Robert Graham continues to amass support to lead AZ GOP

It’s time for bold, new leadership

Arizona House Speaker Pro Tempore J.D. Mesnard has announced his endorsement of Robert Graham for Chairman of the Arizona Republican Party.  In making his announcement, Mesnard adds his name to the ever-growing list of those supporting Graham for the influential GOP leadership post.

In recent days, Graham, a Scottsdale businessman with an outstanding record of leadership, has secured the backing of Arizona House Majority Leader David Gowan and State Representatives Steve Montenegro and Justin Olson, as well as the Arizona Latino Republican Association.

Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, a respected conservative activist and grassroots leader, came out with an early endorsement of Graham. Haney has served as Chairman of the Maricopa County GOP since 2008. His support sends a strong signal to conservatives who will be voting for intra-party state leadership January 26, 2013.

To learn more about Robert Graham and his pledge to Arizona’s Republican Party, visit his impressive website at or his Facebook Page. To receive news and updates from Robert Graham, subscribe to his website here. Most importantly, check out his Issues Page to understand his deep commitment to conservative values.

Current chairman Tom Morrissey is also running.

Meet Robert Graham:


20 Responses to Robert Graham continues to amass support to lead AZ GOP

  1. State Delegate says:

    As one who attended the embarrassment that was our Republican State Convention, I can’t imagine how anyone who was there could support Tom Morrissey’s reelection. His ineptness was evident to all who traveled statewide to take part in what became a catastrophe. He simply lost control of the proceedings, didn’t know how to clearly articulate the totals for national committeewoman and then retreated and became incommunicative for days. Without a doubt, he needs to be replaced.

    • Pima Pal says:

      I was there, also. Drove up from Tucson to arrive at 7:30 am. That means getting up at 4:00!
      We finally left after 7:30 pm and the travesty was still going on. People were tired, hungry and damn mad. Calling Morrissey’s attempt at leadership “inept” is complimenting him. It was a disaster!!

  2. diogidog says:

    Rural Arizona is where the heart of the Republican Party is solid and continuing to work for huge victories in the Republican column. Forget about the Maricopa and Pima County Republicans who can barely cobble together enough Republican and Independent votes to sustain the Party and its business to elect Conservatives to public office. Why should rural Republicans continue to accept year after year the bloated, top down, out of touch, self-serving politicocrats from Phoenix, who are only interested in feathering the nests of squishy sycophants just like them? It’s time to start tipping over a few apple carts ! Vote Conservative.
    Birds of a feather …

  3. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    Tom Morrissey served to the best of his ability. It’s time for him to pass the mantle on to someone with a new perspective and wider range of skills. This is not a rap on him. He stepped up when it was necessary.

    Even Rob Haney, who is incredibly knowledgeable and has served admirably, is moving on. These are not lifetime posts.

    • LD 7 PC says:

      In describing Morrissey, you left out “limited” before the word “ability.” His handling of the state convention was appalling. What an initiation for any new state delegates!! If I had just happened on the scene and saw that fiasco, I would never have returned. Life’s to short for such melodrama and commotion, especially on an empty stomach.

  4. Seen It All says:

    There is another matter of great consequence that was not raised here. Morrissey has limited prospects as far as the very crucial aspect of fundraising. Money is the engine that runs the political train during campaigns, but it also pays the rent and utility bills throughout the year. They’re running on spit and paste down on 24th Street. The whole staff needs to go and be replaced with pros who know how to get the job done.

  5. eubykdisop says:

    The Republican establishment has been employing a strategy of “planned failure”. What is that and how does it work?

    When the Republican establishment wants Democrat Claire McCaskill to remain U. S. Senator from Missouri, because she supports the establishment “New World Order” agenda, the RNC finds a reason to fail to support Akin. That is “planned failure” at work.

    When the Romney campaign is grossly mismanaged and it’s much touted high tech “Orca” system to manage the ground game completely fails during the election, that is planned failure. First you make everything dependent upon “Orca”

    The Republican establishment actually loves B. Hussein Obama because he is doing a great job of implementing the “New World Order” agenda and that is what the Republican establishment most cares about right now.

    If you think that is inaccurate, look at McCain, Flake and Rubio moving on “comprehensive immigration reform”. Look at the purge of Conservatives from House committees by Boehner.

    The objective is not Socialism or Communism per se. To think that would be to misread what is going on. The objective is the implementation of the “One World”, “New World Order” agenda.

    “Planned failure” has also been implemented at the state and local levels. Can you see it at work here in Arizona and can you see how it contributes directly to implementation of “One World” and the “New World Order”?

    • Kimball says:

      I’m curious as to how you specifically see the “New World Order” at play here in our state. I agree with much of what you say, and also believe that both Bushes were committed to this gnawing destruction of our Constitutional rights and protections. I have only disgust for McCain, Kyl and Flake, for campaigning as conservatives and then reverting to their laissez-faire positions immediately after being elected. I expect nothing more from Bill Montgomery, who is already tilting left on illegal immigration, and getting accolades from the open borders newspaper.. What galls me is that the people of Arizona keep allowing themselves to be taken in my smooth talking politicians who regard us with contempt. We serve only to further their ego driven aspirations for high and higher office.

      When I read about this latest wholesale slaughter of innocents by a lunatic murderer, I was saddened by my thoughts after the initial revulsion and sorrow. I thought, as I have before when other such atrocious butchery occurs, that somehow the acts of these killers will ultimately erode the Second Amendment rights of American citizens. I believe that is part of the New World Order you mention.
      Apologies for the lengthy ramble.

      • American Dad says:

        Here is your nightmare, breathing fire. (And mine, I might add.)

      • eubykdisop says:


        You asked: “I’m curious as to how you specifically see the “New World Order” at play here in our state.”

        Flooding our country with immigrants who are not in any way screened, because they have not entered our country legally, who are of a different culture and who speak a different language, while they seek to remake our culture into theirs rather than assimilating, is part of the “New World Order”. It is a deliberate breaking down, a dissolution of our national identity. Now, let’s work back from there!

        Do you remember how John McCain has been at odds with Arizona Conservative Republicans, seeking to install Symington as head of the state party?

        Where does McCain stand on immigration?

        How about replacing Russell Pearce with Jerry Lewis? Lewis used the same language in his support for “immigration reform” as did B. Hussein Obama. Lewis also expressed concern specifically about how “Beijing” would view Arizona regarding immigration issues.

        What about the position of the Arizona Chamber of Commerce and Industry regarding Arizona’s immigration laws? It was the U. S. Chamber of Commerce who was the plaintiff, all the way to SCOTUS, in the Legal Arizona Workers Act lawsuit.

        How is it that Jeff Flake, McCain’s open borders buddy and former Executive Director of the Goldwater Institute, got the nomination for U. S. Senator and was elected? Do you think that was the “will of the people”? If so, I have some swamp land in Florida to sell to you!

        The easiest place to see the “New World Order” taking care of business in Arizona is with illegal immigration issues. The thread runs from Arizona, through Congress to Obama’s White House and on to the Council for Foreign Relations and other dedicated “New World Order” organizations.

    • Kimball says:

      You’re a great memory jogger. Thanks for the detailed and fact filled explanation. It’s very much appreciated! I’ve spent my life in the East Valley and have long known what a fraud Jeff Flake is. When this blog began referring to him as Jeff McFlake and showing him standing at a podium with a McCain sign affixed to it, it delighted me to know that not everyone is taken in by this deceitful man concealing his true nature behind a chronic grin. And although the election was close, he will now retreat to his senatorial ivory tower and be untouchable for 6 long years, as he works to implement his amnesty dream. He backed away from it for a nanosecond when the election was looking rougher than he envisioned it. But now he’s back to being his true self…Jeff the McFlake.

      You paint a grim, but unfortunately accurate, picture. But in so doing, you’re educating a whole lot of people. Again, thanks.

      • eubykdisop says:

        You are most generous, Kimball. I painted a very thin thumbnail sketch, due to space limitations, hoping that you would flesh it out with your own knowledge and experience. You did so quite well and so it is I who thank you for your effort!

        Jeff Flake is and has been one of the “chosen ones”. That is, he has the backing of the “New World Order” power structure which, though pervasive, keeps a low profile. He is “chosen” because he has demonstrated that there is nothing he will not do in order to promote the “New World Order”. That isn’t something ideological. It is material and “pragmatic”. Play ball, flip over and you are rewarded with wealth, position, power and open doors to more! How do you think it is that someone who is not especially bright, not particularly talented, lacking an impressive record in the private sector and with terrible performance in office has managed to “move up” and become a U. S. Senator?

        I have no doubt that we Conservatives will ultimately prevail because we have chosen to be on God’s side. However, there is much work to be done. From my point of view the most important issue right now is to make citizens aware of what it is which is actually opposing us. Who is the enemy?

        It’s not Democrats. It’s not Liberals. It’s not Socialists or Communists. All of those are merely swords being wielded. The question is, who is wielding those swords? The answer is the “New World Order” people. Chief among those are the most powerful members of the Council on Foreign Relations. Behind them are people of enormous wealth with a lust for power who seek world domination. That has always been the dream of tyrants. With today’s technology, the tyrannical dream of world domination and control has become possible.

        As long as The United States of America stands as a constitutional democracy, the “New World Order” cannot achieve it’s objectives. First, the U. S., as we have known it, must be demolished. But Who do you think willed The United States of America into being at a time when monarchs ruled? God Himself ordained that The United States should be. Do you think that all of those exceptional souls who were instrumental in founding our nation were born on earth at the same time by accident? God’s will shall not be thwarted but we must work hard and do our part to the best of our abilities. That is what He expects of us. If we do our part, the Satanic forces cannot ultimately prevail.

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  7. State Delegate says:

    Hey guys, good to see you mentioned not only on the Penn Ave Post, (above) but also here on POLITICO:
    The battle for the Arizona GOP –
    You do good work. Arizona conservatives have known that for quite a while. Glad to see the national blogs are taking notice! Take a bow, Seeing Red AZ!!

  8. Art Olivas REAL NAME!! says:

    To all who have posted here. I ask one question? What have you personally done to help Tom Morrissey or the Republican Party for that matter?????

    • eubykdisop says:

      First of all, “El Tudy”, we don’t need to be in the media like you do. We’re perfectly content to work unseen.

      Secondly, did you ever stop to think that there may be good reasons why some of us don’t post under our REAL NAME? In my own case, my work brought me into contact with murderers and other criminals. One sent me a letter at my home. I have a wife. I can handle myself but I don’t want to put her at risk unnecessarily.

      Have you ever taken a political case all the way to the Supreme Court of The United States and won? I have.

      Have you ever forced state legislatures to change laws through legal action? I have.

      Let me know when Tom Morrissey and the Arizona Republican Party catch up with me.

      FIRST they need to stand and deliver and EARN my respect and THEN I’ll help them. They haven’t shown me that they have “the right stuff”. You help those who are making the effort, not the incompetent and the slackers.

      Just because people don’t get their photo in the media like you do doesn’t mean that they’re not doing anything. Maybe their photo isn’t in the media precisely because they are too busy doing something useful!

      Que pase buenas noches, “El Tudy”!

  9. Art Olivas REAL NAME!! says:

    I don’t need to to know what Robert Graham can do for us Republicans! What I need to know is what has he done for the party?

    • eubykdisop says:

      I don’t give a rat’s patootie about what is done for “the party” if it doesn’t benefit “us Republicans”, especially we Conservatives, “El Tudy”!

      The party is for the people and not the people for the party!

  10. eubykdisop says:

    Give it up, Olivas. You’re a publicity hound. You saw that SRAZ was getting attention in the media and immediately posted with your “real name”. You’re not fooling anyone. Go get yourself an agent and a public relations guy. Then maybe you can have your fifteen minutes of fame.