In AZ Senate race, McCain & Kyl endorse WHO?

It was bound to happen

Not so long ago in a post titled What’s a Kyl or McCain endorsement actually worth? we pointed out that the two men were handing them out like candy to all comers.

Back in June in the post Kyl backs liberal for 9th Circuit Court of Appeals — again the duo’s dealings in promoting liberals to the federal bench were highlighted.

But nothing beats this, where Democrat U.S. Senate candidate Richard Carmona is using the laudatory praise of Arizona’s Republican Senators during his 2002 confirmation as Surgeon General to his advantage. 

Watch as John McCain acclaims, “Dr. Carmona’s inspiring story is the living embodiment of the American dream. He’s one of the most decorated policemen in Arizona.”

Not to be outdone Jon Kyl heaps his own accolades, saying, “One might call him a man for all seasons,” adding, “his unique background will serve him well and serve us well.”

McCain chimes in with, “Dr. Carmona is extraordinarily, perhaps uniquely, qualified to address the needs of our nation.”  In his most sincere tone he states “Our nation will gain an invaluable leader.”

Jon Kyl says, “I join my colleague in strongly recommending him.”

The tagline, “I’m Rich Carmona and I approve this message,” says it all.

This ad in support of Jeff Flake shows a solemn Kyl. “I had hoped to stay out of the Republican senate primary,” proclaims a striving-to-sound-earnest, weary looking Jon Kyl. To demonstrate his sincerity, he has doffed his tie and shakes his head in disbelief as he struggles to convey the gravity involved in getting his hand-picked successor elected to fill the senate vacancy created by his retirement. “Jeff Flake is my choice,” declares the somber Kyl. Given that the DC duo of Kyl and his seatmate John McCain did an in-tandem endorsement of Flake nearly three weeks earlier, Kyl’s phony words ring hollow.


14 Responses to In AZ Senate race, McCain & Kyl endorse WHO?

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    The Carmona ad is very clever. Plus, it made me laugh. As to Flake, the old adage “Lie down with dogs, wake up with fleas,” applies. This ad is payback for what he deceitfully did to Wil Caron and Senate President Russell Pearce.

    • StetsonXXX says:

      Yep! Flake gets as good as he has given with his politically correct longtime liberal endorsers the McKyl twins.

    • LouiseAnn says:

      Just remember that McCain and Kyl voted for Eric Holder. I could remember the bad things he had done – but not them!!

  2. Doc says:

    This is so typical of these R.I.N.O.’s! When the vote to approve “Sequesture” occurred, both of our ?senatorial? representatives approved & voted accordingly. Now that’s is a REAL POSSIBILITY, mccain’s in a panic! Their hypocracy exposes them every time!

  3. CD9 says:

    Frankly, from your lips the truth flys. Flake is a rotten lying deceitful paria on our house. He is in cahoots with the R.I.N.O. element of Arizona. I do not care what 80% of us told him, he did what he wanted, we need to get him out now. If we don’t it is going to be harder and harder, we need no more career politicians.

  4. Fed Up says:

    Kyl, McCain, Flake…what’s the difference? if you like the first two in this lineup, you’ll love the third. My wife and I are voting for libertarian Marc Victor. He won’t win, but I CAN’T vote for Flake and WON’T vote for Democrat Carmona.

    I took a polling call in this race last night and Victor was not even mentioned.

  5. Sally Forth says:

    I have no sympathy for McFlake. He knows the gruesome twosome well and would be no different if elected. Carmona is just using their politically correct duplicity against them. I love it!!

    If Carmona was not Hispanic, the McKyl twins wouldn’t have bothered to show him such affection. No wonder so many people are registering as Independents.

  6. Pima Pal says:

    Arizona suvived Dennis DeConcini. He was not my choice, but he’s gone. Carmona is a lot older than Flake and will be gone sooner.

  7. Kathy says:

    What comes around goes around – looks like Kyl & McCain finally got caught in all the Dem glory. Flake must be spinning – the wonder boy isn’t so.

  8. Maggie says:

    Nieither McCain nor Kyl have spoken as glowingly about the Flake as they did about Carmona during his confirmation hearing. Wonder who they’ll actually vote for…..

  9. Clark says:

    My thinking is it will be much easier to get rid of a Carmona in 6 years than it will be to EVER get rid of a Flake.

    Ditto Frankly. Having a REALY hard time feeling an ounce of sympathy for the close race. I could smell it coming years ago.

  10. eubykdisop says:

    Jeff Flake has ethics and/or conflict of interest issues.

    Flake was a lobbyist for Rossing Uranium, which operates a mine in Africa, prior to being elected to Congress.

    As a Congressman, Flake promoted and voted for an Arizona land swap deal for Resolution Copper, a foreign mining company. Resolution traded it’s land for federally owned land which has copper deposits which resolution wants to mine.

    The majority owner of Rossing Uranium is a British corporation, Rio Tinto. Rio Tinto also owns the majority of Resolution Copper!

    So Flake promoted and voted for legislation, as a Congressman, which benefitted his former employer, Rio Tinto! How did Rio Tinto benefit?

    By trading land and becoming the owner of the former fedral land, Rio Tinto does not have to pay royalties to the federal government on the copper it extracts. How much are those royalites extimated to be? $7 billion! Since Rio Tinto owns 55% of Resolution Copper, that amounts to $3,850,000,000 added to Rio Tinto’s bottom line net profit and a corresponding loss of that amount to U. S. taxpayers!

  11. East Valley Conservative says:

    Were McCain and Kyl honest when they were praising Richard Carmona, or honest now when they are calling his ad showing their lavish praise “dishonest?”
    Were they dishonest praising Carmona or honest now when they are upset that he is using their words in support of his nomination as Surgeon General? One thing I’ve learned to count on with these two, is their dishonesty/honesty meter has long been broken. There’d be no learning curve for Jeff Flake. He’s their kind of guy.

  12. Night Owl says:

    This doesn’t hold a candle to the relentless and ruthless ads that were used on behalf of Flake to ruin conservative businessman Wil Cardon. I know they were Club for Growth independent expenditures, but Flake benefited big time, and he has long had the group’s support. He might have had some distance from the actual ad campaign, but if he didn’t like them, he could have had a surrogate contact the group and have them pulled. He liked them, you can bet. With the Carmona ads, I say all the trite sayings work: “Turnabout is fair play.” Or “What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander….”