Irrelevant and miffed, AZ Republic stifles news of conservative wins

Not a single news report detailing GOP win in nation’s 4th most populous county

The silence was deafening as the state’s largest newspaper —  the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) — decided to wage a blackout on the Maricopa County Republican intra-party election of officers. On Saturday, the conservative stalwarts known as Team LaFaro easily trounced their establishment challengers in the election for party leadership 53.35% to 46.61%.

Finally, days after the fact, with no news report forthcoming, columnist Laurie Roberts stretches and yawns out a column. She‘s so vexed over the fact that the her entire pack of RINOs lost, that she misspelled “Dekookificiation” — the word she has banked on to dismantle what she terms “kooks” within the AZ GOP. Her misspelling closely resembles “asphyxiation,” a sure-fire indication of the lack of oxygen reaching the brains of Roberts and her liberal cohorts.

Roberts disparages the Republican precinct committeemen who voted overwhelmingly for the Team LaFaro, and calls the winners “Team Crazytown.” She also claims the Maricopa County Republicans must “moderate some of their hardline positions in an effort to begin reaching out to Latinos.”

Apparently in her blinding rage, she missed seeing the Hispanic winner of the position of Second Vice Chair, Jose Borrajero — who won not because of his ethnicity, but because he is highly qualified, respected and a conservative award winner.  Isn’t that as it should be?

It must have been the fact that Borrajero defended SB1070 in numerous TV appearances both in English and Spanish and helped expose the misuse of Republican Victory Funds against platform Republicans that set Robert‘s teeth on edge.

Tsk. Tsk.

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  1. shocblog says:

    If Seeing Red thinks so little of the Arizona Republic, why are so many posts here about what the Republic writes, or doesn’t write? Maybe Seeing Red really does worry about what gets in the Republic because they actually have a ton of readers, whereas Seeing Red does not.

    Is a 54-46 victory “:easily trouncing?” Not in the last statistics class I took.

    Apparently, in her blinding rage, Laurie Roberts also missed noting that Jose Borrajero was the voice in the RoboCalls that touted Olivia Cortes in the Russell Pearce recall. A fine, ethical thing to be engaged in there, Jose. Just what the GOP needs in a leadership position: a scam artist.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Funny thing, shocblog, we received a very similar comment from “Tom” under this post on Saturday.

      This is what we wrote to him. Much of it will suffice for you, as well:
      Seeing Red AZ is not “obsessing” over the Arizona República. We are, however, exposing the garbage that emanates from this liberal and agenda driven rag that passes itself off as a disseminator of news. This report is slanted to give sympathetic coverage to the perpetrator of deviant acts against boys by a known homosexual liaison police detective using the considerable authority associated with his position to facilitate preying on impressionable children. He deserves far harsher treatment than he is getting from the Repulsive. If one of those boys was your son, would you be so eager to cut him slack?
      This is a blog. We are not investigators, nor do we pose as investigators. The Arizona República poses as a purveyor of news. It is not. We call it as we see it, Tom

      To answer you specifically, Shocblog, remove the references to abused boys and the sympathetic treatment of a homosexual pedophile. The Arizona Republic, working with fewer staff, losing money and subscribers, is desperate to stay afloat. Seeing Red AZ refers to the newspaper to expose its leftward stance and its inability to reconstruct the state in the image it desires, whether through ballot propositions or the liberal candidates it repeatedly endorses — most suffering defeat. Interesting to know that along with your business ventures, you have secured sideline employment as a voice analyst, judge and jury — impressive in this tough economy.

      We believe in trends. The Republic has lost readership and earnings every quarter for nearly a decade while Seeing Red AZ’s readership continues to grow every month.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Shocblog/Scott: You are living proof that liberals have infiltrated the Arizona Republican party. You are the most left of center chairman in my many years as a PC in what is now LD 28. (Previously LD 11 and 18) You make Tom Haney look conservative.

      • shocblog says:

        Liberal compared you you perhaps, but not liberal.

        For example, I want a constitutional amendment that re-writes the first sentence of Section 1 in the 14th Amendment, and requiring that to be a US citizen, being born on US soil is insufficient – you must also have at least one parent who is a citizen at the time of the birth.

        I am conservative in the traditional sense that I want government out of my home and bedroom, telling me what to do in my personal affairs. I want government to pay its bills and not bury my kids in debt; to quit pretending that every program dreamed up by a congressman is a federal priority. Such programs should be left up to the states, the cities and the towns to decide if it is necessary, and THEY can pay for it themselves if it is so important.

        However, I am also conservative in the sense that I find it offensive that our party would support private businesses polluting the environment, and our public lands, with no concern for others. I choose to live in the west where I can access our vast pubic lands, to hunt, fish, hike, bike or ride in a motorized vehicle on 2 or 4 wheels merely for the fun of it. Those who would allow those lands, our waters, and our air, to be spoiled for the benefit of a handful of private exploitation and extraction industries are not conservatives. I stand with Teddy Roosevelt in support of the environment.

        If the GOP doesn’t have room for both you and I, we are doomed to lose every major election. The number of voters who want a handout instead of a hand up are too great to be overcome if we divide ourselves into bitter factions.

        On Saturday, cowardly Republicans hiding behind the name Arizona Taxpayers Action Committee put out negative literature stating that only AJ LaFaro would represent taxpayers, and that Lisa Gray would “recklessly spend their money colluding with unions.” If putting out that kind of garbage is what it takes to be conservative, I don’t want to be a conservative.

        LaFaro supporters could have said they believe AJ would take more taxpayer-friendly, anti-union positions than his opponent. Instead, they resorted to inflammatory rhetoric that crossed the line into outright falsity. I won’t go there.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Shocblog wrote: “Liberal compared you you perhaps, but not liberal.” Excuse me, but if you are Liberal compared to a Conservative then you’re Liberal, LOL!

        You’re stand on citizenship doesn’t make you Conservative. No one, single issue stance makes one Conservative. For example, there are those who are fiscally Conservative but socially Liberal and that makes them not Conservative.

        Speaking of social issues, you say that you want governemnt out of your bedroom. Since you are in a talkative mood, could you elaborate on that for us? I’m very interested in hearing in what way the government is in your bedroom.

        Shocblog wrote: “If the GOP doesn’t have room for both you and I, we are doomed to lose every major election.”

        Now THAT is Liberal propaganda if ever I’ve heard it, LOL! This is the same Liberal line pitched by Westnash. “Move to the left or we will lose!” No, we’re NOT moving to the left because Conservative principles are right and have been proven to be best by test. As I have stated many times before, your contention that Republcan losses are due to being too Conservative are proven false by the objective facts. I’ll go over it again just for you, shocblog.

        The Republican establishment ran McCain, NOT a Conservative, for president and he lost. They ran Romney, who is less than Conservative, and he lost. They ran Gullett, who is FAR from Conservative, for Mayor of Phoenix and he lost. So it is “moderate”, “establishment” Republicans who consistently lose, not Conservatives.

        What you are pitching is the “big tent” but a distortion of the concept of the “big tent”. The purpose of a tent is to separate what is in the tent from what is outside of the tent. Make the tent big enough and it’s purpose has been defeated. It becomes “all inclusive”. But including Liberals like you doesn’t lead to the kind of governance which we seek, governance which is good for America and Americans.

        Your support for the Arizona Republic, along with your attacks on “Seeing Red AZ”, are enough to tell me where you are on the political spectrum. By the way, shocblog, what do you think about the late U. S. Senator Joseph McCarthy?

    • eubykdisop says:

      Shocblog wrote: “If Seeing Red thinks so little of the Arizona Republic, why are so many posts here about what the Republic writes, or doesn’t write?” That’s self-evident, shocblog. It’s precisely because Conservative Republicans who visit this blog think so little of the Arizona Republic that so much about it appears here. Duh!

      Shocblog wrote: “Maybe Seeing Red really does worry about what gets in the Republic because they actually have a ton of readers, whereas Seeing Red does not.” The number of readers isn’t the issue, shocblog, it’s what’s being read which is the issue. Biased and slanted so called “news”, such as the Arizona Republic generates, isn’t made virtuous by the fact that it is widely spread any more than cancer is made virtuous by being widely spread.

      Furthermore, Conservative Republicans are always concerned with sources presenting a Liberal point of view. What do you find to be surprising about that?

      Shocblog wrote: “Is a 54-46 victory “:easily trouncing?” Not in the last statistics class I took.” Then, clearly, you failed your last statistics class, shocblog. That’s a spread of eight percentage points which is statistically significant and a political rout.

      As regards your comments about Jose Borrajero, I seem to have missed what it was that a jury of his peers found him guilty of. What was the precise nature of the conviction? Enquiring minds want to know!

    • Rick says:


      I know this will come as a shock to you, but politics ain’t a statistics class. In the last forty years only Reagan had a larger percentage win for President.

      Team Gray outspent Team LaFaro about 10 to 1, had the support of the Speaker, the Capitol Lobbyists, the public employee union leaders, the media and the RINOs and still got shellacked.

      Also, since you are a shill for the policies of the Republican left, your perspective is generally as non-germane to reality. To take your position, if you think so little of Seeing Red, why do you come to this site? There is a site that comes out of LD1 that would be more your style.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Speaking of crossing the line into outright falsity, Perhaps you missed the boos received by Lisa Gray when she accused Team LaFaro of falsifying supporters? You obviously champion union supporter Gray, so who are you trying to kid? You were among the few at the Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee who voted in opposition to censure Tobin and Pierce. (They also received votes of censure in other counties, as I’m sure you know).

      You were the LONE VOTE IN OPPOSITION to removing internal party voting privileges from Republican precinct committeemen who publicly endorse Democrats. You are a joke trying to configuring yourself as a worthy representative of conservatives.

      Since you are so agitated over mailers and supporters, how about being forthcoming with the information on the funding of the numerous and expensive mailers for Lisa Gray and her “team“ of McHacks?

  2. Hagar says:

    I presume it’s to no one’s surprise that the Arizona Republic is owned by the same company (Gannett) that owns The Journal News, which placed hundreds of law abiding gun owners at risk in New York.

  3. Bernard says:

    Reflecting the fact that our local bird cage liner has been losing money and readers for a lonnnnggg time, it is appropriate to observe that Roberts and the Periodico de la Republica have all the impact of a fart in a tornado.

  4. Westnash says:

    Like it or not you should hope the AR doesn’t fold and that it changes its ideas. Any comparison of SRA and AR is laughable as AR is revenue based.

    Has anyone at SRA or posters complained to AR and expressed a contrary view? If not we can’t complain very well.

    These issues occur simply because of a real lack of term limits which keep the same group inside and others on the outside. I would bet a legit argument would be picked up by AR but I also am aware they did very little on the rip off of the people with the Vice Mayors raise issue, so I could be wrong.

    SRA has a unique ability, as a, but the only, voice for Conservatives to generate some press in the AR. Why not visit them or invite them for a meeting?

    Leave out the McCarthy praise when you do.

    • Seen It All says:

      Has anyone at SRA or posters complained to AR and expressed a contrary view? If not we can’t complain very well.

      This is a joke, right? Have you ever noticed the percentage of conservative viewpoint letters that make their way to the República’s “Letters to the Editor” as compared to the perspective the newspaper wants projected? This is the reason conservative blogs such as Seeing Red AZ have made a headway, nationally and locally. It is also among the multitude of reasons conservatives have abandoned our newspaper subscriptions. It dawned on many of us that we were facilitating the views of the left when we pay for their spew. It’s well worth remembering the newspaper was once called The Arizona Republican. And for many years after it became the Arizona Republic, it remained an actual newspaper, delivering news, not constructing it to mirror its own ideals. It even had an op-ed page with conservative syndicated columnists. When Eugene and Nina Pulliam published the Republic it leaned right.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Ah, yes! There we have the Liberal shot at decorated combat veteran and staunch anti-communist U. S. Senator Joseph McCarthy again. Westnash, being the Liberal propagandist that he is, just can’t help himself, LOL!

        Here is what poster “1776” had to say in reply to Westnash calling Senator McCarthy a “buffoon”:

        “Actually there were Communists in the government and Hollywood. When the Soviet Union fell (during Reagan’s term) Soviet archive records became available proving many cases.” – 1776

        And we have this:

        “After the collapse of the Soviet Union, documents from the KGB and Comintern Archives in Moscow became available to researchers and the public for the first time, corroborating the facts of McCarthy’s underlying premise.”

        What’s the matter, Westnash? Worried about more Commies being outed?

    • eubykdisop says:

      Ah! You brought up the late U. S. Sentor Joseph McCarthy again, Westnash. I see that you still have not yet absorbed the facts. Let’s go over it again, Westnash, shall we?

      “In his famous speech on February 9th, 1950, McCarthy brought public a list of 57 known communists working for the state department. These revelations took the American public by storm. Out of all the Senators and public figures in Washington, only McCarthy had the courage to stand up against communist infiltration. It was a deed that McCarthy’s leftist critics would never forgive him for.”

      “He was noted for claiming that there were large numbers of Communists and Soviet spies and sympathizers, engaged in a conspiracy to undermine the United States, inside the federal government. He was proven correct by government documents and inquiry, including decrypted Venona files.”

      What are the Venona files?

      “The Venona project intercepted codes passed among agents of the communist Soviet Union during World War II, and attempted to decrypt them.”

      “After the collapse of the Soviet Union, documents from the KGB and Comintern Archives in Moscow became available to researchers and the public for the first time, corroborating the facts of McCarthy’s underlying premise.”

      The Moynihan Secrecy Commission stated that:

      “The first fact is that a significant Communist conspiracy was in place in Washington, New York, and Los Angeles, but in the main those involved systematically denied their involvement.”

      Hayden Peake, curator of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Historical Intelligence Collection has stated, “No modern government was more thoroughly penetrated.”

      Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, Chairman of the bipartisan Commission on Government Secrecy, responsible for securing the release of Venona project materials, in the Introduction to his book Secrecy states, “The Venona intercepts contained overwhelming proof of the activities of Soviet spy networks in America, complete with names, dates, places, and deeds.”

      “Over 200 named or covernamed persons found in the Venona translations, persons then present in the U.S., are claimed by the KGB and the GRU in their messages as their clandestine assets or contacts.”

      In the five examples of “far right” you gave, number three was, “Touting Joe McCarthy for anything but the buffoon he was.” Here is the reply to that by poster “1776”:

      “3. Touting Joe McCarthy for anything but the buffoon he was.”

      “Actually there were Communists in the government and Hollywood. When the Soviet Union fell (during Reagan’s term) Soviet archive records became available proving many cases. “Intellectuals” on the Left were convinced that Stalin’s communism was the wave of the future. Even those who saw the millions who starved in Ukraine over the course of the famine he used to subdue his opponents refused to talk about it publicly. More at:

      “1776” closed his comments on your five examples of “far right” this way:

      “None of these issues are “far right.” They are quite reasonable stands that are labeled “far right” because that moves the baseline making the Democrat’s preference for Marxist socialism look less “ultra left.”

      Yet once again, you stand revealed as the Liberal propagandist that you are, Westnash.

      • Westnash says:

        Euby, this may come as a great shock to you but someone being a communist or socialist is not against the law. McCarthy has been discredited as a buffoon and may well have been a homo, just like his friend Cohn. What he did was employ bluster and witch hunt tactics and had no success except from ruining the lives of some people.

        It didn’t stop Ed Murrow from calling him out as to what he was.

        The democrats have a place for you, Euby. Just tell them you want to run as a Republican and they will provide all manner of $$$ support.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Westnash wrote: “Euby, this may come as a great shock to you but someone being a communist or socialist is not against the law.”

        It’s going to come as even a greater shock to you, Westnash, that it IS, in fact, against the law to be a Communist! In 1954 Congress passed the Communist Control Act which outlawed the Communist Party USA. The U. S. Supreme Court has never ruled on the constitutionality of that law but the Communist Control Act has never been repealed. It simply hasn’t been enforced!

        Your repeated ridicule of Senator McCarthy is devoid of any factual evidence. I keep posting solid facts supporting Senator McCarthy and you keep coming back with unfounded, subjective smears. This is an example of the Communist “big lie” technique; tell a big enough lie and repeat it often enough and people will believe it. I’m not going to let you get away with that, Westnash. Each and every time you smear Senator McCarthy, I am going to repost the hard facts here.

        Now, let’s review some factual history, Westnash.

        “In 1949’s Foley Square trial, the FBI prosecuted eleven members of the CPUSA’s leadership, including Gus Hall and Eugene Dennis. The prosecution argued that the Party endorsed a violent overthrow of the government; but the defendants countered that they advocated for a peaceful transition to socialism, and that the First Amendment’s guarantee of free speech and association protected their membership in a political party.”

        All eleven defendants were found guilty and sentenced to prison. Those convicted appealed the verdicts, and the Supreme Court upheld their convictions in 1951 in Dennis v. United States in a 6-2 decision.

        Now, Westnash, I have endured repeated comments like this from you: “The democrats have a place for you, Euby. Just tell them you want to run as a Republican and they will provide all manner of $$$ support.” Since SRAZ seems willing to tolerate that, I have some choice words for you now.

        Westnash, you are, at best, a Pinko, a Communist sympathizer. In your posts here, you have repeatedly advocated for Pinko, Liberal leftist positions across the board. You have been exposed and refuted countless times and that will continue as long as you are permitted to post here. Bring it on, Pinko!

  5. CD9 says:

    What a good morning, I so enjoyed the responses to Scott. McChoke, McScott and McTobin, and a very few others mostly Liberals endorsed the Party Builders. The real Conservatives in unison support Team LaFaro and won.

    While speaking to A.J. at the joint session yesterday, I again asked him if the Party Builder team of Lisa Gray has called and congratulated him. A.J. said “NO”, I then asked if they have conceeded, A.J. again said “NO”. A.J. then said he is going to try and work with Lisa and her team to bring the party together”. This is a challenge to you Lisa, get over your loss and call the winners to congratulate them.

    To me this is no surprise, but now I am wondering what were they going to build, “resentment, discourse, recall petitions”?

    • Attila The Hunny says:

      The lack of concession, congratulations, or an offer of support, clearly shows the abysmal lack of good manners and character of Lisa Gray and her team of Paul Brierley, Rene Lopez, Colleen Lombard and Walter Dudley. I had wondered if any of them strayed into the realm of good manners independent of the controlling Gray, but it appears not to be the case.

      Some “Party Builders!” They’ve shown themselves to be self-serving ideologues.

  6. LD 7 PC says:

    Regarding the ouster of establishment backed Malcolm Barrett as Yavapai County GOP chairman, there is not a single word in the Prescott Courier (I’ve looked) or in the local Phoenix press (I’ve Googled). This must be a massive embarrassment to the RINOs and their media partners, much as Saturday’s Maricopa County leadership results were. Leadership seamlessly changed hands, with Team LaFaro staying the conservative course. The people spoke! The liberal press was foiled!

  7. MaskedTruthman says:

    The election last Saturday happily confirmed that the Maricopa Republican Party is center-right. Right where it should be.