Conservatives targeted in LD 28

Establishment “DeKookification” efforts underway 

If triteness rings your chimes, you might be among the handful of readers of Laurie Robert’s column in the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic).  Roberts frequently gives sycophantic coverage to a woman named Kathy Petsas, a RINO who coined the term  “DeKookification” to describe her efforts to rid the Republican party of .…you guessed it….conservatives!

This past Tuesday evening, Petsas chaired the nominating committee for the statutory meeting of the precinct committeeman of Legislative District 28. As an integral part of her mission to ensure the defeat of grassroots conservatives, she put out this slate. Given the tone taken by Ms. Petsas, this glaring typo at the top of the page tells the whole story:


The district’s squish chairman Scott O’Connor, the son of retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, is part and parcel of the effort.

One longtime precinct committeeman wrote of his desire to “…ask Scott O’Connor why those of us who put forth effort for the Party are singled out as unworthy,” adding, “I’m honored to be in such a prestigious group with the former State Chairman and current Maricopa County Chairman!”

Among the conservatives Petsas singled out for dismissal were former State Chairman Randy Pullen and current Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, who has been twice elected as county chair by wide margins.

A committed establishment functionary, Petsas has brazenly reveled in her sham notoriety courtesy of columnist Roberts. It’s a big deal to Petsas, given that the district — the most liberal GOP LD in the state — has long been the home of Arizona’s two U.S. Senators, John McCain and Jon Kyl.

And soon-to-be-retired Sen. Jon Kyl?  If you think that this lowly election of state committeemen, who will in turn vote to elect internal state officers is far off his radar screen, you couldn’t be more mistaken.

Kyl, who has repeatedly asserted his opposition to the very primary endorsements he and John McCain hand out like candy, has been working overtime attempting to sell his endorsed slates of RINOs to commandeer the grassroots level precinct committeemen elections in all contested precincts. The importance of these elections is extremely relevant since it is the elected precinct committeemen who elect the party leadership. Here is the postcard Team Kyl has been mailing out in an effort to dilute the conservative base. 

Or as Petsas and Roberts would say, “DeKookify” the Arizona Republican Party.


22 Responses to Conservatives targeted in LD 28

  1. Doc says:

    More evidence of our Party’s cannibalism….no wonder so many people are givin’ up their P.C. slots, & L-E-A-V-I-N-G th’ GOP…of course, when th’ goin’ gets TUFF…

  2. reader says:

    RINO?? You are far too kind!

  3. State Committeeman says:

    I was in attendance and this account is correct! One point that is missing however is the fact that Kathy Petsas, LD 28’s shadow chairman, not only was chairman of the nominating committee, but also ran the meeting!

    • shocblog says:

      Kathy Petsas ran the election portion with Daran Wastschak. I ran the meeting. Sorry to put the truth in front of your fiction.

      • PV PC says:

        Either you are erroneously purporting to be Scott O’Connor by virtue of using the pronoun “I,” or you are being deceptive in your comment posts.

        Scott O’Connor has actually railed against those of us, who. for a variety of reasons (mine being job-related) choose not to use our actual names. He has also commented here using the name Scott O’Connor — not shocblog.

        I notice you appear to have a love affair with the phrase, “Sorry to put the truth in front of your fiction,” since you used it twice. Words come to you with difficulty, I see.

      • shocblog says:

        SHOC are my initials and shocblog is my username on WordPress. Yes, I rail against anonymous bloggers who make personal attacks on people rather than simply debate the issues. If your posts are so vile you risk your job by using your own name, you need to tone it down and be civil. Remember what you learned in kindergarten.

  4. No Name Please says:

    Same difference. RINOs are interchangeable. What’s so alarming is that the establishment left of the AZ GOP, who do little, if any, of the actual work, are active in removing the longtime PCs who bust their butts working for the Republican Party, on campaigns and for the election of those who eventually turn on them. The johns — McKyl are perfect examples of those who hold the grassroots workers in disdain, and Jeff Falke is no different. It’s worth taking a drive to the 24th Street AZ GOP office or out to the Westside Maricopa County headquarters to see who’s volunteering on a daily basis or especially during elections. You WON’T see Kathy Petsas or Scott O’Connor, but you WILL see conservatives.

    • shocblog says:

      Correction. I was making calls from campaign offices, coordinating sign placement teams, creating get out the vote teams by precinct and handling mail for Martha McSally. It is my understanding that Kathy Petsas did a lot of calling for several candidates. It is not surprising she chose not to do it from GOP HQ where she is vilified. Several candidates thanked me for organizing more help than they had ever seen or heard from LD 28 and the former LD 11. So, sorry to put the truth in front of your fiction.

  5. Observer says:

    Conservatives ought to boycott these lefties and their activities. When those who expend the energy are gone, the candidates will notice and react. That should bring a strong dose of reality to these power grabbing elitist fools. It might take an election cycle to turn the tide, and a lot of damage can potentially be done, but it would draw a line in the sand broader than any ire. These people trying to run the AZ GOP world aren’t going to lift a finger to ensure conservatives get elected. It will then fall to the elected officials and candidates to set things straight, because you can bet they will speak up. Go on strike…It‘s a language (Unionese) the liberals will understand..

    • LD 7 PC says:

      Great idea, Observer!! Maybe Kathy Petsas and Scott O’Connor can recruit Laurie Roberts and EJ Montini to help them get the candidates elected. And Jon Kyl will soon be out of work. His wife will probably be looking for ways to get him out of the house. He can stuff envelopes and hammer camapign signs in the bone dry dirt during an Arizona August.

  6. Realist says:

    Petsas and O’Connor are the type of misfits who believe the GOP should be the big tent party… unless you are Conservative or Christian. I understand Petsas is border line nuts and she and O’Conner are best of buds. Hmmm…does this mean he is crazy too or just mesmerized by Petsass.

  7. eubykdisop says:

    Perhaps it’s time to start the “Kookify Party” and run Conservatives against establishment Republicans!

  8. Laurie Roberts says:

    One correction to your post. I coined the name dekookification, not Kathy Petsas, though I imagine she and many others in the GOP agree with its goal.

    • State Committeeman says:

      How interesting that the Republic lefties check in on SRAZ! I always suspected that was the case. Now it’s verified.

      • Laurie Roberts says:

        Sure. I check in now and then. Not as regularly as I’d like, but I try to read blogs from all points of view. I would hope that you do, too.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Ms. Roberts,
      I would hope that in reading “blogs from all points of view,” you might expand yours. When I still subscribed to the Republic, I thought you, MacEachern and Robb exhibited actual balance. I now read the newspaper at the office, since it gets a couple of copies each morning. It seems to me you have veered westward, which I consider a shame. Many of those you think of as “kooks” are people I know well and they are anything but. It appears that unless one follows the leftist thought alive and well at the Republic, they can be maligned with impunity.

      Whatever happened to the concept of differing points of view? Must legislators and precinct committeemen be eviscerated because your view disagrees with theirs? PCs are the ones who get the actual work done within the political parties. Democrats have them, too. Why don’t you go after theirs with the same vengeance? Why aren’t those who are dedicated to espousing liberal vantage points ever taken to the woodshed with such derogatory descriptions? Are there no Democrat “kooks?”

      I understand that there is a “party line” to which the Republic is dedicated. I expected more from you.

      Having said my piece, I thank you for joining us and commenting. You might have noticed we are mostly dedicated conservatives here, although eruptions occur among us, also. It’s like any family.

  9. Observer says:

    Conservative Jennifer Wright, a bright lawyer who ran as a tea party endorsed candidate for Phoenix mayor was also targeted for exclusion by the District 28 RINOs. Instead we got liberal Greg Stanton, who took over the reins of the city from liberal Phil Gordon, who took over the reins of the city from etc, etc, Paul Johnson and Terry Goddard. And so it goes…as the ideal among these folks seems to be it’s better to elect liberals than hard working conservatives.

    • shocblog says:

      LD 28 PC Wes Gullet won twice as many votes in the same mayoral race, and won the primary to face Stanton in the runoff. Sadly, the union voter turnout probably beat him.

      • Seen It All says:

        Is this the same Republican precinct committeeman Wes Gullett who openly supported liberal Janet Napolitano over a reputable Republican candidate for AZ Governor in 2006?

  10. Jomama says:

    Thank god the republicans are throwing the kooks out! Heck, I might even rejoin the party if it keeps this up. Throw out all the tea party folk, the birthers and the kooks.

    • Sgt. Preston says:

      “God” is capitalized. Jomama. So are Republicans and even Democrats. We like many of our tea party folks and the invented word “birther” should apply to any American citizen who has had questions muffled and Hawaii Gov. Abercrombie lock down all birth records requests of Barack Obama. His paternal grandmother who has never left Kenya, says she attended his birth. Asking questions and expecting actual fact-based answers does not a kook make.

      Stay where you are. We’ve already got more than our share of RINOs.

  11. voter says:

    Ms. Roberts: There are several reasons I stopped the Arizona Republic years ago, and you are one of them.

    Those of you who will be voting for the new MCRC Chairman should see Roberts article for what it is: Strong support for real Conservatives to elect AJ LaFaro.

    Roberts seem to think that Tobin (who ‘hid’ proposed legislation to stop unions) is a conservative? she also must not be aware of the link between Lisa Gray, Robert Graham, Kirk Adams, Andy Tobin and Sean Noble.

    Hey Laurie, why not do some real reporting and follow the money trail – look for the $11 Million, the $57,000 and Gov Moonbeam from CA who has legal action started…….see if you can see who gave what money to who…..

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