AZ Republic endorses Romney: Proof even the left has had enough

 Obama’s colossal debt, failures, government overreaches too much for liberals

On Friday, we noted the growing list of newspapers across the nation that are switching from their 2008 presidential endorsements of Barack Obama to Mitt Romney. Seeing Red AZ’s expectation was that the rigidly left-leaning Arizona Republic would stay the course and remain bonded to Obama — a man who has forced us into unprecedented debt, mandated government imposed health care, disregarded our Constitution and laws — opting instead to rule by presidential fiat.

Imagine our surprise when this bastion of liberalism published its endorsement editorial today, titled, Romney can lead economy forward. Our belief that Republican Mitt Romney should be elected the 45th president of the United States is anchored in a tough reality, they write.

With the new pay wall requiring readers to pony up to access the reliably leftist spew, the link may not work. Give it a try, however. It will brighten your day.

There’s more good news on the horizon as Election Day nears. Today’s Gallup Poll shows a significant bounce for Mitt Romney, 52 – 45 among likely voters.


11 Responses to AZ Republic endorses Romney: Proof even the left has had enough

  1. Sgt. Preston says:

    I won’t say that this ridiculous excuse for a newspaper has come to its senses. This is merely an example of the editorial board not wanting to look like the fools they are. Even they can see trends and feel the outrage of average citizens who are tired and frightened. Why do you think Costco and other warehouse stores are stocking and selling out of emergency power generators and food and water supplies?

  2. Vince says:

    Even with the newspaper’s weak endosement of even weaker John McAwful in 2008, he barely carried his adopted home state of Arizona.

    This election is different. Romney is a strong candidate and going to win…with or without the Arizona Rupugant’s endorsement.

    The only way Obama has a chance is through fraudulent election schemes. I know committed Democrats who are fed up with him. They care more about their children’s futures than they do their allegiance to the increasingly out of touch Democrat Party.

  3. LD 7 PC says:

    Linda Valdez must have been in tears during this decision making editorial meeting. I expect the old bag will take her pension and vacate her leftward rant slot at the newspaper. Someone else will have the honor of turning out the lights for the last time.

  4. Hunter says:

    I think the Republic does their endorsements like this: Support the liberal if there is a chance of liberal victory, but support Republicans (even if conservative) if they will win even if the Republic endorses the liberal. This way, they can shift the elections as liberal as they can while still appearing to be relevant; plus they avoid burning bridges with winners. For the presidential election, their relevant calculation is whether the candidate will win Arizona since they don’t sell papers outside of Arizona and don’t have relationships with many politicians outside Arizona,.

    If the editors of the Republic endorsed who they really like all of the time, most people would be even more disgusted with them and it would hurt their circulation even more than it is hurting now.

  5. BPaluch777 says:

    This morning, as I read the local bird cage liner, hell froze over and I saw pigs fly!

  6. Saguaro Sam says:

    Did you hear the one about the three foreign guys with antisocial personality disorder who get together to endorse a narcissist?
    According to the latest on Drudge Report, that is exactly what has happened. Castro, Chavez, and Putin have endorsed Obama. They’ve probably also mailed in their ballots.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      This unholy Marxist trinity are BFF of BHO. No surprise there. They are all of one mind, but Obama won by virtue of his exciting mulatto-ness, misplaced political correctness, and the intentional decades-long dumbing down of American students in our public schools by liberal union teachers. Then add in the fact that in 2008 Obama virtually got a pass running against the worst candidate the Republican Party could possibly offer. Blame John McCain and his gigantic ego for Barack Hussein Obama’s victory, since McCain was unable to let a better and smarter candidate move forward.
      Then McCain compounded the GOP misery by appearing to campaign for Obama at every turn. The ignorant old fool needs to be put out to pasture. When endorsing Romeny on the campaign trail, he actually called him “Obama.”
      I hear he is not running again in 2014. I hope my sources are currently as reliable as they have been previously.

      • Saguaro Sam says:

        Yep, I do blame McCain—as often as possible, for anything.
        I see that Miss Meghan McCain has been on every tv show and radio show that will oblige her, talking about how “conservative” she is.
        Hope the McCains aren’t going to try that dynasty thing like the Kennedys.

  7. patriotmom says:


    Major Communists Endorse Obama!

    Even Liberal Papers Endorse Romney!

    Meanwhile, the lack of paid subscriptions makes itself felt at AZ Repugnant head offices.

  8. chick20112011 says:

    Meanwhile, KPHO runs a graphic declaring Obama the winner over Romney. Percentages and number of votes. (daily caller)

  9. chick20112011 says:

    Just wondering if KPHO can give me the lottery numbers ahead of time also?