Fiscal Cliff? Chuck Woolery has the solution

TV legend Chuck Woolery discusses his thoughts on how to cut government spending:


10 Responses to Fiscal Cliff? Chuck Woolery has the solution

  1. Vince says:

    Too bad Woolery didn’t ditch the game show hosting when he was younger and get into the political arena. He’s clearly a conservative.

  2. American Patriot says:

    Chuck Woolery is a devout Christian and spends a great deal of time volunteering in the ministry. As a political conservative, he is one of the founders of the political action committee Restart Congress
    an organization dedicated to passing a Constitutional amendment establishing congressional term limits.

    That’s an idea whose time has most definitely come!!!

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      All good information, American Patriot. But you missed this one, which I think is great. It’s called Save Us Chuck Woolery.
      He’s really on to something. I never thought I’d be paying attention to a former game show host. But then again, Ronald Reagan, by far the best president in my lifetime, was demeaned as a mere actor.

    • PJ O'Malley says:

      Woolery is saying positive things but, as is the case with many flashes in the pan, he has some issues.
      Limiting terms was debated extensively by the Founding Fathers and found wanting. It was agreed that the voters should be the term limiters, not some arbitrary mechanism. The amendment process was a provision that enabled voters to correct unseen flaws in the Constitution, but the lack of forced term limits is certainly not one of them.
      George Washington set the precedent for limiting the executive branch to two terms, which was observed by every eligible president until FDR. There was no need to enforce this pattern until antsy voters figured the only way to get him out of office was to use the strong arm of law to accomplish what they had been unable to do on their own — use simple and effective persuasion in the place of coercion.
      The same goes for all other elected positions. If you don’t want an individual in office, get off the sofa, mobilize the opposition and turn out the vote!

      • State Committeeman says:

        Like you and the Founders, I was never a fan of term limits. My mind has been changed in recent years by the perks that come with years in office. Once entrenched in Congress, their lobbyist pals, who want more from these elected cohorts, raise huge amounts of money to keep them in office and the grateful Representatives and Senators, vote to keep the money train chugging through their campaign stations by favoring their lobbyist friends. It’s an unbreakable chain. I also think six year senate terms are too long. Its nearly impossible to get rid of any of them, plus too many stay beyond their mental capabilities. The blundering John McCain is a case in point.

      • Doc says:

        I’ve been preaching term limits here since I got here, For the VERY REASONS State Committeeman has outlined. As PROVEN by the repeated re-electing of mr mccain, the voters can’t be trusted to “get offa’ th’ couch”…

  3. says:

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    • PJ O'Malley says:

      BPaluch, I’ve encountered the same problem. The way to get a video live is to go to comments, where the video will become active. I know it is a hassle, and we have no direct input to SRA, so it is the best we can do. I hope they monitor this discussion.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        BPaluch777 and PJ O’Malley,

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        Our tech guru is out of town for the holiday. We’ll ask about this when he returns.

    • xamericanpridex says:

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