Lisa Gray’s MC GOP chair electability tainted by Tobin?

Pre-Jan. 12, 2013 Maricopa County officer election analysis

Will the conduct of Arizona House Speaker Andrew Tobin influence the outcome of the Maricopa County Statutory Meeting?   The issue hinges upon how the votes of two members of the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee (EGC), who are now candidates for MCRC offices, will be judged. Precinct Committeemen, nearly 3,300 strong, will be attending this meeting in person or by proxy.

State Sen. Rick Murphy reports, “Speaker Tobin was so motivated to kill any bill that restricted public employee unions, specifically to protect the power of fire unions (his brother is a long-time fire union boss), he tried to use Arizona’s foster children as a human shield to bully me into dropping the bills.  When that didn’t work, he intentionally killed bills to help foster children get adopted more quickly as a punishment to me for keeping the union issue alive.”

Sen. Murphy’s expose of Tobin’s egregious conduct gave rise to an EGC resolution calling for non-support of Tobin’s re-election.  Candidate for County Chair, Lisa Gray and candidate for Second Vice-Chair, Rene Lopez, both voted against the resolution. Those votes may be held against them in the upcoming January election. 

The resolution that passed the EGC by a  23- 5 vote was: “Be it resolved that, due to the lack of support of key Republican principles by withholding key legislation and the misuse of the Republican Victory Fund, the MCRC does not support the re-election of Andy Tobin as Speaker of the House or Steve Pierce as Senate President.

At issue will be the rationale of Gray and Lopez for their votes that “the resolution was offered within 100 hours of the General Election.”  Their challenge will be to explain to the precinct committeemen why only three other members of the twenty-eight members present at the meeting agreed with their logic.  Part of the difficulty is that the election of Arizona House and Senate leadership involving Tobin and Pierce was to occur only 124 hours from the time the resolution was offered and, obviously, time was running out.

The union-related bills, already passed in the senate, and withheld by Speaker Tobin were:

·     SB1484 (paycheck deductions; employee authorization) — Sen. Biggs

·     SB1485 (unions; public employees; prohibitions) — Sen. Murphy

·     SB1486 (public employees; activities; unions; compensation) — Sen. Murphy

·     SB1487 (government employees; union dues; withholding) — Sen. Murphy

These bills would have required public employee union members to reauthorize their dues payroll deductions annually, banned collective bargaining by public employee unions, significantly reduced, but not completely prohibited, taxpayer paid time off for union activities, and banned ANY payroll deduction for dues by public employee unions. 

Another complication for candidate Lisa Gray is that her husband, Rep. Rick Gray, is part of Tobin’s leadership team as the Majority Whip.  She will need to persuade the MCRC membership that the Tobin/Gray team will have no influence over her decisions as County Chair, if she is elected. 

The question is, will the conduct of Speaker Tobin, when connected with the votes of two candidates for MCRC offices, influence the outcome of the Maricopa County Statutory Election? 


Sen. Rick Murphy also revealed that, in a fit of spite unbecoming his office, Tobin further betrayed the citizens of Arizona by killing bills which were intended to benefit children in the adoption process.  According to Sen. Murphy: SB1490– This bill was requested by the courts to clarify language about which children should be expedited through the adoption process (due to young age, etc) and would have resulted in many children being adopted more quickly.  Not only would that create a better likelihood for a successful placement and lower the chances of delinquency, it would have helped reduce CPS caseloads and other costs.

It was ready for a House floor vote as early as 3/29, until the session ended 5/3.  In late April, Tobin told me through surrogates (he didn’t have the courage to tell me personally, despite opportunities) in clear terms that he was killing the bill just because it was mine.  Despite emphasizing that this bill would help foster kids get adopted more quickly, and that it was requested by the courts and needed to clarify a problem in existing law, Tobin intentionally killed the bill.

SB1491 – I ran this bill to address issues within the CPS system I discovered as a foster parent…Despite emphasizing that this bill would help foster kids get adopted more quickly, and the support of both DES and the governor’s staff, Tobin intentionally killed the bill.”

29 Responses to Lisa Gray’s MC GOP chair electability tainted by Tobin?

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    No question about it, for the office of Maricopa County Republican Chairman, A.J. LaFaro has my support!

    • State Delegate says:

      I also will be supporting AJ LaFaro. However, he has some mighty big shoes to fill. Anyone would. Current chairman Rob Haney has done an exemplary job, working long hours, attending countless district meetings and keeping the county party on track. Haney has set the standard for door to door recruitment of new precinct committeemen. I’ve been an elected PC for years and can’t recall anyone who has matched his years of dedication and service.

      • angie says:

        I couldn’t have said it better. His wife Marney has also done a tremendous job of supporting him in every decision he made. We had two for one with that pleasant, dedicated, hard working couple. The GOP was fortunate to have the Haneys all these years. They will be missed. But they deserve their time with their families. God bless them both.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    There are simply too many questions about Lisa Gray’s associations for me. Besides which, I believe there is a real conflict of interest for her to be heading the Maricopa County GOP when her husband is a state legislator. The duty of the Majority Whip, which is his newly appointed legislative post, is to round up votes on bills. We can do better on any number of fronts.

  3. LJ says:

    It would appear that the Mr. Tobin’s colleagues supported the way he ran the caucus seeing that they elected him again. Have you taken a moment to read Lisa Gray’s thoughtful explanation for her vote? Lisa is organized, hard working, thoughtful, conservative, independent and is a leader. She has been working…and leading at the grassroots level from the day she became involved. She has been successful at building success by involving people and by raising money.

    • sgtflapjaw says:

      Lisa Gray or anyone else who supports, aids, or condones, office holders protection of or giving more power to the State Employee Unions, is working in direct opposition to the taxpaying citizens of Arizona.
      The office holders [Tobin et al] should be replaced by people who remember who they are supposed to be representing.

      • Confused says:

        I’m not sure where the disdain for, or idea that, Republicans should hate Unions came from. Everyone loves cops and fire fighters when they catch the bad guy or save a persons life. Remember 9/11, everyone wanted their pictures taken with fire fighters, now everyone acts like they are scum because they want a a retirement like private employees have. You think these guys, and girls, are getting rich doing the job they do every single day? Seriously, what happened?

    • sgtflapjaw says:

      Uh, confused? Maybe if you paid more attention to what you are reading you would be less confused. Nowhere did I say Republicans should hate unions, nowhere. My comments were directed towards Public [Government] Employees Unions not private sector unions…..Big differences here.
      Your inferences that public employees just want what private employees want is basically true except for the fact that they have managed to get plenty more. Their pensions are extremely generous, and coupled with liberal work rules, earlier retirement in many cases, not to mention a much higher pay scale, and job security, the private sector workers deals are far inferior.
      This is do to the situation that exists where the unions negotiate the contracts with elected and appointed government officials, the same people who can benefit from union support at the polls and through donations. The public [the third party payer in this instance] is not involved.
      The private sector unions have pretty much sealed there fate by bankrupting almost all of the industries that they have taken over. That is however how the free market works.

      • Patty H says:

        There is no such thing as “private pensions” from companies anymore. The closest thing there is are the 401k plans where companies may or may not contribute. Many companies are no longer contributing to those, either. Except for the unions, private pensions are a dinosaur.

  4. Hagar says:

    I’ll be voting for LaFaro also and bringing as many proxies as I can. Sonoran Alliance is running a puff piece on Gray right now. I hope they’ll offer LaFaro an opportunity.

    S.H.I.E.L.D. has run a recent expose of Lisa Gray’s “Party Builder” slate: see .

    They scare me to death.

    • George Smith says:

      Hagar – a mole popping it’s head out of the dirt scares you to death. Get real. The SHIELD???? that article was just hilarious

      • Clark says:

        What exactly was so funny about it? I didn’t see anything hilarious. Please enlighten us with some facts rather than resorting to childish attacks.

    • angie says:

      Thank you Hagar for this link (S.H.I.E.L.D.) these are indeed Democrats who worked to re-elect Obama and against Russell Pearce. They managed to infiltrate the RINO LIZA’s project.

  5. CD9 says:

    Lisa is a sneak, she and Byerley, tried to defrock Tom Morrissey. I was going to name them all but decided not to. I am sure most here know who was involved in that fiasco, They did not tell the truth and went behind peoples back. I can not trust either of them, but worse they are supported by McCain and Tobin.

    I too am voting for AJ and his team. I hope AJ and his team win in a landslide. Last January she made a fool of herself on the floor of the state meeting arguing.

    Party Builder, more like Party Divider and Destroyer.

    • CD5 Republican says:

      Isn’t team AJ running on a platform that includes improving the county party’s relationship with the legislature? Exactly how can they achieve this when he’s part of the group that essentially gave a no confidence vote on Pierce / Tobin without even inviting them to present their side/views?

      Yep, nothing spells party unity better than voting no confidence in the elected leadership.

      • Patty H says:

        Party unity is not the same as caving in. Of course we should all be on the same side but when the Speaker deep-sixes bills that would help Arizonans, like the state guard bill, he is not working for Republicans. We need legislators who remember who pays them and not use childish revenge methods to decide which bills to let out for vote and which to hold back in spite. Lisa supports what Tobin did. No explanation needed.

  6. shocblog says:

    Lisa Gray and Rene Lopez correctly observed that a Maricopa County GOP EGC vote wasn’t going to influence what the legislature was going to do in electing new/old leadership. That kind of sane judgment is sometimes lacking in the Arizona GOP.

    • Clark says:

      sounds more cowardice than sane. Imagine if our Founding Fathers held the same philosophy….

    • Tom says:

      They didn’t correctly observe anything of the sort. They voted against the resolution in order to protect Tobin and Pierce and Pierce wasn’t re-elected Senate President. Fifty percent ain’t too bad.

  7. Patty H says:

    Over the past nearly two years, Lisa has worked very hard for sure… to try to get the sitting Chair re-called for the sole reason that she had someone else in mind, the same person she is actively supporting this time around, Robert Graham. Why would anyone who wanted to preserve and advance the conservative principles that the AZGOP is all about work so hard to harm the party? What happens now if her choice does not again get elected as AZGOP chair? Another two years of constant battle with her working so hard to get rid of the next one? Looks like she has no interest in the party but has exclusive interest in her own agenda. She shows poor judgement.

    • CD9 says:

      Patty I was at a meeting when Lisa brought her petition trying to recall Tom, she tried mighty hard to get the LD Chairs to sign it and failed. One of the Chairs held it up and asked, “Whose papers are these”, she was such a coward she did not own up to her own deceitfulness.

  8. diogidog says:

    Our founding fathers would be hanging on a rope in a tree next to Haney and Morrissey if the progressives in the Republican Party had anything to say about it ! Birds of a feather …

  9. Wm T Sparky Smith says:

    It amazes me that I was there in JUNE when Tobin told a group of us from around the state about the fund he had collected and how he was going to “place it” in several LD “to try to steal” some election in DEMS backyard—I took issue with him and his sitting on Bills—-he did the opposite he Killed Conservatives.
    I was there when Linda Grey tried to take out TOM—I took issue with that—- because it was right in the middle of the PHOENIX Mayors race and it was very disruptive.
    I was there when LISA defended TOBIN—-I sure took issue with that because it was VERY clear he spent the money to PROTECT HIMSELF not the taxpayers of AZ!!!

    I will be supporting her opponents not the— ESTABLISHMENT–Robert G may contaminated by his association with LISA as she was by her association with TOBIN.!

    The Samson Project may be coming to an elected office near you!

  10. xamericanpridex says:

    Lisa Gray, Rene Lopez and other RINO’s/progressives like them are a poison to our GOP and need to be kept as far from any kind of position within it as possible. My vote and my husband’s proxy will be for AJ LaFaro/Chairman, April Riggins/1st Vice Chair, Jose Borrajero/2nd Vice Chair, Jeni White/Secretary and David Ludwig/Treasurer.

  11. LJ says:

    So you don’t support Lisa because she supports Robert Graham? Rob Haney supports Robert Graham too so you can see why this logic is difficult to follow….

    • Patty H says:

      Randy Pullen also supports Robert Graham. What does that tell you? Is there a connection between Pullen and Haney and Graham and Lisa? Just saying

  12. angie says:

    April Riggins and Jose Borrajero are a tremendous boost to the conservative GOP. Great assets!

  13. Westnash says:

    When are the citizens of Arizona going to vote out every incumbent as a protest on the totally wasteful spending, massive duplication of services/overhead, and insider contracts that much of the budgets of city, county, and state government goes for?