Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is running for reelection

Republican incumbent Bill Montgomery is opposed by Libertarian Michael Kielsky, who previously ran for the office in 2008 and 2010, generating little support. Democrats didn’t bother to field a candidate in this sure-thing race.

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15 Responses to Maricopa County Attorney Bill Montgomery is running for reelection

  1. State Committeeman says:

    I assume this cartoon is actually from Montgomery’s own campaign strategists since it has his logo and links.. My question is, why would a professional allow himself to be turned into a cartoon? This is not what I would expect from a skilled lawyer and decorated military commander.

  2. ZOO says:

    Montgomery went south, where he joined the ranks of Jerry Lewis and Bob Worsley. Under my self-imposed zero tolerance, I voted against him and am hoping for an alternative Republican candidate in 2014. Montgomery may be looking for a gubernatorial run in 2014 – God help us.

  3. Army Of One says:

    Speaking on illegal immigration recently, Montgomery sounded just like McCain and Kyl. No wonder he came out with an endorsement for Jeff McFlake to replace Kyl. They’re all OK with our country being invaded by foreign nationals who disrespect us, our country’s border and our laws.

    In going soft on this massive and costly problem, remember THIS is who they support, NOT us. Watch this video through and look at the names of the speakers. Many are elected office holders in California. Others are professors, teaching this garbage to students. Watch it and get a drift of what our children and grandchildren can expect if “soft on illegals” candidates keep getting elected here. Don’t give them a pass. Our future can’t afford this foolish tolerance of criminality. It is detrimental to our entire way of life and makes a mockery of all that made this country great. The United States of America has a very generous LEGAL immigration system.

  4. Tucson Voter says:

    That’s quite a sobering video, Army! After watching it, I will be more careful as I listen to candidates and their soft soaping of this major issue. These are unlike any legal immigrants who have previously come as welcome additions to this country. These people believe our country belongs to them and intend to forcefully take it over. They scream “we are not IM-IG-GRANTS!” “We are MIGRANTS,” free to move wherever we chose in the North America!

    Apparently, they’ve never heard of sovereign national borders. Mexico strongly enforces theirs, but we are to allow anyone to cross ours unrestricted?

    You ought to come visit here and see what we are dealing with in the border community of Tucson. You gals will never need a perm. Your hair will call on its own.

  5. Seen It All says:

    I find it difficult to believe that the county attorney authorized this foolishness to go forward in promoting his candidacy for re-election. Someone’s head should roll.

    • Orion says:

      These must be the guys who put this campaign ad together. Montgomery gives them a glowing review and credits them with his victory over Rick Romley.

  6. FreedomFirst says:

    Just because he talks about ideas for resolving the bigger problem of immigration does not mean Montgomery has gone “soft” on illegal immigration. He’s a smart Republican – something we haven’t seen enough of. I’ve heard him talk a number of times about the need to keep enforcement. He stated his prosecutors have handled more than 400 human smuggling cases and more than 300 illegal employment cases with ID Theft just last year. And I don’t care about the cartoon. It just shows me he has a sense of humor and does not take himself too seriously. You guys are just looking for an excuse to gripe.

  7. ZOO says:

    Just what is the “bigger problem” of [illegal] immigration?

    Is the problem Prop 200 (2004), Prop 300 (2006), Prop 100 (2006), Prop 202 (2008) – all passed by voters to require citizenship to vote, deny illegals state funded social service and from in-state tuition or financial aid for college, prohibits bail for illegals in serious felony cases, and mandate E-Verify for Arizona employers?

    Is this cramping the style of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce? Was this too costly for Glen Hamer and the COC, who sued Arizona all the way to the Supreme court over E-Verify?

    Is the problem Arizona’s human smuggling law (2005) or SB 1070 (2010)? Did it cost Obama too much to sue Arizona all the way to the Supreme court on SB 1070? Did it cut into Cindy McCains $200 million in cases of annual Bud Light sales?

    The S.O.B.s pushing the “enforcement only doesn’t work” crapola are human skid marks right down to their designer underwear. McCain, Kyl, Flake, Lewis, Worsley, and now Montgomery are soliciting idiots under the guise that if you throw a few “perks” in with the enforcement mix, all the illegals will run back to Mexico. What person over the age of 5 would buy into this con game?

    Read the article, it says “…Efforts to recast the GOP’s approach to illegal immigration in Arizona are motivated by many factors, including pressure from business groups and leaders who feel that enforcement-only laws have hurt the state’s reputation and the economy…”

    In other words, enforcement is cutting into profits. THAT has been the battle against profiteering human offal from day one. So if we let cheap-labor pigs get their fill and illegal aliens to run amok, we will become a ‘ state sensitive to a multicultural population with some compassion and keeping families together’ – according the Jerry Lewis?

    It was “smart Republicans” like George W. Bush and the GOP-controlled Congress (2001-2007) that got America into this mess to begin with. Bush encouraged illegal aliens to invade throughout his 8-year reign of terror, and practiced pretend border security and pretend border enforcement – allowing 8-10 million MORE illegals to barnstorm into the country.

    And now Democrats are using that period of insanity to propel themselves into an undefeatable majority, and we may just see the impact/backlash of that insanity in just one week.

    By all means, let’s stand down on enforcement and just build Maypoles across the country.

  8. FreedomFirst says:

    “Efforts to recast the GOP’s approach” are the efforts of the Arizona Repugnant. I have NEVER heard Bill Montgomery say anything about ending enforcement. I suppose you believe everything else the Repugnant writes?

  9. ZOO says:

    I never said Montgomery wanted to end enforcement. What I said is that he is now a Lewis-Worsley Republican who wants to hand out amnesty and the cornucopia of taxpayer-funded benefits that go with it.

    The link I posted is from FOX News, what does that have to do with the Repugnant? For that matter, did the Repugnant or USA Today fabricate his “4-point plan” that he has been bellowing all over town, which includes:

    1. “Operational” control of the border. This isn’t saying the border is sealed or secured, it says “operational control.” And as we’ve have seen, that subjective term is defined by the party in power – whether it be George W. Bush or Barack Obama.

    2. A three-year moratorium on the prosecution of illegal immigrants and businesses that hire illegal workers.

    3. Legal permanent residency for those without felonies. The second time you steal back into the country after being deported, you are a felon. The process of weeding through this squatting gob would cost taxpayers billions.

    Now I would like you are anyone else to argue that this is NOT amnesty, it will NOT draw millions more invaders and it will NOT bankrupt Arizona and the country. Do you want to stand down on America’s sovereignty and bankroll/subsidize this windfall for cheap labor profiteers? I don’t!

    • ZOO says:

      BTW, this song and dance man in Coke bottles is defending his plan is NOT amnesty – because it does not provide a pathway to citizenship.

      Now look at your stopwatch and tell me how long it would take 20 million screaming legal residents to garner citizenship after landing in AMNESTYLAND. 2 years? 5 years? Do you want Montgomery’s house guests voting in the 2016 election? How about 2020?

  10. Hunter says:

    Montgomery is a smart and generally decent person. He is also a politician and ambitious. When he ran for Arizona Attorney General in 2006, he endorsed Len Munsil over Don Goldwater (after promising Don Goldwater he would not endorse Len Munsil) during the Republican primary in order to get help with his $5 contributions from McCain, Kyl, and Munsil. Montgomery was running unopposed in the Republican primary, so he didn’t need to do it for the nomination. He did get his matching contributions and then lost to Terry Goddard. I think he is trying to maintain his relationships with everybody, but, when push comes to shove, he will follow McCain’s lead in order to raise money for his campaigns.

    There is no other way to explain some of his endorsements. It is likely many of the contributions to Mongomery’s campaign were contingent on making certain endorsements.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Ambition should be regarded as a positive trait, as long as it doesn’t block out the disinfecting sunlight. Montgomery is far superior to his two most recent predecessors. Romley is a RINO and Thomas abused his considerable power as his ego magnified before our very eyes. Keeping a healthy distance from McCain is a good starting point for any one looking to move up. McCain always exacts his pound of flesh. It’s impossible to straddle the fence between conservatism and RINOism.

  11. FreedomFirst says:

    You guys are over the top. It’s no wonder we have a hard time finding good conservatives to run. When we get one, you tear them down with bogus criticism. Tell you what – you run for office and see how long you last before you are burned at the stake.

    • East Valley PC says:

      County Attorney Montgomery has many fine traits, honed as a military leader. If he was asking for advice, which he isn’t, I would counsel him to pay heed to the conservative base that put him where he is today. He will need us as he pursues higher office, which it’s clear he will do. He should watch who he talks to, and not throw his friends under the bus, as when he met with County Supervisor Don Stapley about being appointed to Thomas’s position after Thomas abandoned ship to run for AG. In that conversation, secretly recorded by Stapley, Montgomery spoke very derogatorily about Sheriff Arpaio, a man with a huge conservative following and one who has been a helpful friend to Montgomery. One of my Mom’s favorite sayings was “Use good manners and you can’t go wrong.”