“Birth tourism” alive and well

Another promise discarded by Kyl and McCain

Dozens of outraged residents of a Southern California suburb are protesting against a hilltop home they say serves as a maternity center for Chinese mothers — on tourist visas — paying thousands of dollars to give birth to new American citizens. While awaiting the birth of their babies, the mothers are taken to tourist destinations.

The San Bernardino Sun reports on the thriving birth tourism business catering to pregnant Chinese women who have come to Chino Hills, California to deliver their American citizen “anchor babies.”

In August 2010, we wrote that the issue of birthright citizenship — an inappropriate adaptation of the 14th Amendment — was getting another look by the most unlikely of people. Arizona’s own amnesty architects, Sens. John McCain and Jon Kyl, along with Sen. Lindsey Gramnesty (R-SC) each said they intended to revisit the issue, and would look at the advisability of a constitutional amendment that would repeal the citizenship provisions. The amendment was adopted in 1868 after the Civil War. Its intent was to allow American-born children of freed African-born slaves to have all of the rights and privileges of citizenship. It was necessary then, but has no relevancy today.

But neither lame duck Kyl, now retiring, nor John McCain have lifted a finger to address this massive and underreported problem. American-born babies are instant citizens who are conduits for “family reunification” also known as “chain migration,” allowing for the entire family to gain access to the USA by virtue of the American-born relative.

Birthright Citizenship is the costly, automatic granting of citizenship to children born within a nation’s borders or territories. The United States and Canada are the world’s only industrialized nations to still offer such an extravagant gift to both tourists and illegal aliens. Not a single country in Europe —  the continent liberals often cite for its supposedly superior views on everything from judicial rulings and government health care to high tax rates — grants automatic citizenship.  Check out the list here.

This 2010 Washington Post article tells of 90-day tourist visas then selling to pregnant women for the equivalent of nearly $15,000 in China. There is a growing business of specialty resorts with maternity suites, specifically to ensure American citizenship for the newborns. Mothers from Middle Eastern nations are also coming here to deliver their babies.

The Tucson Medical Center right here in Arizona has a long history of actively recruiting expectant mothers in Mexico, offering them a “birth package.”  Apparently that is another issue that has slipped under McCain’s radar.


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  1. Army Of One says:

    Although this is an outragous abuse of our system, Americans have allowed it to continue by not holding people like McCain and Kyl’s feet to the fire. They say what they think will sell to the voting saps pre-election. And we, the voting saps, keep sending them back to their cushy Washington, DC offices to screw us again.

  2. Kent says:

    We need a major overhaul. Not just of the deceivers we send to Washington to supposedly represent us, but also of the misinterpreted and outdated Fourteenth Amendment. What does it take to wake us up? Look into your children or grandchildren’s eyes and think of what you are bequeathing them by inaction or the wrong action. And know this, Jeff Flake will be no different than McCain or Kyl. Graham? He’s nothing more than a McCain toady with a mega “crush” on him. Have you ever seen more than 3/4 of an inch between them?

  3. eubykdisop says:

    Birth tourism has been a thriving business for at leat ten years and it isn’t limited to the Chinese. Turkish and Korean pregnant women are also coming to the U. S. to give birth, for example.

    If you would like to see how this business is promoted, here’s a link to a website, mostly in Chinese, for “Cupid’s House” in New York.


  4. Kevin Myers says:

    Since I now that I live in California, I went to this demonstration.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Facinating, Kevin! Appreciate seeing these photos! Thank God there are U.S. citizens who care enough to assemble and protest.

      The shame is that far too many elected officials DON‘T care at all. We have been lied to for so long, we have come to expect that abysmal treatment. Worst of all is that two-stepping reprobate Republicans (such as the AZDC contingent) are so adept at doing the lying. I have often wondered what fate they think they are leaving to their own progeny. Why would they wish them a land peopled by those who despise America, our Founders and Constitution, the history of Western Civilization, the English language and American history? In the final anyalysis, all that matters to the duplicitous creatures such as McCain, Kyl and Flake is getting reelected. And the truth is they don’t even care who casts the votes…as long as they get the majority.

      Hope you’re enjoying Califronia…or as the Professor Victor Davis Hanson calls it “Mexifornia.”

  5. BPaluch777 says:

    This message should be sent to McAmnesty.

  6. eubykdisop says:

    Most of the kids born here as a result of “birth tourism” are taken by their mothers back to their country of origin as quickly as possible. However, they are and always will be “natural born” U. S. citizens which means that they can hold the office of President of The United States of America. This, after being thoroughly indoctrinated from infancy by Communist China, for example. So we will have an unlimited supply of future Obamas who are technically U. S. citizens but who are the product of the culture and ideology of nations at odds with the U. S..

    • Night Owl says:

      There’s a good possibility we have that going on here right now!

      • eubykdisop says:

        Hi, Night Owl!

        Yeah, you’re right. Obama had a great deal of exposure to Islam in his formative years, having attended an Islamic school in an Islamic nation.

        How’s hunting for that old owl tonight? Finding lots of fat, juicy mices to munch on? ;-)

  7. CD9 says:

    Of course it is going on right here, they come from south of the border, Oh wait what border? Birthcertificates are issued by the states. Since this state is so fond of initiatives that could possibly stop birthright citicenship by illegals, make them produce the parents birthcertificate other states will follow. Let it go to the Supreme Court to see if Constitutional.

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    Getting the anchor baby born is page one of the story. Page two is to take the new “citizen” down and sign it up for American welfare. The food stamp card is automatically reloaded every month. The welfare checks go out to a post office box in a border town, or handled by a relative, or in the case of social security – straight to the recipient’s home country address. The new “citizen” is transported back to US for “free” medical care.

    Page three is that with a new “citizen” baby, the doting mother now will get border crossing card and be accelerated for legal resident status so she can bring her whole family here and get them signed up too.

    This outrage is merely the product of acceptance by US, because the 14th Amendment specifically precludes citizenship for the offspring of aliens. Don’t expect help from the McAmnesty triplets, or any other politician who is in the wallet of our special interest groups.

    God bless America.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Look down the page on the right side and you will see this heading: “United States children Frequently Asked Questions”

      Under that heading, click on: “American social welfare system Introduction”

      That will take you to a very detailed presentation on it’s own page; “About the U.S. social welfare system”

      Read that if you want your blood to boil!

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