take a back seat to Valdez’ fabrication as she alleges “Arizona outlawed bilingual education, criminalized undocumented workers, institutionalized racial profiling, denigrated Mexican-American students as gangsters, banned ethnic studies and made it official state policy to harass the undocumented.

    Outlawed bilingual education?
    FACTS: Gilbert Elementary forces each child to learn all subjects in English AND Spanish. Signs all over the state in English and Spanish. Voting materials are printed in Spanish.
    More and more jobs in supervision, HR, customer service and more are REQUIRING Spanish.

    FACT:Many Hispanic kids ARE gangsters. In 2005, Hispanics comprised 20% of the state and federal prison population, a rise of 43% since 1990. As a result of these trends, one
    of every six Hispanic males and one of every 45 Hispanic females born today can expect to go to prison in his or her lifetime.

    FACT:Ethnic studies that cause racial division and lie about the history of this country are not “studies”- it is called brainwashing.

    Harass the “undocumented?”
    FACT:In Mexico, illegals are JAILED.
    This country provides education, medication, jobs and more to illegals who are employed at greater percentages than natives during this recession.

  8. Night Owl says:

    Linda Valdez should take her warnings for us and her love for Mexico south of the border. What a lot of nerve! She cares more for “Latinos” than she does America’s citizens. I notice that variations of Latino/Latina has become her word of choice. Not long ago it was Hispanics. Maybe Chicano fell between the cracks? The word Mexican has become unfashionable even though there is a country named Mexico, filled with Mexican citizens. I work with a guy who thinks the word Mexican is a slur. He calls Mexicans “Spanish” even though Spain is a country in Europe and most Mexicans have never set foot there. Those who live in Spain are Spanish. Meanwhile, the rest of us are supposed to jump through the latest in-style descriptive word hoops.


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