U.S. Supreme Court to hear AZ Voter ID case

AZ AG Tom Horne works to ensure voter integrity in face of Obama administration opposition

In 2004, Arizona voters overwhelmingly passed the Arizona Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act, on the ballot as Proposition 200 — a commonsense measure intended to prevent non-citizens from illegally voting in elections. On the heels of its passage, a lawsuit challenging the law was filed by liberal activist groups, including Chicanos Por La Causa, People for the American Way and Project Vote.

After Arizona citizens passed the referendum, a three-judge panel of the Ninth Circuit ruled that the first part of the referendum was pre-empted by Federal law. This ruling came in tandem with an intentionally misleading brief from the Civil Rights Division of Eric Holder’s Justice Department. Hans A. von Spakovsky writing for National Review provides excellent background.

Sandra O’Connor — the left-of-center “cowgirl from Arizona,” duped conservative Ronald Reagan who in 1981 appointed her to the U.S. Supreme Court — sat on the Ninth Circuit panel that gutted the law.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne requested an “en banc rehearing” of the matter, in which an 11-judge panel reconsiders the ruling issued by the three-judge panel and he personally argued the case.

The Court ruled that requiring voter I.D. on Election Day is permissible, but that Arizona could not ask people for evidence of citizenship when they register to vote. Instead, the Court ruled that Arizona would have to trust the signature on the form where people declare that they are citizens.

Horne has stated that “Arizona has a right to ask people for evidence that they are citizens when they register to vote. If someone is willing to vote illegally, he or she is willing to sign a false statement regarding citizenship. This ‘honor system’ is not sufficient to guard the integrity of the election system. The trial record in this case shows substantial evidence of voter fraud, especially by organizations like ACORN. If citizens feel their votes are being diluted by illegal voters, they’re less likely to vote, and this results in less voter participation, rather than more. This is another case where the Federal Government has unjustly interfered with the rights of the states. In fact the Obama administration argued against us at the Ninth Circuit. Not only will they not enforce the border, but they want illegals to vote,” he said.

The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear Arizona v. Inter Tribal Council, a challenge to Arizona Proposition 200, which requires prospective voters to show proof of citizenship when registering to vote. Horne has stated that he will personally argue the case. The Court will not rule on the case until after this year’s election.


3 Responses to U.S. Supreme Court to hear AZ Voter ID case

  1. ZOO says:

    The “fab four” were years ahead of their time. Russell Pearce. Kathy McKee. Rusty Childress. Randy Graf.

  2. patriotmom says:

    The TSA doesn’t trust us to get on a plane with shampoo containers, yet we are supposed to “trust” that everyone who signs a ballot is a citizen?

    Trust this: the Nobama team, liars all, will pull out all the stops to steal this election and keep the Socialist in power. They have too many plans that will insure a permanent Dem majority and they aren’t going to let go of them easily.

    Anyone who doesn’t think we have voter fraud in this country has no idea of what goes ion in politics,especially in states with loads of illegals.

  3. CD9 says:

    Elections belong to the States not the Fed, I do not even know why this is going to any Court. The States need to stop the Fed intrusion into our business. They allowed them to tax us at a higher rate to get money back from richer States. It is the State Welfare Tax. The States are in charge of their election, but if you do not do it our way, say the Feds, we will penalize you by with holding monies. Or they sue us, After Roberts’ ruling oh healthcare we need to take back our States, the hell with the Country.

    OMG Man up and quit sending them monies that they should not be collecting anyway. Penalize them, keep them starving for money. Why do you think these Clongressman and Senators become millionaires soon after taking office? Take the money back, take the laws back to the states. They are our Servants our employees. we need to be benevolent to us not to the Fed.