Att: Conservatives! Assume the customary position

If you haven’t received the memo yet….

Get ready. Here it comes again. Be sure to pay particular attention to the Arizonan who’s back at the helm.



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  1. eubykdisop says:

    The linked article states:

    “And it’s apparently not just Hispanic-Americans who want comprehensive reform: in a Washington Post/ABC News poll released Wednesday, a clear majority of Americans – 57 percent – support a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants as part of an immigration reform bill. Only 39 percent of respondents opposed the proposal.”


    “Breitbart News Network/Judicial Watch Poll: Voters Favor Tough Immigration Laws”

    “However, the Breitbart News/Judicial Watch Election Night poll found Americans are still fairly conservative when it comes to immigration policy, with 61% of voters favoring Arizona-style immigration laws…”

    • Jack Hotchkiss says:

      eubykdisop; I read your report in absolute surprise. In all that you said here not one creditable word did you type. You state facts and figures that have NO backing or basics in any poll. FYI, the Washington Post and ABC are liberal spin machines and can be counted to puke out the Democrat line of BS. I am so very tired of people like you telling the world that you speak for me. You eubykdisop; DO NOT speak for me and 90% of the conservatives that I speak to.
      As far as a pathway to citizenship, we have had one for years.
      I would venture to say that you are ether a RINO or a liberal in a conservative’s clothing. You ought to be ashamed of your actions. I am ashamed of you and your actions.

  2. Orion says:

    Watch for John McCain to scoop the nitwit grin-meister Jeffy Flake into his embrace to aid and abet a massive storming of illegals. We will become a third world country with the assistance of these senate traitors. America has a legal pathway to citizenship that is used successfully by those from nations around the globe. Why the special treatment for Mexicans and Central Americans? And why are these Republicans playing right into the hands of the Democrats? We didn’t lose the Hispanic vote in last week‘s election. It was never there in the first place. The fact is there are groups whose votes are solidly in the liberal camp, regardless of how long their been here. Jewish voters are a case in point. Most of their ancestors came over in the late 1800’s or early 1900’s.

  3. Clark says:

    And you know McCain is giving Flake temporary cover until the voters forget about his sudden 180 on immigration when he announced his run for Senate. I’m sure he and his other immigration pals are chomping at the bit. I still want to know that it was Flake talked to Obama about when he met with him in the oval office on Feb 17, 2011. Three days after he announced he was running for Senate. flake&ignoreTours=true

  4. East Valley Conservative says:

    I was despondent when Romney lost, knowing that an unrestrained Marxist Obama will now have free rein to push us over the cliff into the disastrous socialized European mode. But reading how Republicans are throwing in with the Democrats on issue after issue, including the massive and crucial illegal immigration nightmare makes me ill. As much as I believe we need to hang tough as Republicans, I am realistic enough to see that we can’t buck the system so well constructed by the left. Half of America’s citizens are on some sort of subsidy, being paid for by the overtaxed other half. Democrats for decades have taught people to rely on government. Entitlements are the name of the game, which is why Paul Ryan’s’ belt-tightening message didn’t sell and Romney’s business expertise was skewed into a negative. I’ve been an active conservative for many years. I’m beginning to think our day has come ….and gone. When our own elected republicans screw us over in concert with the liberals, what recourse do we have?

    By the way, I did NOT vote for Jeff Flake. I know him and wouldn’t trust him to walk my dog.

    • eubykdisop says:

      EVC, NEVER surrender! That is what they are hoping we will do. That is actually their primary objective. Why? Because they can’t win the war if we continue to resist!

      The Republican Party is a waste of time now. All that means is that we have to find another avenue… and we WILL! Put on your thinking cap!

  5. Frankly Speaking says:

    Let’s be honest here. The fact is, EVERYTHING hinges on illegal immigration. They can try to say we are mean spirited, and marginalize us in numerous ways, but we are being asked…no,….TOLD to ensure our own demise. The illegals coming into the United States have no interest in our laws or government. Witness the Reconquista/Raza studies in Tucson Unified School District and the tactics used to silence any dissent. The illegals are just that. ILLEGAL!! When we protest, we care said to be “against immigrants” which for most of us is patently untrue. The issue is illegals.

    They are resentful of our ways and have no desire to acclimate Unlike other immigrants who came here legally, they are content to speak Spanish and expect us to learn their language rather than learn ours. They have Mexican flag decals on their cars, protest, march and demand. And our stupid political class cave to them. We fund their journeys through our criminal justice system. Numerous social benefits, educate their children, pay for their healthcare, even providing prenatal and pediatric care for their newborn American citizen babies.

    Rather than all of the McCain-Kyl-Flake double talk about “securing our border first” (”First” before what, Senator?) lets take this bull by the horns and stop birthright citizenship. We are one of the few industrialized nations that still foolishly offer this grand gift. The Fourteenth Amendment has been misinterpreted and abused. It was put into effect to address the status of American born children of African born slaves, after the Civil War.

    Get rid of this no longer relevant provision, then we’ll talk!

  6. ZOO says:

    I posted here yesterday that the “Republicans” shooting their mouth off about ‘Comprehensive Immigration Reform’ were pouring gasoline on the surge already in progress at the border resulting from Obama’s illegal and criminal amnesty ala “deferred action.” And I recommended that the first order of business for the state legislature in January should be the formation of a state militia to protect Arizona from the endless and growing land rush, and Brewer should send the National Guard there immediately.

    Here is a chart comparing illegal crossings detected at the border between January 1, 2012 to July 29, 2012 (top half) AND July 29, 2012 (since Obama announced his amnesty) and October 22, 2012 (bottom half). Note that only ONE-THIRD of the illegal crossings are detected and represented here.

    We need to be calling or emailing the Governor’s office in droves; we are sitting here transfixed on “America’s Got Criminals” in Washington, who couldn’t care less. If the border was a dam, it just broke.

    • eubykdisop says:

      NOW you’re talking, ZOO! ACTION! Because you have come up with an actual action plan, I will participate in it! I WILL contact the governor as you have suggested! We absolutely MUST start throwing some against the wall. Some of it WILL stick! Better to do SOMETHING than to do nothing at all.

      Keep thinking, ZOO, and see what other action plans you can come up with. Maybe we can get the Conservatives here to participate in more and more action plans to DO something!

      • ZOO says:

        Euby, I just emailed the Governor, and I will be calling tomorrow. We may as well start contacting state legislators now, this needs to be addressed ASAP. I hope everyone here will take a few minutes and make the effort.

  7. eubykdisop says:

    Just a reminder. We can email any U. S. Senator and give them our input. I just emailed Senator Jeff Sessions. Just because we have Flake and McCain doesn’t mean that we can turn up the heat!

    You can only email your own U. S. Congressman BUT you can call any of them at their state office or their DC office.

    Let’s ROCK congressional Republicans! It can’t hurt and it might help! DO something TODAY! Take ACTION!

  8. patriotmom says:

    The GOP is being led by idiots and they are playing right into Nobama’s hands. It will be 1986 all over again: one million became 20 million who will then become 100 million.

    Enforcement first, no amnesty with citizenship and the GOP has got to use this time to make something happen that benefits Americans- and they have to explain why they are doing it. Border security is huge and they should be using the maps that show the recent surge on our border. Turn the tables on the Dems and use some scare tactics of their own. Americans may feel that they owe something to people already here, but I’m willing to bet that no one is going to be OK with more millions continuing to pour over the border to get amnesty while Americans are getting more pink slips.

    If we are real, we know that something is going to be done for the millions here, but we need to get what we can on our terms. There are a lot of people angry that Romney didn’t win and we need to be heard. I would highly suggest banding together with a national organization that fights illegal immigration like ALIPAC or NumbersUSA . They are organized and they have contacts. We need to channel our anger and make the most of it- it may be the last time we get the chance.

    • eubykdisop says:

      NOW you’re talking, patriotmom! ACTION!

      There’s also FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform.

      If you sign up at NumbersUSA, you can send free faxes to members of Congress on immigration issues. Pretty cool!

  9. patriotmom says:

    Here’s another take on what the GOP is floating and what they will be up against. I agree with the fact that immigration lawyers will be all over anything that isn’t full blown amnesty. I also note that hardly anything is being said about enforcement first except by Marco Rubio. Of course, that won’t make the illegals and their handlers happy.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Why do we have immigration laws? To protect our country! From what? Well, for example, we have one of the highest rates of tuberculosis in the country in Arizona. Most of those cases come from people not born in the U. S.. Duh!

  10. Clark says:

    Didn’t Senator Allen present a bill in the last session to create a volunteer border guard of some sort? The Senate passed it but then Tobin tabled it in the House.

    Also, one bright spot is that at least Jeff Flake’s amnesty loving immigration lawyer brother in law, Kevin Gibbons, has had his law license suspended for 3 years. Such a crying shame he won]t be able to capitalize on Obama’s DACA executive order or any other upcoming “legalization” that Obama decides to make.

    • ZOO says:

      Yes Clark, Senate Bill 1083 sponsored by Sen. Allen would require 1.5 million appropriated to activate the Arizona State Guard. It appears that little action has been taken since. That is why we need to contact legislators and the Governor.

      ” ..Last year, Brewer signed into law legislation to establish a state guard. Brewer generally does not comment on bills before they reach her desk, and she has not indicated whether she supports the legislation funding the guard. Allen said the governor was non-committal when they discussed the measure…”

      The media is NOT reporting this border surge, just as it states on the linked map above. I’m telling everybody here that the Republicans tossing around amnesty is going to increase this surge by 10-fold, and we must get Arizona state government to move quickly.

      Step one, contact Governor Brewer:

  11. CD9 says:

    I want to know who believed the trio of liars would enforce anything. Now we need to look out for the Maricopa County Attorney who endorsed almost every candidate McLiar endorsed. Bill is either going to run for Attorney General or Governor and needs the McLair machine to run a filthy dirty nasty campaign. Beware all we see the handwritting on the wall. Bill said he spoke to McFlake and he would enforce the rule of law, yea yea, but he is going to vote to change the law. Am I smarter than the Maricopa County Attorney? Did he fool me? NO. Just like Oren Hatch in Utah, please tell me, why was he nominated again? Sarah Palin went to Hatch’s defense for McLiar. So now Hatch is betraying us like the McTrios have done for years. Did any of us expect anything else? I think we are all smarter than that.

    We lost Senator Allen to the Supervisors position, she was and is a great Conservative.

    All of you have made so many good points lets jsut say, I AGREE.

    • ZOO says:

      CD9, Montgomery is an amnesty rat. I posted a link here last week detailing amnesty-thon remarks that he has been vomitting all over town. With Russell Pearce disabled, I hoped Sylvia Allen and John Cavanaugh would pick up the slack. Both of them endorsed Jeff Flake for the Senate.

      But right now, we need to think about ourselves, and that means getting state government to take action at the border where the surge is growing like a Mentos in a 2-liter Pepsi bottle.

      I emailed the Governor last night, and called her office this morning. We have enough conservatives here to kick up some dust, so I urge everyone to take 5 or 10 minutes out of their lives to express our concerns and demand some action.

  12. Dan Gamache says:

    Get rid of the criminal gangsters known as Democrats and Republicans

    Democrats and Republicans are two sides of the same coin. It is a filthy currency tarnished by greed and corruption that will no longer purchase honest representation for the American voter and taxpayer. These men and women band together in gangs they call political parties in order to conspire together to scam, defraud, and extort money from the American voter and taxpayer. They conspire to amass great personal fortunes during their time in government while running our country into the ground. Every election cycle we have to choose between the lying, thieving, whore mongering Democrat or the lying, thieving, whore mongering Republican After every election the headlines scream “REPUBLICANS WIN!” or they scream “DEMOCRATS WIN!”. But they never, never, never scream “AMERICANS WIN!”. Why is that? It is because when Democrats and Republicans win, Americans get screwed. The only way Americans will ever have an honest government is to quit electing Democrats and Republicans. We need to elect citizen statesmen who love America more than they love power and money. Men who can stand on their own two feet instead of being propped up by gangs of criminals. Honest men with sweat on their brow and calluses on their hands.
    The true patriot is not the man who blindly defends a corrupt government. The true patriot is the man who defends the Constitution from that government.

  13. Jill Arizona says:

    Unfortunately, these pro-immigration groups are doing “Whatever It Takes” to make their voices heard. Just look no further than the SA blog stories coming from Cafe con Leche Republicans.

    • eubykdisop says:

      I don’t visit there, Jill. It sets off the liberal dectector on my puter!

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        We have no idea what happened to you on another site, but know this: You and your conservative views will always be welcome on Seeing Red AZ.

        As you have surely noticed by now, we take on those in the Republican Party when they disappoint. It’s far worse to be taken to the cleaners by those who purport to be Republicans than by any liberal. We prefer to think of ourselves as Constitutional Conservatives.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Thank you, SRAZ!

        You hit the nail on the head; Constitutional Conservatives! That says it all!

        When the Republican Party or individual Republicans in office no longer represent Constitutional Conservatism, they are no longer of any use to me. When they actively oppose the principles of Constitutional Conservatism, they have become the enemy and will be treated as such.

    • ZOO says:

      Jill, kick their butts. When they censored euby, I walked with him. And you’re absolutely right about ARLA, they have more common sense than 90% of the Arizona Republican party. The Chile Con Carne Republicans are running amok, and I hope SA drowns in them. The bodyguards have left the building.

    • eubykdisop says:

      The blog to which you refer, Jill, bills itself as having a “conservative world view”. THAT is a joke! Real Conservatives are NOT welcome there and they are constantly messed with and harassed by the person or persons who control the blog. This ranges from having individual comments deleted to removing ALL of the comments on an article to preventing replies to comments! In addition, some articles are posted as “advertisements” which allow for no comments at all! I see that blog as 100% bogus and Conservatives should boycott it, in my opinion.

  14. eubykdisop says:

    “Republican Members of Congress Push Back Against Leadership’s Call for Amnesty
    Thursday, November 15, 2012, 11:43 AM EST”

    “After House Speaker and Republican John Boehner made comments about moving an amensty bill through the House in 2013, many GOP Members of Congress have expressed an interest in moving immigration legislation. But several GOP Members have resisted the temptation, instead calling for more enforcement to stop illegal immigration.”

    “Here are the GOP Members that have spoken out against amnesty since last week:”

    • ZOO says:

      Thanks for posting this euby, at least there is some resistance raising its ugly head.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Sure, ZOO! Maybe we can leverage this by calling some of the Arizona U. S. House members! Ask them if they are going to get with it too!

  15. ZOO says:

    Well, here’s a good one. For some years now, I have greatly admired New Mexico Republican governor Susana Martinez, particularly in her fight against state-issued driver’s for illegal aliens. I would have even supportered her for Romney’s VP choice, and she was on the list.

    Now she has showed her true colors (red, green, and white) and coming out blasting Romney for his no-compromise stance on amnesty (which she calls “rhetoric”), the GOP’s semi-stiff opposition to illegal immigration, and she is now caterwauling for amnesty.

    Call me whatever you like, but I have learned a lesson here about most “Hispanic” politicians. When the heat’s on, their loyalty lies outside of U.S. borders. Won’t get fooled again. No! No!

    • eubykdisop says:

      I like to call you a Conservative, ZOO! ;-)

      Remember this when they start pushing Marco Rubio to the top!

    • Night Owl says:

      Have been out of the country on business and just doing some catch-up, reading through these comments. I’m shocked by Susana Martinez’ turnabout. Very disheartening. I agree with your conclusion. What a damn shame!

  16. eubykdisop says:

    The lawsuit brought against Janet Napolitano and DHS by ICE agents has been joined by Gov. Phil Bryant on behalf of the state of Mississippi as a plaintiff. The lawsuit is very interesting AND far reaching, going after Obama’s implementation of the DREAM Act by imperial decree!

    You can read the actual lawsuit at the below link. There is also a link to it in PDF. It’s worth following the link to “Appendix A” which is a letter to DHS summarizing the case.