Santa’s not the only busy guy on Christmas Eve!

While “the Man with the Bag” undertakes his journey from the North Pole, the “Man with a Mission,” JD Hayworth, finds himself on the air Christmas Eve in three different major markets!

First, join JD from 6:00 -10:00 am as he hosts “The KSFO Morning Show” from San Francisco.  Listen Live HERE.   

Then, it’s another show from 1:00 -3:00 pm on WPHT, Philadelphia.  Listen Live HERE.

And finally, JD debuts in Los Angeles from 4:00 -7:00 pm on KABC.  Listen Live HERE.

All listings are Phoenix time.

8 Responses to Santa’s not the only busy guy on Christmas Eve!

  1. Westnash says:

    He has a good radio voice, and experience, and hopefully he will be successful and use these mediums to lobby for less government and a more informed public. If he takes the hard right tack, it plays into the hands of the democrats.

    The phrase the Republicans need to put in front of them is “Nixon goes to China”. For Little Euby this means getting out in front of the issues and using brainpower instead of bluster to get the support of enough of the people to actually win something.

    • State Committeeman says:

      JD’s intellect always shines through, along with his obvious expertise in the political arena. The fact that Westnash posts in the middle of the night explains a lot.

      Merry Christmas to all!

    • Ajo Joe says:

      Former Congressman Hayworth is the most knowledgeable radio talk show host Phoenix has ever had and I go back quite a way. Whenever I see these announcements and am able to tune in to hear him, I make it a point to do so.

      PS Westnash, you are starting to get on my nerves. Grow up..

  2. Westnash says:

    Ha, sound’s like a chorus. How much did he lose the last election by, again? Hopefully he will continue to be a successful talk show host instead of an unsuccessful candidate.

    Please advise any where I am inaccurate.

    • Not Fooled says:

      You appear to be in a perpetual snit. Lighten up. Also, face some facts. JD Hayworth was within FIVE points of McCain in that 2010 senate race, scaring the bejeebers out of the old liberal and causing McCain to pull out all stops…nearly $ THIRTY MILLION of them. Even you, in all your self-aggrandized glory, couldn’t stand up to that type of money. He pulled in huge donations from every lobbyist in DC.

      JD was my congressman and the was without a doubt, the best representative I have ever had. If you are so unhappy here, why not go elsewhere? I suspect you’d be trying to spread your miserable attitude no matter where you go. Time to turn the page for the new year. Please.

  3. Westnash says:

    Maybe Seeing Red only wants to hear that JD is the next coming instead of the facts?

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Your “facts” are inaccurate, groundless accusations. They have no place on this site. And yes, we are fans of JD Hayworth and respect his background, intellect and conservative analysis of the news.

  4. Westnash says:

    Then why not dispute my facts with yours and let’s see. Instead of playing hall monitor or censor general. If you know JD you also know why he couldn’t get elected in Arizona outside of a district. This phobia only elects Janet Napolitano, Gabby Giffords and the like.