Demographics: The sobering reality

In the aftermath of the recent elections, there has been a great deal of discussion centered on the “changing demographics” in the United States.

This video focuses on the change, but from a much different perspective. Take time to watch it.  You won’t forget the disturbing facts contained in the message. We ask that you send this link on to your list.

Knowledge is power.


6 Responses to Demographics: The sobering reality

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Steven Emerson is extremely knowledgeable on this important topic. If you care about the future of this country and the coming generations of Americans, his book “Jihad in America: The Grand Deception,” is a must read! Conservative talk show host Hugh Hewitt was just talking about the film that has been made from this book and he says it is imperative Americans see it. Islam is a militant way of life, not a religion, yet it is now being compared to Christianity and Judaism at every turn. They are nowhere near the same!

  2. ZOO says:

    As the hippy-dippy days of late 1960s America passed, along came massive birth control, abortions as common as flew shots, “women’s lib” (no offense intended), Earth Day, the attempted indoctrination of Zero Population Growth (ZPG), and a soaring divorce rate. Certainly all of these are attributable to the decline of the White/Christian population in the U.S., but in my opinion they pale to the U.S. economic system as the culprit.

    In the 1950’s there was commonly a single bread winner in the household, usually the father. With the age of blatant consumerism in its infancy, the gap between household income and the cost of living was quite managable, and the U.S. average reproductive rate was 3.5 children per household. But over the next couple of decades that gap would widen dramatically with depressed wages and spiraling costs of goods and services, forcing women out of the home into the workplace – just to make ends meet.

    No, I’m not promoting the “barefoot and pregnant” mindset. I am saying that this widening financial gap – fueled by the greed of the economic system – was not condusive to maintaining the reproductive “hallmark” presented in the above video.

    I am reminded of this verse addressing the “family gap”:

    Well daddy works hard for the company
    And mama gets lunch at a quarter to three wonder why
    June and Donna ain’t a bakein’ cookies no more
    So the kids run wild forced to grow up fast
    Cause the time’s so scarce and a childhood’s past
    Small wonder, the things that money can’t replace
    Someday they’ll have to take their place
    Home’s a motel with dishes in the sink
    It’s a creation of American Inc

    • LD 7 PC says:

      How right you are, ZOO. I have often thought of the decline of our country dating from the 1960’s. Among the sloagans were “Make love not war” and “Better red than dead.” Nothing we had was worth defending as they “”dropped drugs and dropped out.” Those are the very same folks running education, unions and the liberal wing of government today.

      • ZOO says:

        You make another great point LD7PC, that many of the “stuck in amber” 60’s generation carried their idealisms into maturity and government, nurturing the liberalism that now is a legislative monster. Although this generation grew up under the “cold war” and were suddenly commandeered to a battle half away around the world that was unrelatable, I believe most jettisoned their views when they ran smack dab into the bottom of the corporate ladder. But today, I still scratch my head when I see “seniors” with an Obama sticker on their oxygen bottles. We used to rely on our seniors to keep one foot firmly planted in common sense.

        As game changing as that period was, I believe its minions had little to do with oral contraceptives (1960), Roe vs. Wade (1973), or festering greed in the corporate world that sent the U.S. birthrate spiriling downward. Births were the first casualty in the exploding income vs. cost of living gap. The American birth rate tanked in the 1980s and 1990s because RESPONSIBLE people just could no longer afford to have children in multiples. While Americans and Europeans practiced “reproductive austerity”, the third-worlders ran amok. Now their sheer numbers have landed us in the middle of “demographic warfare”. The reconquistas in Mexico, who must have invented this term, are applying it to America in what appears to be an unstoppable transformation of language, culture, and political control. Unlawful, cut-throat, and sell-out pursuit of profits has its consequences

  3. Observer says:

    This is the movie trailer.