Truth or agenda? Which takes center stage at AZ Republic?

Editorial filled with wild distortions and blatant dishonesty

The far-left AZ República often plays fast and loose with the truth. Monday’s editorial titled Arming faculty shortsighted is a case in point.

There is never a deceptive maneuver too far afield for the radicals at the failing newspaper —  deeply committed to destroying conservative Republicans — as it slips its own surly bonds. The daily’s concerted effort to oust state Senate President Russell Pearce was aided by a partisan redistricting committee that wreaked havoc on legislative and congressional boundaries. Emboldened by its collusion with open-borders radicals, the newspaper then tried, in vain, to remove Republican Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Now the editorial board has Republican Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne in its sights.

The daily wasted no time blasting the NRA’s Wayne LaPierre for suggesting firearms trained personnel in schools in the wake of the horrific massacre of 6-and-7-years olds and their instructors, at a Connecticut elementary school.

The Republic pounced, “The outcry was immediate — LaPierre and his lobbying group were widely panned as insensitive, villainous fear-mongerers wholly out of touch with contemporary societal mores,” writing the idea was a “calculated, shrewd provocation meant to engender a knee-jerk response.”

Irrespective of the facts, the editorialist continues, “One of the quickest to react was Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, who said each of our schools should train and arm its principal or another staff member. He called his idea the “golden mean” between the status quo and LaPierre’s extreme proposal. Horne’s endorsement strips this issue from LaPierre and the NRA and places it in the hands of Arizonans, and we now must confront the apparently legitimate possibility that soon, our school administrators will have to carry firearms.”

“…have to carry firearms?” Says who?

And more blatant deception: “Arming our faculty, however well-intentioned, is a disastrously short-sighted and irresponsible means of ensuring children’s safety.” After lamenting that the schools are under-funded due to budget cuts, they drop another lie bomb: “Now, those districts might have to find the money to train and arm administrators on top of that? That’s lunacy.”

Provocative?  For sure.  Truthful?  Not in the slightest.

The truth is that no one would be carrying a firearm. There would be an administrator or designee with access to a locked gun in case of an emergency.

The truth is that there would be no costs incurred. Currently, Sheriffs in Apache, Mohave and Pinal County have stepped up to offer free firearms training and suitability evaluations. Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio is weighing the idea of having some of his 3,000 posse members on the outer perimeters of schools. 

The truth is the programs would be completely optional.

And, did we mention Arizona’s Attorney General Tom Horne is the former two-term elected statewide Superintendent of Public Instruction, who previously chaired a school board, served as a pro tem judge, and graduated with honors from Harvard College and its law school ?

Listen as AZ AG Tom Horne speaks the truth:

20 Responses to Truth or agenda? Which takes center stage at AZ Republic?

  1. Westnash says:

    Newspapers try and sell newspapers. Horne’s proposal seems worth exploring.

    Why is Arizona usually near the bottom of educational outcome?

    • American Dad says:

      The figures depend on which group issues them and the slant of the particular organization. Teachers groups such as the AEA, AFT and NEA would have us believe that without constant infusions of cash into their unionized system, public education fails. The truth is, it is failing because the unions are left leaning and support liberal ideals and the candidates who promise to implement them, This is what is being spoon-fed to our children. The other part of the equation is the high number of English language learners who fall behind and bring down the rest of the class as teachers must spend more time with them, as they neglect the other students who are awaiting educational challenges which are slow to emerge.
      This tells an even more distressing story of what’s actually going on in our schools:

  2. says:

    No link for Horne speech.

  3. Maggie says:

    Horne does a fine job — even with an antagonistic CNN interviewer.

  4. Annie O. says:

    I remember when the NRA and Wayne LaPierre were highly critical of John McCain when he and Senator Lieberman attempted to pass legislation to close gun shows. He was their publlic enemy #1. They later reversed direction and endorse McCain over JD Hayworth calling McCain a great supporter of gun rights. Now McCain is again attacking our gun rights. The NRA also endorsed Senator Reid saying he was a strong supporter of gun rights. Presently, Mc Cain and Reid are working to destroy our Second Amendment rights.

    That is why many of us cancelled our membership in the NRA. They do not practice what they preach.

    • Braveheart says:

      Larry Pratt, Executive Director of Gun Owners of America was out in front on this tragic shooting long before Wayne LaPierre opened his mouth. I left the NRA after they held their convention here in Phoenix and had two-faced John McCain as a featured speaker. My Dad bought me a lifetime membership when I graduated college. I now proudly belong to GOA and have gifted him with a lifetime membership in that no compromise organization. Join us! Sign up here:

      GOA is a very reputable organization, and I can’t imagine them standing with the slimball McCain, who stands for restrictions of our Second Amendment rights. If that ever happens, I know how to take a hike.

  5. eubykdisop says:

    While it is legitimate to address this issue, we need to scope back and take in the bigger picture.

    “Sixteen US Mass Shootings Happened in 2012, Leaving at Least 88 Dead”

    This is typical of the headlines in the Liberal media. What is missing, and has been missing all along, is the focus on Obama’s “Fast and Furious” operation which caused the violent deaths of at least one U. S. law enforcement officer and 200 to 300 innocent Mexican citizens.

    To this day, not one person has been held accountable for “Fast and Furious”. Just as the guns walked, so has everyone involved in facilitating this massive violent slaughter of innocents.

    Why did the Obama administration permit the gun walking of “Fast and Furious”? Because as that operation was being carried out, Obama was making a case for more restrictive gun contol legislation based upon the fact that guns were finding their way from the U. S. to Mexico!

    Obama’s Attorney General, Eric Holder, was found in contempt of Congress, the first sitting Attorney General ever to be found in such contempt, for actively obstructing the investigation by Congress into “Fast and Furious”. While Obama claimed no knowledge of “Fast and Furious”, he asserted executive privilege by way of helping Holder in Holder’s efforts to obstruct.

    Let us not permit the Liberal left to distract us from the as yet unresolved mass murders of “Fast and Furious”. Let us not forget that Liberals, “by any means necessary”, seek to nullify the 2nd Amendment, even if that means facilitating mass murder to fabricate a rationale for their gun control legislation.

    • Westnash says:

      Fast and Furious needs to be investigated but all signs are that not much will come of it. Obama has a firewall there with Holder and similar to Janet Reno, probably nothing will break through.

      Fast and Furious has nothing to do with the shootings in Newtown. Gun Show sales without the same regulations as in store sales make no sense but they do make the Gun Show Promoter very, very rich.

      Republicans should be smart enough to get ahead of this issue. McCarthyites will just spout bluster and lose another election.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Very interesting, Westnash. Republicans investigate “Fast and Furious” and you tell us that their efforts will be fruitless.

        Westnash wrote: “Fast and Furious has nothing to do with the shootings in Newtown.” Oh, but it absolutely does!

        27 people were killed in Newtown by an individual. Ten times that many people were slaughtered as a result of Obama’s “Fast and Furious”, a slaughter faciliated by our own federal government

        The motive of the shooter in Newtown was that he was nutso. The motive of Obama’s “Fast and Furious” was the promotion of gun control legislation. “By any means necessary.”

        It’s fascintating that you talk about guns, you talk about limiting the capacity of magazines, you tell us that we have to compromise on gun laws, you tell us that in opposing gun control legislation that we are “trying unsuccessfully in throwing up a wall, that is crumbling down around you.” You don’t want to talk about Obama’s “Fast and Furious” though, where ten times as many people were slaughtered as in Newtown. Why the silence on the slaughter facilitated and enabled by the Obama administration to promote gun control legislation?

  6. Seen It All says:

    The Capitol Times’ Yellow Sheet (subscription only) acknowledges that Horne opposes arming teachers. That they have more integrity than the Arizona Republic (better known as the Repulsive) is beyond dispute.

  7. Republican Voter says:

    Sincere thanks to Seeing Red AZ for exposing these lies and the politics behind them. The Arizona Republic knows it is spreading falsehoods in this editorial yet doesn’t blink an eye or flinch in the slightest at this deception. The executives in charge must view their readers as fools (a point that is difficult to disagree with since they are still paying for this garbage passing as news). I was directed to this blog last year and now check in often. It’s refreshing to see liberal deception called out for what it is.

    After finishing with Sen. Pearce, and trying to take down Sheriff Arpaio, the newspaper is now doing its best to smear Tom Horne. He will have my vote regardless of what office he decides to pursue. The Republic supports Democrats, RINOs and radicals. But God forbid a platform conservative try to either run for or retain political office, the newspaper and its manic crew of vicious smear agents will be on their butts in record time. Horne is smarter than the entire crew at the Republic put together. They want him to fold like a limp needle and he won’t do that. Thank you, Mr. Horne and thank you Seeing Red.

  8. Attila The Hunny says:

    Off topic, but just slightly. It is extremely important.
    This is an extraordinary warning by Russian author Stanislav Mishin to the American people printed in Russia’s English language edition of Pravda: “Americans never give up your guns.”
    After I read this article, I sent the link to everyone in my address book, even my gun-hating mother! She called me and said it gave her a different perspective. Coming from her, that’s a huge admission!

    Please read this! Then send it on. Time is short. Obama means for us to be disarmed. They might not be able to confiscate all guns, but have you tried buying ammo lately?

    • eubykdisop says:

      Hi, Attila The Hunny!

      That’s a very good article and presents a perspective from a quarter rarely heard from! Most importantly, it’s the voice of experience speaking. Those people have actually been through the scenario of having their guns taken away.

      My favorite excerpt is this:

      “Do not be fooled by a belief that progressives, leftists hate guns. Oh, no, they do not. What they hate is guns in the hands of those who are not marching in lock step of their ideology. They hate guns in the hands of those who think for themselves and do not obey without question.”

      Good work, Attila The Hunny! :-)

  9. Hunter says:

    The legislature should pass a law allowing CCW permit holders to carry concealed on school campuses. That would make Horne’s proposal moot except that the additional training for one person at each school would be helpful

    Perhaps private schools, charter schools, and school districts should be able to set their own policies on their own campuses. That might yield some innovative, interesting ideas as well as reveal the preferences of parents by which schools their children are enrolled in and which school board members are elected.

    Allowing parents to make the decision for their own children without having to get a statewide consensus is probably the best approach for everyone.

    It would be interesting to see if there was a significant difference in rampage shootings between campuses allowing concealed carry and those that are gun free zones.

  10. Westnash says:

    An issue which will be serious for any conservative in Arizona is the PR campaign now being put on by Gabby Giffords and the announcement of her political PAC yesterday. SRA should begin now to shed some light on the true colors of these people. The obvious end game is a political run, maybe Giffords for Governor, Napolitano for Senator, and Sinema in Congress. California will occur faster than you think, should this happen.

    • eubykdisop says:

      No, Westnash, directing us to put our time, attention and effort into addressing Giffords is a red herring designed to distract us.

      Sinema is already in Congress so you can stop worrying about that one.

      Since the article has to do with guns, why don’t you tell us what legislation you support to see to it that the Obama administration can’t do another “Fast and Furious” operation?

      You remember “Fast and Furious”, where the Obama administration let military grade weapons walk into Mexico resulting in the murder of at least one U. S. law enforcement officer and 200 to 300 Mexican citizens? While that operation was going on, Obama was seeking to make a case for more gun control legislation based upon guns going from the U. S. to Mexico.

      To this day, not one person in the Obama administration has been held legally accountable for the wholesale slaughter of innocents to promote gun control.

      Eric Holder obstructed the investigation by Republicans into “Fast and Furious” and became the first sitting U. S. Attorney Genreral ever to be found in Contempt of Congress. Obama facilitated that obstruction by asserting executive privilege even though he claimed that he knew nothing about “Fast and Furious”.

      What legislation should there be to prevent the Liberal left from facilitating more violent murders to promote gun control?

      • Westnash says:

        Actually Euby, Giffords is the key….you have someone who is absolutely about fame and will have guns as an issue more than Sarah Brady. But not a peep out of Arizona Republicans. Amazing….setting up for another LOSS.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Actually, Westnash, Giffords isn’t the key to anything.

        Westnash wrote: “….you have someone who is absolutely about fame and will have guns as an issue more than Sarah Brady.”

        So what? Giffords was shot with a 9 mm handgun. You think that can be used as a rationale to ban “assualt weapons”? Duh!

        Ever heard of “Fast and Furious”, Westnash? Try thinking three dimensionally instead of one dimensionally.

        The Obama administration goes for gun control and what comes up? “Fast and Furious”!

        The House has renewed the subpoena of Holder so that the contempt lawsuit against him can continue in the 2013 session of Congress.The case will be before the judge in mid February along with the applicability of executive privilege asserted by Obama.

        Did I mention, Westnash, that the number of innocent people slaughtered as a result of Obama’s “Fast and Furious” is ten times the magnitude of those killed in Newtown? Did I mention that?

  11. LEO IN TSN says:

    Why did the NRA support Juan McAmnesty & Whorehouse Harry Reid, you ask?

    In 2009, the marxists tried a stealth move to destroy conservative organizations nationwide, and called it the “Disclose Act.” It would have required those groups to disclose their member/donor lists and donation amounts, their correspondence records and brother groups, and many new financial disclosure reports to many government regulators. The NRA met in secret with Juan McAmnesty and Whorehouse Harry Reid and was promised a special exemption from the bill. In exchange, the NRA sold their endorsements in 2010 re-election campaigns to McAmnesty, against conservative patriot JD Hayworth (who had a better lifetime rating from the same NRA) and to Reid, a lifelong dimocrat anti-gunner and also against a conservative patriot.

    Those prostituted endorsements helped both McAmnesty & Reid get re-elected. To the surprise of very few, McAmnesty continues to undermine the 2nd Amendment, and Whorehouse Harry, as the leader of the Senate, has not allowed a floor vote on any pro-gun, pro-2nd Amendment bills at all. A big hat tip from the libs to the NRA.

    Second Amendment Foundation & Gun Owners of America are two of several patriotic organizations worthy of our support.

    God bless America.