Prop. 121 alert: Deceptive robo call aimed at GOP voters


This important message is being reprinted from MCRC Briefs:

Republican voters have been receiving an intentionally misleading robo call concerning Prop 121. Contrary to what the robo says,the Maricopa County Republicans and the AZ Republican party DO NOT support 121…and GOP opponents know it…talk about “dirty politics”. The GOP is encouraging a NO vote on Prop 121.

Here’s the text of the robo call: “Tired of dirty politics, let’s clean things up with Prop 121. The top two open elections, open government initiative. 121 is supported by Republicans because it will help combat politicians who overspend and add to our deficit. That’s why the Democratic Party and Liberal politicians oppose it. Vote yes on Prop 121. Paid for by Open Government Committee supporting Prop 121. Major funding by Greater Phoenix Leadership, Professional Fire Fighters of AZ, International Association of Firefighters (an out of state contributor), Cali-companies Inc .”

As Seeing Red AZ readers are aware, we have written numerous posts opposing this travesty, the intent of which is to neuter our state’s primary voting system to favor liberals.

This post includes a link to an excellent exposé of the farcical measure, supported by the leftist Arizona Republic and a cadre of liberals who desire nothing more than to weaken Republican statewide gains. There is nothing to recommend the deceptively named “Open Election/Open Government” proposition, also known as “Top-2 Primary.” Robert Robb is the newspaper’s ‘stand alone’ in telling the truth about this measure. We highly recommend his commentary.

Our most recent short take on some of the 2012 ballot propositions can be read here.


4 Responses to Prop. 121 alert: Deceptive robo call aimed at GOP voters

  1. American Patriot says:

    Liberal. Liars. Is there any difference between the two words these days?

  2. Orion says:

    Isn’t there some kind of legal ramification for such blatant deception of a ballot measure? The proponents obviously targeted Republican voters with their lies. There should be a penalty for such misrepresentation.

    • ZOO says:

      If there were such a penalty, RINO Grant “I’m For Penzone” Woods might still be in a jumpsuit over Prop 200 in 2004. He had actors portraying fire and policemen begging for a NO vote, stating that they could not put out your house fire without verifying citizenship. Prop 200 did not deny emergency services.

      This was the most blatant deception in the history of Arizona elections, but went unchallenged. The Dems in Arizona don’t need to employ deception, the GOP has Woods, Romley, Flake, McCain, Kyl, Lewis, Worsley, Montgomery, etc. to pull the wool.

      • Midas says:

        Once again, you’re right on the money, ZOO. You always make me think…and remember. Thanks.

        We’ve allowed ourselves to be “had” by a slew of RINOs. I’m much more cautious these days. Actions matter far more than any words.