Team LaFaro wins across the board! & Update: Malcolm Barrett ousted

Grassroots conservatives rout Lisa Gray & Co. in Maricopa County GOP leadership election

Chairman: A.J. LaFaro: 1,179 (53.35%). Lisa Gray: 1,030 (46.61%).

1st Vice Chair: April Riggins: 1,128 (50.9%). Paul Brierley: 1,086 (49.5%).

2nd Vice Chair: Jose Borrajero: 1,254 (57.3%). Rene Lopez: 932 (42.63%).

Secretary: Jeni White 1,256 (56.6%). Colleen Lombard: 960 (43.32%).

Treasurer: David Ludwig: 1,241 (56.4%). Walter Dudley: 956 (43.49%)

Despite being outspent and absent establishment endorsements, Team LaFaro won with grassroots support and a solid dedication to the Republican Platform.

H/T to our trusty reader “theprecinctproject” for providing the percentages.


Yavapai County Chairman Malcolm Barrett, Jr., an establishment friend of Arizona House Speaker Andy Tobin and Senate President Steve Pierce, was unceremoniously shown the door by conservative Jim Dutton in a decisive 83 – 57 upset vote at the Yavapai County GOP Statutory meeting today. Jim Dutton is the Pastor of Bible Baptist Church in Prescott. Barrett has long been rumored to be eyeing a legislative run when Tobin is termed out.


20 Responses to Team LaFaro wins across the board! & Update: Malcolm Barrett ousted

  1. PJ O'Malley says:

    Now we’ll see if this self-professed “grassroots team” can demonstrate its vision of conservative leadership, precinct committeemen support, and making Republicans the dominant force in Arizona politics once again.

    • eubykdisop says:

      At least we are certain about what we DIDN’T get, PJ!

    • Jim says:

      At least we will not have to live with the actions of the Gray Team. By the way, the term “grassroots team” was not self-professed. It was a term that the current grassroots conservative leaders gave them, not the monied personal interest folks downtown and on Washington Street.

  2. eubykdisop says:

    Like bleach, they got the gray out! ;-)

  3. John Q says:

    All of the Resolutions passed. Most of the ByLaws amendments passed. The one on “PC Term of Office” really is already in place as it is covered under ARS (as was written in the explanation in the Call) and a vote of the PC’s – even if it was a unanimous vote – does not have any force either way. County ByLaws cannot legally be in conflict with ARS or State ByLaws.

    • LD 19 Committeeman says:


      1B Petition Circulators 56.67%

      2A History Education 76.06%

      3C Repeal 17th Amendment 68.01%

      5A No amnesty for aliens 73.65%

      6A State Sovereignty 81.98%

      7A Don’t hire aliens 77.43%

      9A No DREAM Act 76.79%

      Floor 2nd Amendment 87.07%

      Bylaws (require 2/3 approval)
      1 Art XI Severability 80.53% PASS

      2 Art I intepretation of bylaws 69.89% PASS

      3 Art II pc term of office 54.29% FAIL

      4 Art II “Organization” meeting 86.47% PASS

      5 Art II LD Chair quorum 70.55% PASS

      6 Art II pc e-mail addresses 55.16% FAIL

      7 Art II resign to run repeal 61.14% FAIL

    • Janelle says:

      I wondered why we were voting on that. Everyone should know that we cannot be in violation of state law. Oh well, no one said all our people were the smartest, we are just fortunate that we have more people who are principled than the others.

  4. LD 7 PC says:

    Next up is the state party election. Robert Graham is the sharp businessman who is running for state chairman of the Arizona GOP. He jumped right on this election today and issued a steady, evenhanded congratulatory message of unity that is impressive and right on target.

    “I congratulate A.J. LaFaro on his election today as the Maricopa County GOP Chair. Both candidates campaigned extremely hard for the position and their supporters should be proud of their hard work as they contended vigorously, because of their values, to lead our party.

    Now is the time when the party should unite and support Chairman LaFaro as he looks to move us forward to future successes in this county. If I am elected as the state party chair, I will work with Chairman LaFaro to ensure that this happens in both Maricopa County and around the state.”

    When I saw this in my inbox this afternoon, I thought it struck exactly the right note, attempting to bring us all back together as we must after any tough election. I’m more and more impressed with Robert Graham. The Arizona statutory Republican meeting is January 26, 2013, where state party officers will be elected. He will have my vote on that day! Graham brings the leadership skills we need.

    • Richard Wayne says:

      Graham ALWAYS says the right things at the right time. His track record is more troublesome and he is very closely connected with the Tobin/Gray cabal.

      I hope that Graham will eliminate the concerns about his past by his actions in the future if he wins – and I think he will have the opportunity.

      PS: Lynne Breyer for State Secretary. White should follow the lead of Gray. Red is the color for conservative Republicans, not Gray or White.

      • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

        “Graham ALWAYS says the right things” because he is a man of high moral character, integrity and intelligence. That appears to rankle you. I have no doubt he will do a fine job leading the state party, which is sorely in need of leadership, from the top down and all of the has-beens in between. He has my full support. It’s past time to clean house at the AZ GOP. Your sly innuendos attempting to marginalize this good man don’t cut it.

      • Richard Wayne says:


        Gee Whiz. Even a compliment gets hammered. Would you feel better if I stated that you can’t trust him. Too Bad!!, I did not say that because I don’t believe that.

        If you are not concerned with where his money has gone in the last two years, or the fact that Lisa G. has been advocating for him for over two years now, you are either a liberal, a Tobinite, or a Noble/Adams/Flake guy.

        To be adroit at speaking will be a great improvement from what we have had to accept lately at all levels of the Republican Party. So why don’t you take the chip off your shoulder, it is causing you to list to port.

  5. Hagar says:

    Yippee! I was there. I voted a straight ticket for Team La Faro. I wonder what Worsley thought of the thunderous applause given Russell Pearce and the sparse (to be charitable) hand claps for himself. How do you suppose Worsley voted on the illegal immigration resolutions? Sorry, only three guesses allowed.

    • Night Owl says:

      Good points, Hagar. Russell Pearce always brings down the house! Worsley is intent on bringing down the Republican party. I was there, also. Great meeting. Excellent outcome. We were inundated with mailers from Lisa Gray and her slate. They had to have been expensive and they were double mailed to our home, one copy to my wife, one to me. Money was obviously not an issue. Since these are unpaid positions, it makes me wonder who was underwriting them. That fact could tell who was actually pushing this team.

  6. Jim says:

    Well, here it is – 3am and no news flash from the Cap Times, East Valley TRib or AZ Republic on the election outcome. Not even a word from the venal – er, I mean, venerable – nope, I was right in the first place – venal Laurie Roberts.

    Wonder if the Gray-Petsas-Troika are still out drowning their sorrows in their DeKook malt liquor. Yuk, now I have to go and cleanse my brain of that horrible picture or I might go blind.

    Obviously, the support of the news media, funding by the public employee union plus other MSM lobbyists and the political muscle of the House Speaker were not enough. Didn’t Rep. Javan Mesnard still sound like a Senate Staffer spitting out the propaganda of the boss?

    Loved the icing on the cake in Yavapai. Could be a good year after all.

    • Hagar says:

      Thanks also to Gilbert Watch and S.H.I.E.L.D. for exposing the misnamed “Party Builders” slate.

  7. xamericanpridex says:

    It was so good to have the opportunity to give my vote to Team LaFaro. Best of all, it showed Lisa Gray that fancy logos and glossy mailers aren’t what it takes to win an election.

    • PAChyderm insider says:

      Thanks for the numbers. I also thank theprecintproject for the effort. To be accurate, Riggins % was 50.95 and Brierley’s wsa 49.05, so Riggins won by nearly 2%.

      Gray’s fancy logos and glossy mailers did not make her a winner, but never forget that they did fool enough people to make it close. Eliminate those items and Team LaFaro wins acrfoss the board at least 60-40.

      Lets help AJ and Team to win close elections in 2014 by contributing to the MCRC. Most of the state party and RNC monies go to federal races and overhead. If you want to get money directly to legislative and local races, giving it to the county is the way to go.

    • State Delegate says:

      Very true! It also showed Lisa Gray and her team that squishiness doesn’t play well with the heavy lifting conservatives in Maricopa County. I suspect those obviously expensive and constant mailers had a $$ connection to Andy Tobin, Steve Pierce and the McVictory crew.

      Another point I heard mentioned by several at the meeting yesterday was the unseemliness of a county chairman and Tobin’s House Whip being a married couple. Independence would be right out the window.

  8. Westnash says:

    Hopefully they know how to do what it takes to win elections for the party and not just themselves. Hopefully term limits are involved. Current events show nothing happens without term limits. They ALL love power too much. McCain was probably a good Senator when he started but hubris got him.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      The son and grandson of Navy Admirals, McCain was awash in hubris when he first carpetbagged into Arizona, after dumping his wife who had waited for him during his time in Vietnam and marrying his younger heiress honey, Cindy.

      He wanted to run as a Democrat for the open Congressional seat after Arizona’s Republican U.S. Rep. John J. Rhodes retired.The Phoenix 40 powerbrokers met with him at the time and he had to be talked out of what they regarded as his hairbrained idea. After winning election as a “returning hero” he showed his true colors and the left leaning,aisle crossing “maverick” congressman was born. He became a senator later.