Federal Judge tosses lawsuit against Russell Pearce

Judge Martone: A voice of reason on the federal bench

U.S. District Judge Frederick Martone has dismissed a lawsuit filed by radical illegal immigration proponent, Salvador Reza against former state Senate President Russell Pearce. The lawsuit was filed after Sen. Pearce had Reza removed from the Arizona state Senate building by Capitol police as a matter of security for leading a disruptive group as a series of bills dealing with illegal immigration were being heard in February 2011. Pearce was the architect of Arizona’s much copied SB 1070. The following day, police arrested Reza for trespassing. No charges were ever filed.

In his ruling in Reza v. Pearce et al, Judge Martone referred to the Senate building as a “limited public forum” where some First Amendment restrictions are permissible as long as they are reasonable and not an effort to suppress speech solely because public officials oppose the speaker’s view. Further, he said, restricting access to the Senate building is constitutionally permissible if it was reasonable and viewpoint neutral.

Salvador Reza later sued Sen. Russell Pearce, alleging his First Amendment rights of freedom of speech, assembly, association, ability to petition and communicate with his elected representatives, as well as his due process and equal protection rights were all violated.

Judge Martone said Reza was unable to provide any evidence to support his claim that his rights were violated, as he alleged.

Illegal immigration continues to be a front and center issue. In the first quarter of 2012 alone, 865 bills and resolutions relating to illegal immigration were introduced in 45 state legislatures and the District of Columbia.

9 Responses to Federal Judge tosses lawsuit against Russell Pearce

  1. xamericanpridex says:

    Thank you Judge Martone! These people need to learn that their uncivilized, rude and rowdy behavior is not welcome in our forums.

  2. East Valley PC says:

    Glad to read this! Russell Pearce has been badly mistreated by the pro-illegal immiration mob. How happy I was to see Jerry Lewis get kicked to the curb in this last election. He certainly deserved what he got. It’s a shame we got Democrat Ed Ableser in the senate seat, but arrogant liar Jerry Lewis set this scenario up. He should be ashamed for what he has done, but he doesn’t have that capacity.

    • sgtflapjaw says:

      The type of slimeball that Jerry Lewis is does not usually last too long in politics. Not being trusted by anyone does not afford you very good or loyal friends. Lewis is of such low character as to be chosen by the old LD18 backstabbers to join with the leftists and open boarders crowd to get rid of Russell Pearce. That done, ole Jerry’s usefullness is over. Bye, bye.

    • Hagar says:

      Those Mormons who live in Lewis’ stake must be very proud of their former stake president. What scares me most is how oblivious and naive they were in not realizing that Randy Parazz and his reconquista goons were using them.

  3. eubykdisop says:

    A few interesting excerpts from Judge Martone’s ruling:

    “The following day Pearce released a public statement regarding the recent disruptions at the Senate building. He noted that during the early part of February 22, 2011, protestors interrupted a news conference held by Senator Krysten Sinema, causing Senator Sinema to fear for her safety. Capitol police arrested four people for disorderly conduct during the incident. It was against this backdrop that Pearce responded to the disruptions from the overflow room later that same day.”

    So Sinema was caused to “fear for her safety”, on the same day of the incident in question in the lawsuit, due to the actions of protestors who were arrested.

    “Therefore, Pearce believed that plaintiff was one of the disruptive members of the crowd. This belief, coupled with the tense atmosphere at the Senate building on February 22, 2011, the arrest of protestors earlier in the day, Senator Sinema’s expressed fear surrounding the level of protests, as well as the shooing of 18 people at a political rally in Tucson, Arizona just six weeks earlier, provided an objectively reasonable basis for Pearce to conclude that action needed to be taken to protect and preserve safety and decorum in the Senate building.”

    So six weeks earlier we had the Tucson shootings. Sinema expressed “fear for her safety” earlier the same day. When Pearce, a former law enforcement officer, fulfills his obligation as Senate President to provide for safety in the Senate building, including the safety of Krysten Sinema, he gets sued by someone apparently of the “progressive” persuasion!

    • Steve says:


      And you’re also right about Pearce’s extensive law enforcement background. He worked in the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office from 1970 until 1991, when he left to preside as Justice of the Peace in the North Mesa Justice Court He later returned to the MCSO, capping his law enforcement career as Chief Deputy under Sheriff Arpaio. Pearce also served as the Governor’s Office of Highway Safety Director and later was Director of the Motor Vehicle Department. His experience is extensive with years served in the AZ House and Senate. Point is, he knows criminal activity when he sees it, and as Senate President he was tasked with the duty of keeping order.

      Salvador Reza is a Saul Alinsky-style radical using all of the disruptive techniques in the Marxist handbook. He is a clone of another far-left radical, Raul Grijalva.

  4. Westnash says:

    Wonder who paid for Reza’s legal fee’s?