Newsweek bites the dust


Newsweek, the weekly news magazine that debuted February 17, 1933, will publish its final hard copy edition at the end of this year — December 31, 2012 —  after 80 years of publication. The periodical known for a decided liberal bias, had to face the fact, as newspapers are, that print publications are dealing in obsolete news, competing with instant information available online. Staying current is impossible when lag time is not just hours, but days.

The magazine has been dying a slow death for several years, and it’s subscription base responded by fleeing the terminally ill dinosaur. After hemorrhaging $ millions, being put up for sale and laying off staff,  Newsweek merged with the far-left online publication The Daily Beast in 2010.

Previously focused on world affairs, politics and business, it has morphed into a pop culture haven, losing its readership desirous of the cutting edge news and analysis  impossible to find in a weekly publication.  A new digital version will be named Newsweek Global

Ad Age prints a guide to magazines that have ceased to exist. They call it “our continuing farewell to magazines that quit print under pressure from the recession and digital media.”

The University of Southern California Annenberg School’s Center for the Digital Future predicts the end of days for most newspapers papers will be 2017. 

“Circulation of print newspapers continues to plummet, and we believe that the only print newspapers that will survive will be at the extremes of the medium — the largest and the smallest,” said Jeffrey Cole, the Center‘s Director. “It’s likely that only four major daily newspapers will continue in print form: The New York Times, USA Today, the Washington Post, and the Wall Street Journal. At the other extreme, local weekly newspapers may still survive.”

We’re betting the soft plop of the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) will be stilled from the few driveways it still hits, before 2017.


5 Responses to Newsweek bites the dust

  1. Sgt. Preston says:

    I recently read about some nitwit celebrity who pre-chewed the food she fed her baby. She must have gotten the idea from the Arizona Republic, which tries to chew our news for us before regurgitating in as liberal pap for us to digest. That’s why we cancelled our subscription. We can read and understand facts and don’t appreciate having the slant built in.

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Great analogy, Sgt. Couldn’t agree more. I see the hard copy Republic heaving its last death rattle within three years. As soon as the leftist senior staff gets pensioned out. The new(s)bies from the Cronkite School of Liberali Journalism won’t be able to maintain either the paper or their jobs.

  2. Westnash says:

    It doesnt have to be that way. People are interested more in news today than ever before but a news source has to provide something. Many do, but increasingly they get their money from advertising as opposed to subscriptions. Craigslist has slaughtered their classified business.

    The Wall Street Journal does well, the Economist does well. The Washington Post does well. Newsweek didn’t make itself unique or necessary.

  3. Hagar says:

    No crocodile tears here. I wondered how much longer Newsweek could survive. Years ago Newsweek was the liberal magazine, Time was middle-of-the-road and U.S. News was conservative. No more. They all became liberal.There was a time that I thought these print weekly news magazines could survive should they at least try to be a little balanced in their reporting, but now it’s too late for them. I had not seen a Time Magazine in some time but leafed through one at Barnes and Noble last week. It was like a pamphlet. I doubt it will survive long.

  4. LEO IN TSN says:

    This was inevitable, forecast from the time the print media surrendered to become the propaganda machine for the hard left. Leftists don’t want news to be reported; they want it reshaped and marketed to promote their destructive agenda. The bottom line is still that leftists are a minority culture, buttressed only by the welfare-engorged voting block they have created. There just aren’t enough of them who want to buy the propaganda pamphlets any more, not the weeklies nor the dailies.

    They will continue to limp along on the i-net, without advertisers and without paying subscribers, until the new government takes them over. End result – the “news” comes directly from the government. Praavda, anyone?

    Long live Seeing Red AZ, and the other patriotic resistance fighters who will never surrender.

    God bless America.