2nd Amendment Foundation challenges gun hypocrites

The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF) has challenged the nation’s leading opponents of gun ownership to “lead by example” and give up their own firearms and armed security details before expecting law-abiding American citizens to surrender their ability to defend themselves.

“It seems clear from the direction the administration is going that it wants to severely restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners to purchase the firearms of their choice,” said SAF Executive Vice President Alan Gottlieb, “and we think they should demonstrate their belief in their own programs by giving up their firearms and security first.”

“That would include Joe Biden’s shotguns,” he added, “and the armed security now enjoyed by Senators Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi.”

Seeing Red AZ recently exposed their hypocrisy here.

“It would especially apply to President Obama,” he continued, “who just signed legislation giving himself Secret Service protection for life, at the expense of taxpayers he wants to disarm.”

Sidwell Friends, the costly private Quaker school in Washington, DC, attended by the Obama’s daughters Malia and Natasha, has 11 security officers, in addition to Secret Service protection provided the First Family’s girls. The guards are standard operating procedure for the school attended by children of politicians, television news anchors and other influential liberal parents.

“These anti-gun politicians were not elected to positions of royalty,” Gottlieb said. “They are citizens, with no more rights than any other citizen. They were elected to serve the public, not treat the public like serfs. If they want us to put our safety at risk, they should drop the pretense and give up their guns and guards before daring to suggest that anyone else do the same.”

Gottlieb said the same principle should apply to anti-gun celebrities who have bodyguards while supporting legislation that would deprive average citizens from owning firearms for personal protection. This video clearly demonstrates the hypocrisy of the celebrities who are now clamoring for gun control while living high on the earnings from violence. (Caution: explicit text at the end of the video.) Hollywood is increasingly steeped in a culture of gratuitous violence.

The Second Amendment is about much more than simply carrying concealed, hunting, or sport shooting. Our right to keep and bear arms is a bulwark against tyranny. The U.S. Constitution and 44 States have Constitutional provisions enumerating the Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms.

 SAF, founded in 1974 by Alan Gottlieb, has over 650,000 members.


10 Responses to 2nd Amendment Foundation challenges gun hypocrites

  1. Matt DeGennaro says:

    The anti-gun agenda has long been part of the left. Here is Eric Holder in 1995 — 18 years ago!!! — saying “We must Brainwash People To Be Against Guns”

    • eubykdisop says:

      I’m glad that you posted this, Matt. While the “brainswash” part is the grabber, the entire plan outlined by Holder in the video will make your hair stand on end. It follows exactly the classic propaganda schemes used by the radical left, which are modeled after Communist propaganda campaigns. Notice that the principal targets of these propaganda efforts are children. Commies always go after the kids!

      Perhaps of greatest significance is that this is, essentially, the highest law enforcement officer in the nation articulating a campaign to attack the rights granted to U. S. citizens under The Constitution, which he is sworn to uphold.

      Let us not forget that this man, Eric Holder, is the first sitting U. S. Attorney General in the history of our nation ever to be found in Contempt of Congress. The lawsuit by the Republican controlled House continues and will go before a judge in mid February.

  2. Frankly Speaking says:

    I know this video link is included in this post, but some might not click it on, and they would be missing the real hypocrisy that exists within Hollywood. These phony celebrities protest against violence while engaging in it for profit:

  3. Republican Voter says:

    Hollywood is made up of liberals who are duplicitous in every way. Each and every time you go to a movie or concert with liberal headliners, you are supporting their efforts against conservative issues, causes and politicians. They voted overwhelmingly for Obama and those in league with his efforts to socialize the United States of America, by contributing serious cash, hosting million-dollar fundraisers or both. Keep buying those movie or concert tickets and count yourself among those undermining our Constitutional freedoms.
    Ask yourself if your need for entertainment that overwhelming? Look your kids in the eyes, before you leave to go see the next highly advertised movie.

    Check this donor file out and see for yourself.

  4. Blaine Dunning says:

    Talking to them is pointless, they have no problem with their security being armed because they are important and we aren’t.

  5. Kent says:

    I applaud Alan Gottleib and the SAF for calling out the liberals on their forked tongues.

  6. LEO IN TSN says:

    Just a reminder that TELEVISION is a big part of Unholywood. Every night corporate sponsors funnel hundreds of millions of dollars to that crowd, because they know that hundreds of millions of brain-dead viewers are watching that filth and being brainwashed by commercials for products they don’t need.

    American Family Association and other great organizations work to expose the perversion, degradation, violence, pornography and blatant immorality that flow from that “small” screen continuously. There is no longer any attempt to conceal the anti-family, anti-religious tone of that mental diarrhea.

    Comcast Cable Corp and other communication giants are among the biggest and most loyal of the obamao supporters, funding his public persona and his agenda to destroy US. And we pay them to do it.

    Maybe it is time for some hard choices about who should get our entertainment monies.

    God bless America.

    • Hometown Guy says:

      Excellent point about television colluding with the left. The same is true with live theater. As longtime season ticket holders to Herberger, Phoenix Theater and Gammage, we finally gave up on all but a few of the tried and true oldies, which limited our selections and ultimately became a waste of money. Today’s Broadway productions are rife with liberal story lines and gay agenda themes and characters. We had fabulous yearly renewal seats at all three venues that we reluctantly let go, but let go we did.

    • eubykdisop says:

      My wife and I stopped watching television a long time ago, Leo, for precisely the reasons you give. It has become nothing but a propaganda vehicle for the Liberal left.

      We have a television and a DVD player but we don’t have a TV antenna, cable or satellite. We purchase and watch DVD’s which meet our criteria for acceptable entertainment and documentaries. We get our news from the internet where we can select unbiased, Conservative sources for news.

      “Unplug for America!”

  7. Vince says:

    Here is Gottleib sandwiched between two liberals, Media Matters Eric Boehlert and a leftist CNN commentator, and holding his own very well.