DAR discriminates against God

“Tolerance” goes awry with patriotic group

The Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) is a lineage-based -membership service organization for women who are directly descended from a person involved in the United States’ independence. Today they provide scholarships and work to promote historic preservation, education and patriotism. They commission and install monuments on Revolutionary War battle sites and erect small flags on the graves of Revolutionary War veterans on Memorial Day.

The group’s motto is “God, Home, and Country.”

We provide this historic background since it makes it all the more bizarre that this organization founded to commemorate the Revolution that provided grand documents that give prominence to our Creator, underwrote our freedoms, and enshrined our ability to worship freely, should now be working diligently to erase all references to God and Christianity from their group. They have even removed patriotic songs that mention God. Amazingly, Christian references were even removed from newly revised missal books.

Although the DAR now forbids discrimination in membership based on race or creed, that was not always the case. When changes took place to eliminate such practices, it was a time for celebration.

But now the group, whose motto is “God, Home, and Country” is sanitizing references to God, a practice at least as offensive as sanctioning discriminatory segregation.

You might want to contact President General Merry Ann T. Wright, to inquire about these absurd practices.  Be advised, the woman with the pompous title, doesn’t make it easy to contact her directly.

This video link of a U.S. Capitol Tour with David Barton (http://stg.do/Iwpc) shows the deeply religious past of our nation and its Founders. The DAR should take note. For example, Thomas Jefferson ordered the Marine Corps Band to play for the church services held each Sunday in the Capitol building! Services were held there for almost 100 years. The first bible printed in America was printed by Congress in 1782 for use in our public schools! Imagine that!

“God, Home, and Country” is right.  The grand dames are very wrong.


26 Responses to DAR discriminates against God

  1. Chuck says:

    It appears these women haven’t a clue what the Revolution was all about. It sure wasn’t fought to glorify some foolish lefties who would probably be more content celebrating Islamic diversity than our Judeo-Christian heritage. Thoroughly disgusting. They need to rethink this idiocy or close their doors.

  2. Maggie says:

    They have become irrelevant. God has not!

  3. Kent says:

    We are witnessing our own decline based in the foolish notion called political correctness.

    • eubykdisop says:

      That’s partly true, Kent. Permit me to explain.

      The modus operandi of leftists is to infiltrate and attack from within. They target high profile groups, like the DAR, because of the propaganda value in flipping such groups. The idea is to get the most bang for their buck. It’s a form of psychological warfare. They want to make us think that all is lost so that we will give up. Why? Because if we never give up, they can never win!

      Look for signs that are a more objective barometer. For example, those who came out to support Chick-fil-A. The willingness of countless thousands to actually go to a Chick-fil-A location and spend their money was an enormous blow to the “smoke and mirrors” illusions created by the left. That’s why they still haven’t gotten over that one!

      “Eat Mor Chikin!”

      • Kent says:

        Once again you’ve got me thinking straight, euby. You also make an great point about the widespread support for Chick-fil-A. I never went to one of their stores before, but gladly stood in line to get a sandwich when they were being assaulted for staying true to their beliefs. I’m now a return customer, so I have been “Eating Mor Chikin!”

      • eubykdisop says:

        That’s great, Kent! I was out there too on the historic day!

        Never forget that the leftists and Liberals are constantly waging psychological warfare. It’s one of their primary weapons. The easiest path to victory for them is to get us to lay down our “arms”. Our principal “arms” are our determination to make ceaseless efforts until victory. Guard well the portals of your mind. Let nothing enter there which in any way weakens your resolve! Victory!

  4. Westnash says:

    You are going to see more and more of this kind of story as Gabby Giffords PR machine works to make her either Mother Teresa, AZ Governor, or AZ Senator:


    In the mean time, Euby will continue to lead the chorus of “Johnny Goes Marching Home Again” and walks the Republican party right into the Democratic trap.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Ah, what would an article be without the Liberal propaganda of Westnash, LOL!

      Westnash wrote: “(Y)ou are going to see more and more of this kind of story…” What is Westnash saying here? Well, refer to what I wrote just above Westnash’s post:

      “It’s a form of psychological warfare. They want to make us think that all is lost so that we will give up.”

      Westnash is telling us that there will be more and more of this. In other words, he’s telling us that we are doomed to failure. Hey, Westnash, “Eat Mor Chikin!”, LOL!

      This, of course, is followed by yet another attack on me. Why me in particular? Because I’m good at exposing the tactics of the Liberal left! Leftists like to do their work in a surreptitious manner and having their tactics exposed shorts their circuits!

      And, of course, we have the usual “cherry on top” which Westnash never fails to add; if we follow Conservative principles, Democrats will win. Really, Westnash?

      We had a “Republican” candidate for Mayor of Phoenix who was anything but Conservative. He lost. The Democrat won.

      John McCain, another non-Conservative, was run by the Republican establishment for president. He lost. Obama won.

      Another less-than-Conservative candidate, Mitt Romney, faced off with Obama this time and lost.

      So the objective, factual evidence doesn’t support the Liberal storyline being spun in Westnash’s Liberal yarn. “Moderate”, “establishment” Republicans lose consistently.

      “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash, LOL!

      • westnash says:

        Ruby seems unaware that the article I was referring to is linked in my post. It has nothing to do w his post. Par for the course.

      • eubykdisop says:

        ROFL! I followed your posted link and read the article, Westnash. I’m not unaware of it. Then I too posted a link to an article which is entirely relevant to your comments.

        What you mean is that I didn’t permit your attempted Liberal propaganda to go unanswered. Terribly sorry about that but you need to used to it because it’s going to happen every time you propagate Liberal untruths, distortions and misrepresentations.

        Now let’s not have any whining, Westnash. You’re perfectly welcome to post your Liberal propaganda but if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen!

        “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash!

    • Sally Forth says:

      I think I’ve figured you out. At first I thought you were just throwing childish tantrums, going after one single conservative commenter on this conservative site. You’ve become increasingly juvenile, seemingly unable to write a coherent thought of your own without blasting this other commenter in the process.

      What I’ve come to realize is that you’re attempting to drive readers away from this reliably conservative site, with your incessant whining. You remind me of the kindergarteners I used to teach. They all wanted attention and would pitch a fit in order to get even the momentary spotlight removed from classmate Johnny. Give it a rest. We get the fact that you are at odds with Euby.

      If you have a point to make, can’t you make it without ridiculing others? I can barely stand it when I see your infantile tactics. You will not drive me away from this site, but I will no longer read your puerile rants. Grow up!

      • westnash says:

        Sorry…I have no interest in driving away anyone and I didn’t start the name calling. SRA chooses to censure anything not hard right. Please tell the other to cut out the name calling.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Sally Forth wrote: “If you have a point to make, can’t you make it without ridiculing others?”

        Saul Alinsky, the infamous leftist, wrote:

        “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” – Saul Alinksy, “Rules for Radicals”, Rule #5.

        What Westnash is doing is putting into practice Saul Alinsky’s “Rule #5” as articulated in Alinsky’s book, “Rules for Radicals”.

        So again we see that Westnash is following the tactics and strategy of the Liberal left to the letter!

        Furthermore, we see that, in classic Liberal fashion, Westnash seeks to blame BOTH me AND “Seeing Red AZ’, portraying himself as entirely faultless and an innocent “victim”.

        “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash!

      • Westnash says:

        Nothing to figure Sally, and you can hold the lectures. I make my points but when other poster’s comments become personal I will have to respond. Euby seems, the Barney Fife of SRA. Sorry to any others who are offended, it can stop quickly.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Ah yes, another insult from Westnash while he claims to be a victim, LOL! Liberals can’t ever seem to be truthful!

        So, let’s see. What do we have so far. According to Westnash I’m “chasing brownshirts”, I “man the barricades”, I’m taking over Colorado City to make it my “fortress” and now I’m “Barney Fife”! Yeah, Westnash, looks like you’re really a victim here, LOL!

        As previously stated, Westnash is simply employing Saul Alinsky’s “Rule #5”:

        “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” – Saul Alinksy, “Rules for Radicals”, Rule #5.

        It’s odd, Westnash, that you complain that SRAZ is “censoring” you but you tell Sally Forth to “hold the lectures”. Maybe it’s just that the “censorship” isn’t as you would have it be.

        Sally Forth has as much right to comment here as do you, whether you like that or not, even if she doesn’t agree with you.

        “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash!

  5. westnash says:

    Sorry again to Ruby….it is Euby.

  6. eubykdisop says:

    Now Westnash is “concerned”, as in “concern troll”, about Gabby Giffords’ PR machine but who is behind Giffords’ PR machine? Why it’s leftist, Liberal “Republicans” just like Westnash!

    “Mitch McConnell’s Protégé Trey Grayson Joins Charlie Crist Wing Of Democratic Party”

    “By CHQ Staff | 9/24/12”

    “According to The Washington Post, Trey Grayson (pictured), former Kentucky Secretary of State, and losing candidate for the 2010 Republican nomination for the Senate seat now held by Senator Rand Paul, has joined former Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords (D-Ariz.) and Clinton Labor Secretary Robert Reich in the organization of a new political action committee whose working name is “Gabby PAC.”

    “Giffords, whose valiant struggle to recover from the effects of an attempted assassination sparked bipartisan admiration, said in announcing the new PAC that, “Gabby PAC will only support candidates who are dedicated to working hard for commonsense, bipartisan solutions that strengthen our communities and our entire country…”

    “This sounds great, except for one small detail: again, according to The Washington Post, Gabby PAC will only support Democrats.”


    Now there’s a “Republican” you can admire, who is on your path, Westnash; Trey Grayson! He is working to make certain that “extreme right Conservative Republicans” don’t cause Republicans to lose elections! We’re saved!

    “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash!

  7. jcf says:

    I thought conservative Republican – she – Jennifer Wright lost to union-backed Mayor Gordon…

    • Frankly Speaking says:

      Wrong. Phil Gordon was termed out. Jennifer Wright lost to McCain’s strategist Wes Gullett in the primary. The well-funded and McCain endorsed Gullett then lost to the union backed Greg Stanton. Both men, the Democrat and the RINO, are liberals, although Gullett was a tad more palatable…to me, at least.

      Jennifer Wright is a bright young woman, with an impressive background as an economist and lawyer, making her first foray into the political arena. I hope to see her back. She will be all the better for the “seasoning“ of having gone through that bruising campaign.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Actually, Frankly Speaking, there was a first election where no candidate met the required 50%. So, there was a “runoff” election where it was Gullett versus Stanton.

        What is interesting about the first election is that there was one Democrat and five Republicans on the ballot! Flooding the ballot with Republicans was a strategy calculated to get Gullett to the runoff!

    • eubykdisop says:

      Nice try, jcf, but no cigar, LOL!

      Jennifer Wright was “Tea Party-affiliated”. The “Tea Party” doesn’t equal “Conservative”:

      “Compiling data from local and national polls, as well as dozens of original interviews with tea party members and leaders, we find that the tea party is united on economic issues, but split on the social issues it tends to avoid. Roughly half the tea party is socially conservative, half libertarian — or, fiscally conservative, but socially moderate to liberal.”


      “The movement is generally considered to be partly conservative, partly libertarian, and partly populist.”

      “Eat Mor Chikin!”, jcf!

      • Frankly Speaking says:

        Thanks for the correction, euby. The facts you state completely slipped my mind.

        Next time, regardless of what she runs for, Jennifer Wright needs to court donors rather than spending so much time with the tea party folks. I’m not disparaging them. They work hard and they vote. But she also needs the funding that drives campaigns. Media buys and mailers cost money.

        Also important to recognize is that city elections are largely ignored by the voters, with very low turnout. That is always a big plus for the left. Who turns out? Union teachers. Union firefighters. Union police officers. Unionized city employees who want nothing more than their comfy status quo. City elections should not be separate from other elections. There would be a huge cost savings, plus the turnout would not be restricted to the union workers. Phoenix citizens would be much better served.

      • eubykdisop says:

        You’re most welcome, Frankly Speaking. With all of the various types of elections and election scenarios, it’s easy to lose track!

        The imperative for McCain forces was to knock Wright out of the box and get Gullett to the runoff. They engineered things quite well to accomplish that!

  8. Westnash says:

    You are correct that the low turnout is what helps these machine candidates.

    Has the referendum process ever been used to set limits, including reductions, in elected officials pay benefit packages?

    • eubykdisop says:

      If that’s your idea, Westnash, then why aren’t you putting it into effect?

      Now go out and raise the money to finance a ballot initiative. Come back and talk to us when you have the money in hand. Surely you aren’t expecting “someone else” to do it for you while you sit at your computer, LOL!

      “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash!