AZ’s new lows: Sinema, joblessness cause image to tumble

This past November we shared the news from the Bureau of Labor Statistics that the unemployment rate in Yuma, AZ stood at a staggering 29.8 percent — more than three-and-a-half times the national rate.

Now Washington Whispers embarrasses us further with this report detailing that Arizona has sent the first ever member of Congress who describes her religion as “none.” That member is far-left liberal and self-described bi-sexual, Kyrsten Sinema.

For Sinema, this is not simply an attention getting device. Promoting a secular, hedonistic society has earned her awards and recognition from both secular and atheist groups.

In October 2010, Sinema addressed the opening of the nontheistic Secular Coalition for Arizona. Then, in March 2011, The Center for Inquiry bestowed its Award for the Advancement of Science and Reason in Public Policy, in “recognition of her work to protect women’s rights and the separation of church and state, as well as for her support of LGBT rights, science-based sex education, and sound environmental policies.” She is also adamantly pro-abortion.

Her radical views are not confined to the areas of sex and secularism. While a member of the Arizona House of Representatives in 2007, Sinema was one of eight Democrats who introduced HB 2286, a sly bill relating to organized crime and fraud, the intent of which was  to impose a mandatory minimum jail sentence of six months for members of the civilian Minutemen,  who were trying to get a negligent U.S. government to simply enforce existing immigration laws by alerting authorities to the flow of illegal invaders crossing our southern border. She referred to these American citizens as “domestic terrorists.”

A former state legislator, Sinema lost her initial race as a Green Party candidate. She later re-created herself as a Democrat. Once elected, she unleashed her barrage of slings and arrows at values-based  Arizonans, even calling stay-at-home mothers “leeches” on their husbands or boyfriends.

She has diligently worked to ingratiate herself with Barack Obama through her cozy ties to former Arizona governor and current Homeland Security chieftain, Janet Napolitano.

Moonbattery has links to Sinema’s ties and salutations to the Communist Party.

We expect Obama — twice endorsed by the Communist Party USA as reported in the Canadian Free Press, and already mainstreaming Marxism — to promote like-thinking extremist Sinema, to assist in facilitating their vision of American destruction.

The AZ República newspaper would have us believe our prestige is lowered because of SB 1070, the much copied bill that has won national acclaim. In the first quarter of 2012 alone, 865 bills and resolutions relating to immigrants and refugees were introduced in 45 state legislatures and the District of Columbia.

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  1. eubykdisop says:

    Yes! THIS is a hard-hitting article, SRAZ!

  2. Westnash says:

    The amazing thing is how did Sinema get elected? How did Janet Napolitano get elected? Will they marry?

    Calling her a communist won’t get the job done. That is Joe McCarthy tactics and didn’t work then. More of the same will occur as Arizona becomes Los Angeles east.

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      As I read the link, Sinema isn’t being “called a Communist.” She warmly interacts with them, sending them her greetings. Did you check out the Moonbattery links. It appears you’d rather make your “points” minus any facts.

      You need to revise your fixation on Joseph McCarthy. It’s shopworn.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Like all Liberal leftists, Westnash can’t let go of McCarthy. It’s essential for the left to demonize McCarthy because he committed the “sin” of outing Communists in our country and in our federal government. They don’t ever want another U. S. Senator, or anyone else for that matter, to do that ever again. So now, 56 years after the death of Senator McCarthy, they still go bonkers at the mere mention of his name and feel compelled to cast aspersions upon the character of this decorated combat veteran. That’s the vehemence of the left, the same sort of vehemence we see when they deal with those who support the preservation of real marriage.

      • Westnash says:

        Dennis, I only bring up McCarthy because when anyone spouts out their admiration of such a person in public it could a reg flag as to their sanity, but it is certainly a reg flag as to their tone deafness in winning future elections. The Democrats would LOVE to hear all this. It is much worse than Trent Lott’s words of praise for Strom Thurmond…..who at least was never shown to be a liar.

        A few comments praising Joe would cause SRA to be seen an nothing more than a John Birch type website. I know this is not its intent.

        Andy just needs to take away both Barney’s bullet, and his love of the spotlight!

      • eubykdisop says:

        Westnash wrote: “Dennis, I only bring up McCarthy because when anyone spouts out their admiration of such a person in public it could a reg flag as to their sanity…” So what we have from Westnash is yet another baseless insult. This is another instance of the classic smear tactics of the Liberal left. Let’s go over it yet once again, shall we, Westnash?

        “In his famous speech on February 9th, 1950, McCarthy brought public a list of 57 known communists working for the state department. These revelations took the American public by storm. Out of all the Senators and public figures in Washington, only McCarthy had the courage to stand up against communist infiltration. It was a deed that McCarthy’s leftist critics would never forgive him for.” You’re STILL upset with McCarthy, aren’t you, Pinko!

        “He was noted for claiming that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers, engaged in a conspiracy to undermine the United States, inside the federal government. He was proven correct by government documents and inquiry, including decrypted Venona files.”

        What are the Venona files?

        “The Venona project intercepted codes passed among agents of the communist Soviet Union during World War II, and attempted to decrypt them.”

        “After the collapse of the Soviet Union, documents from the KGB and Comintern Archives in Moscow became available to researchers and the public for the first time, corroborating the facts of McCarthy’s underlying premise.”

        The Moynihan Secrecy Commission stated that:

        “The first fact is that a significant Communist conspiracy was in place in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles, but in the main those involved systematically denied their involvement.”

        Hayden Peake, curator of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Historical Intelligence Collection has stated, “No modern government was more thoroughly penetrated.”

        Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Chairman of the bipartisan Commission on Government Secrecy, responsible for securing the release of Venona project materials, in the Introduction to his book Secrecy states, “The Venona intercepts contained overwhelming proof of the activities of Soviet spy networks in America, complete with names, dates, places, and deeds.”

        “Over 200 named or covernamed persons found in the Venona translations, persons then present in the U.S., are claimed by the KGB and the GRU in their messages as their clandestine assets or contacts.”

        Now, I’ve presented this information to you numerous times before, Westnah. You have yet to offer any refutation, confining your comments to smears, insults, innuedo and aspersions.

        Apparently you think that you can wear me down by simply repeating your propganda lies over and over again like a good leftist. Sorry, Westnash, you’re up against a Conservative this time. As often as you attempt to spread your Liberal lies, I will be here to counter them with the truth… until the end of time!

        “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash, LOL!

      • eubykdisop says:

        Of the 83 persons pleading the fifth amendment, several have been identified by NSA and FBI as agents of the Soviet Union in the Venona project involved in espionage. Several prominent examples are:

        Mary Jane Keeney, a United Nations employee, and her husband Philip Keeney, who worked in the Office of Strategic Services;

        Lauchlin Currie, a special assistant to President Roosevelt;

        Virginius Frank Coe, Director of Division of Monetary Research, U.S. Treasury; Technical Secretary at the Bretton Woods Conference; International Monetary Fund;

        William Ludwig Ullman, delegate to the United Nations Charter Conference and Bretton Woods Conference;

        Nathan Gregory Silvermaster, Chief Planning Technician, Procurement Division, United States Department of the Treasury and head of the Silvermaster network of spies;
        Harold Glasser, U.S. Treasury Representative to the Allied High Commission in Italy;

        Four staff members of the LaFollette Civil Liberties Committee, a Senate subcommittee on labor rights;

        Allan Rosenberg, Chief of the Economic Institution Staff, Foreign Economic Administration; Counsel to the National Labor Relations Board;

        Solomon Adler, U.S. Treasury Dept., went to China and joined government of Mao Zedong;

        Robert T. Miller, Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs; Near Eastern Division United States Department of State; also identified in the Gorsky Memo from Soviet Archives; McCarthy’s Case #16 and Lee list #12;

        Franz Leopold Neumann, consultant at Board of Economic Warfare; Deputy Chief of the Central European Section of Office of Strategic Services; First Chief of Research of the Nuremberg War Crimes Tribunal; also identified in the Gorsky Memo from Soviet Archives;

        Laurence Duggan, head of United States Department of State Division of American Republics;

        Leonard Mins, Russian Section of the Research and Analysis Division of the Office of Strategic Services;

        Cedric Belfrage , British Security Coordination; founder the National Guardian.

        Gerald Graze, U.S. State Department; Lee List #29, confirmed in the Gorsky Memo from Soviet Archives, brother of Stanley Graze;

        Sergey Nikolaevich Kurnakov, Daily Worker;

        David Karr, Office of War Information; chief aide to journalist Drew Pearson.

        In addition to some of the persons involved in espionage identified in the Venona project listed above, there are other security and loyalty risks identified correctly by Senator McCarthy included in the following list:

        Robert Warren Barnett & Mrs. Robert Warren Barnett, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #48 and #49 respectively and both are on Lee list as #59;

        Esther Brunauer, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #47 and Lee list #55;

        Stephen Brunauer, U.S. Navy, chemist in the explosive research division;

        Gertrude Cameron, Information and Editorial Specialist in the U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #55 and Lee list #65;

        Nelson Chipchin, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s list #23;

        Oliver Edmund Clubb, U.S. State Department;

        John Paton Davies, U.S. State Department, Policy Planning Committee;

        Gustavo Duran, U.S. State Department, assistant to the Assistant Secretary of State in charge of Latin American Affairs, and Chief of the Cultural Activities Section of the Department of Social Affairs of the United Nations;

        Arpad Erdos, U.S. State Department;

        Herbert Fierst, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s case #1 and Lee list #51;

        John Tipton Fishburn, U.S. State Department; Lee list #106;

        Theodore Geiger, U.S. State Department;

        Stella Gordon, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #40 and Lee list #45

        Stanley Graze, U.S. State Department intelligence; McCarthy’s Case #8 and Lee list #8, brother of Gerald Graze, confirmed in KGB Archives;

        Ruth Marcia Harrison, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #7 and Lee list #4;

        Myron Victor Hunt, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #65 and Lee list #79;

        Philip Jessup, U.S. State Department, Assistant Director for the Naval School of Military Government and Administration at Columbia University in New York, Delegate to the U.N. in a number of different capacities, Ambassador-at-large, and Chairman of the Institute of Pacific Relations Research Advisory Committee; McCarthy’s Case #15;

        Dorothy Kenyon, New York City Municipal Court Judge, U.S. State Department appointee as American Delegate to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women;[65]
        Leon Hirsch Keyserling, President Harry Truman’s Chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers;

        Mary Dublin Keyserling, U.S. Department of Commerce;

        Esther Less Kopelewich, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #24;

        Owen Lattimore, Board member of the communist-dominated Institute of Pacific Relations (I.P.R) and editor the I.P.R.’s journal Pacific Affairs;

        Paul A. Lifantieff-Lee, U.S. Naval Department; McCarthy’s Case #56 and Lee list #66;

        Val R. Lorwin, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #54 and Lee list #64;

        Daniel F. Margolies, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #41 and Lee list #46;

        Peveril Meigs, U.S. State Department; Department of the Army; McCarthy’s Case #3 and Lee list #2;

        Ella M. Montague, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #34 and Lee list #32;

        Philleo Nash, Presidential Advisor, Franklin D. Roosevelt and Harry S. Truman administrations;

        Olga V. Osnatch, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #81 and Lee list #78;

        Edward Posniak, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case Number 77;

        Philip Raine, U.S. State Department, Regional Specialist; McCarthy’s Case #52 and Lee list #62;

        Robert Ross, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #32 and Lee list #30;

        Sylvia Schimmel, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #50 and Lee list #60;

        Frederick Schumann, contracted by U.S. State Department as lecturer; Professor at Williams College; not on Lee list;

        John S. Service, U.S. State Department;

        Harlow Shapley, U.S. State Department appointee to UNESCO, Chairman of the National Council of Arts, Sciences, and Professions;

        William T. Stone, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #46 and Lee list #54;

        Frances M. Tuchser, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #6 and Lee list #6;

        John Carter Vincent, U.S. State Department; McCarthy’s Case #2 and Lee list #52;

        David Zablodowsky, U.S. State Department & Director of the United Nations Publishing Division. McCarthy’s Case #103;

        This information is public and has been published. If it were inaccurate, there would be lawsuits.

  3. Westnash says:

    Why does Yuma have such a high unemployment rate?

    • Fed Up says:

      Yuma abuts the Mexican border and has a large population of the “hard working,” family values ilegals we’ve heard so much about. They’re certainly smart enough to know that here in the USA, legal or not, they can access social benefits (food stamps, health care, WIC, education for their kids, welfare, etc.). That could be the reason for the skyrocketing unemployment in Yuma and El Centro, California. Both have the identical demographic.

    • Fed Up says:

      Who made you king/queen? You want information? Look it up!!!

      • Westnash says:

        Ha, Yuma / El Centro looks like an aberration as nowhere else even approaches this high unemployment rate. Blythe/Ehrenberg is not listed separately.

  4. Westnash says:

    Huge dental industry right across the border from Yuma, which could be over here if not for a combination of high insurance rates and regulations….plus some greed.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Please do enlighten us about the precise nature of those onerous regulations, Westnash.

      There are a lot of surgeons in Mexico as well who could come here. I’ve personally seen countless cases of botched Mexican surgeries which were corrected, as much as possible, by competent surgeons licensed here in the U. S..

      Might I suggest that the next time you need dental work or surgery that you go to Mexico to have it done. Just don’t forget to bring your own pillow if you go in the hospital. Mexican hospitals don’t supply things like that. You have to bring your own.

      “Eat Mor Chikin!”

      • Justin says:

        Go euby!!!

      • eubykdisop says:

        Thanks for your support, Justin!

      • Westnash says:

        Those regulations are what the doctors blame most of the high rates on….it is called the unlimited right to sue for any slight and gets the insurance companies to settle very quickly rather than a court fight.

        Andy is going to take away your bullet for exaggerating again, Euby. Your statement that you have seen thousands of cases of botched Mexican surgeries is a good indicator of your delusions. The truth is that thousands get treated there every day with no problems.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Sorry, Westnash, you fail again!

        The right to sue in court is NOT a “regulation”. Try again.


        Westnash wrote: “Your statement that you have seen thousands of cases of botched Mexican surgeries…”

        That isn’t what I wrote, Westnash. I wrote this:

        “I’ve personally seen countless cases of botched Mexican surgeries…” Please don’t put words in my mouth. If you are going to quote me, quote me correctly.


        I am a retired, licensed heathcare professional. I have, in fact, seen countless cases of botched Mexican surgeries. That is not an exaggeration at all.

        Here is a statement by a U. S. M. D. who ALSO states that he has seen “countless” botched Mexican surgeries:

        “Don’t Seek Plastic Surgery South Of The Border”

        “A recent report of the death of yet another American seeking cheap cosmetic surgery south of the border illustrates the ultimate price that people are imprudently willing to pay in order to potentially save money. Not everyone who undergoes plastic surgery in Mexico ends up dead or with disastrous results but I have surely seen countless patients over the years who have ended up permanently disfigured and scarred unnecessarily. Adding insult to injury, they often had to spend thousands and thousands of dollars more in attempts to correct their deformities. Many also were emotionally scarred from their experiences.”

        “Steven H. Turkeltaub, M.D. P.C.
        Scottsdale and Phoenix, Arizona”

        It is you, Westnah, who is suffering delusions born of ignorance. Those of us who are or have been licensed healthcare professionals, especially here in Arizona, know from first hand experience the large number of botched Mexican surgeries that we have worked to repair!

        You go to Mexico if you need surgery but it is immoral for you to advise others to go there for surgery when you don’t know the risks and those of us in healthcare DO know the risks!

        “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash!

  5. eubykdisop says:

    “Thrifty patients pay price with botched surgery”

    “Mexico aims to attract U.S. citizens, but no recourse if operation goes awry”

    “GUADALAJARA, Mexico — Gabriela Sanchez always felt self-conscious about her small breasts, and at age 40 she decided to do something about it.”

    “At 41, she has no breasts at all — they had to be surgically removed after implants inserted by an allegedly bogus plastic surgeon caused a severe infection.”

    “The charges against Agustin Huerta, a sweet-talking, snappy dresser who zipped around town in a blue Jaguar, raise new questions about how easily untrained scam artists can pose as qualified doctors in Mexico.”

    What was that you were saying about our awful “regulations” here in the U. S., Westnash?

  6. eubykdisop says:

    “Practicing in Ventura County, California, I take care of 5-10 patients annually, whose aesthetic surgeries were botched during Mexican plastic surgery adventures.”

    “Michael C. Pickart
    M.D., F.A.C.S”

    As usual, Westnash, you simply don’t know what you’re talking about. That doesn’t stop you from running off at the mouth, however. I draw the line when you are advising SRAZ readers to do something which can cause them irreparable harm. In typical Liberal fashion, you show a callous disregard for human life and welfare. Pushing you leftist ideology comes first.

  7. eubykdisop says:

    “About 20 years ago, when she was only 19, the patient had rhinoplasty surgery to repair problem breathing along with a breast augmentation. To save on costs, she went to Mexico. The outrageous part? She was also given a complete face lift — against her will!”

    “Says Dr. Torkian: “The patient told me she was under sedation during the nose surgery and woke up to a conversation wherein quite a few people where talking about the anatomy of her face while lifting up some of her cheek skin. She asked what was happening and the doctor gave her more anesthesia and told her to go back to sleep.”

    “Bad Plastic Surgery”

    “When I examined her, I could see the facelift scars were pretty bad,” Dr. Torkian told “Because she did not ask for nor authorize a facelift — who needs one at 19? — this would be considered assault and battery in the U.S.”

    “But why would a plastic surgeon give somebody a crude facelift, for no charge and without the patient’s permission? The answer is chilling — for practice!”

    “Either the attending surgeon needed the experience or, the more likely scenario, the first surgeon was teaching on the side and brought in a rookie surgeon who really needed to learn the ropes.”

    “Lesson learned: If you do venture to a foreign surgeon, learn the laws of the land first. In Mexico, one can’t report or sue a surgeon for assault or battery.”

    What was that you were saying about our awful “regulations” here in the U. S. and our ability to sue? You can’t report or sue a surgeon for assault or battery in Mexico! Ain’t that grand! It’s your Liberal dream come true!

    The WORST botched Mexican surgeries I have seen are orthopedic surgeries, especially hip replacement surgeries. That is due both to infections of the bone and to grossly substandard surgical technique.

    So take your Liberal self to Mexico for your medical and dental care, Westnash. Make nice with the Mexican healthcare system. You’ll excuse we Conservatives if we choose to stay right here in the good old U. S. of A., with all of it’s “regulations” and lawsuits!

  8. eubykdisop says:

    Westnash asked: “The amazing thing is how did Sinema get elected?” Good question, Westnash!

    1 – Redistricting

    “Similarly, many of Pastor’s former precincts in Phoenix that voted heavily Democratic were drawn into the Valley’s newly added District 9, where Sinema won.”

    “Many believe the district leans Democrat.”

    2 – Libertarians

    Kyrsten Sinema

    Vernon B. Parker

    Powell Gammill

    The difference between Parker and Sinema was 4.1%. The Libertarian vote was 6.6%.

    Libertarian candidates are designed to be Conservative spoilers, to split the vote so that Democrats can win.

    Splitting the vote is an age old tactic. In the race for Mayor of Phoenix, the first ballot had one Democrat and five Republicans. That was calculated to create a runoff election with Gullett as the ultimate Republican candidate against Stanton. In that case, it was the McCain forces at work.

    • Westnash says:

      The simple answer is to have a Republican candidate in that district that can address fiscal issues and not alienate Libetarian leaning voters.

      • eubykdisop says:

        No, Westnash. As usual, you are flat wrong in your off-the-cuff, simplistic comment.

        From the website of Vernon Parker:

        “The U.S. national debt stands at more that $16 trillion, and Parker is committed to making the government live within its means just like he did in Paradise Valley. We cannot continue to drown our children and grandchildren in a sea of debt, and Parker will oppose any efforts to raise the federal government’s “credit card” limit. We must cut spending and start paying down our debt immediately. The government should abide by the same rules as American families.”

        “As mayor of Paradise Valley, I cut spending by 30%, reduced staff and streamlined government when we faced a budget shortfall, and I opposed all efforts to raise taxes. I will put this experience to work in Washington to address our fiscal crisis.”

        So Paker has addressed fiscal issues, cutting spending by 30% as mayor of Paradise Valley, and committed in writing to make the federal government live within it’s means.

        Secondly, in absolutely classic Liberal fashion, you seek to frame the situation as that Parker alienated “Libertarian leaning” voters. Of course, you offer not a single shred of evidence in support of that statement, as usual. With you, it’s always Republicans who are at fault!

        It has not gone unnoticed that you entirely fail to address redistricting which was hijacked by the Liberal left. You seek to completely ignore that. Why? Because your agenda is always to fault, attack, belitte and demean anything which is in the slightest way Conservative in nature.

        “Eat Mor Chikin!”, Westnash!

    • Westnash says:

      From my memory of the campaign, Parker ran a terrible race. That district contains many Yuppies who unfortunately aren’t put off by her lesbianism and lack of faith.

      Parker was probably not the right candidate for that district as his success in PV didnt translate and he was seen as old establishment. Still he almost won.

      What has been the recent history of libertarian vote in AZ congressional districts?

      • dubykdisop says:

        Having been refuted on his previous points, Westnash seeks to move the goal posts yet again. Now his argument is that Parker ran a terrible race. Before that it was that Parker wasn’t qualified and that Parker wasn’t a candidate who could win.

        Despite the fact that this has been pointed out to Westnash numerous times in this thread, he still ignores it:

        ““Similarly, many of Pastor’s former precincts in Phoenix that voted heavily Democratic were drawn into the Valley’s newly added District 9, where Sinema won.”

        Liberals hijacked the redistricting process and crafted CD 9 so that Democrats would have the advantage.

        Please notice that while Westnash ignores the redistricting travesty perpetrated by the Liberal left, he unfailingly finds fault with Republicans.

  9. says:

    I think you made a typo– Canada Free Press.

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