AZ República: Shoveling union fakery again

Union deception front and center 

In yet another stunning example of the Arizona República’s leftward madness, Mary Jo Pitzl crafts a report (hidden behind a paywall) titled “Public-employee union dues back in legislative spotlight.” As might be expected, she pays fast and loose with the truth.

Rep. Michelle Ugenti, (R-LD 23) has introduced HB 2026 which requires local governments to take a vote by the end of the year on whether to deduct union dues from employee paychecks. If they fail to do so, they will be barred from the practice.

Pitzl deceptively says House Bill 2026 is a kinder, gentler approach to a proposal last year that would have banned the deduction option altogether. “That bill,“ she cunningly writes, “stalled in the Senate and never made it to the House.”

In truth, the union reform bills passed in the Senate didn’t “die in the House” because they never came up for a vote. They “died in the desk” — House Speaker Andy Tobin’s desk.

Read what state Sen. Rick Murphy (R-LD 21) revealed about the union-related bills, already passed in the senate, and withheld by Tobin.  But further into her “report,” Pitzl shamelessly repeats the fallacy regarding two other bills Murphy “championed through the Senate last year only to see them die in the House.”

For his part, Murphy would require government employees who belong to a union to annually authorize the deduction of union dues from their paychecks, instead of the continuous authorization currently in place. A second bill would ban the practice of giving union officials time off from their government duties to work on union matters.

The Goldwater Institute challenged the City of Phoenix’ contract with the Phoenix Law Enforcement Association (PLEA) which provides an estimated $900,000 in annual release time for police union work, including lobbying.

More trickery passing as news from the newspaper.  Although in Delivering news in the Digital Age, referred to in this post, publisher John Zidich actually admits to a desire to enhance “storytelling” capabilities.

Looks like they’re right on target.


12 Responses to AZ República: Shoveling union fakery again

  1. says:

    “Ya think Pitzl will issue an apology and admit to giving false
    information? Right! When pigs fly!

  2. sgtflapjaw says:

    The point is that we all [most] knew what went down and the Government Employees Unions have too many friends within the legislature and the republican Party. All of them for gaining favor either as in contributions or tacit promises to back off at election time.
    Any elected official or Republican operative who aids the unions keep or protect their power, is in direct conflict with the welfare of the citizens. They should be sent away as was Lisa Gray.

    • Kent says:

      The biggest friend the unions have among Republicans in the legislature is none other than House Speaker Andrew Tobin, who gives them aid and comfort. I’ve heard he’s related to a honcho in the firefighter’s union. Can anyone verify that?

      • CopperDome says:

        Speaker Tobin’s brother is Phx Fire’s Deputy Chief Brian Tobin, who was president of the Professional Firefighters of AZ (union), the founding president of Phx Fire’s “Command Officers Association“ (read: Union) & is currently chairman of the Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

        But there’s no conflict here…nothing to see…move along…

  3. American Dad says:

    Yesterday this site was taken to task by commentor “shocblog” for taking on the AZ Republic. I say, “Keep it up!”

    The local newspaper is a source of sly innuendo and outright lies and should not be given a pass. Silence = assent. It’s important to out these rogues and let them know that we are on to them. Thanks for shining the light of truth on these union reform bills and the fact that they passed in the Senate and didn’t “die in the House,” but rather never came up for a vote. They “died in the desk” — House Speaker Andy Tobin’s desk.

    Great description!

  4. reader says:

    Tobin is a disgrace. Tell me again about the support he is getting from Robert Graham……

    Go Doug Little!

    We have had enough of the liberal media AND speaker supporters……..time to complete the house-cleaning.

    Send Robert Graham off the same way we did Lisa Gray!!!

    • LD 7 PC says:

      I could not and did not support Lisa Gray. I DO support Robert Graham. AZ Conservative Guy is right. Robert Graham is capable of providing the leadership that has been sorely lacking. He has credentials that Doug Little could only hope for. You two (reader and sgt.flapjaw) must either be big time RINOs or liberals to be pushing for Little’s brand of little more than divisiveness.

  5. sgtflapjaw says:

    After meeting with Doug Little last night, I came away convinced that between the two candidates, he and Mr. Graham, Doug’s resume is much more substantial and complete than that of his opponant. Doug has been at the top of the corporate ladder for over 30 years, dealing within the highly competitive high tech industry, and then began his own very successful business that he still runs today.
    Doug has also been in the trenches knocking on doors, making phone calls and all the other chores that we Constitutional Conservatives have done. Who out there can say that they have seen his opponant out in the neighborhoods or heard him at the phone banks?
    Doug is not the guy trying to ride in on a big horse with his back to the sun and bring an aura of super human abilities. Doug has a record that does not come under a cloud of suspicion and possible legal entanglements.
    If you are a State Committeeman and are looking to rejuvenate our Party, you owe it to yourself and to Arizona to give Doug Little a close look before casting your ballot at the meeting later this month.

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Flapjaw and reader:
      You two are the problem within the Arizona GOP.

      Finally, we have a man of high character, business acumen and intelligence to lead the state GOP with Robert Graham and you go off on a toot with the unknown Doug Little. People like you two do more damage to the Republican Party than the Democrat party does. Your in-unison tirades are shameful. Robert Graham has the support of staunch conservatives including legislative leaders, known stalwarts Rob Haney, JD Hayworth and Russell Pearce. Get a life and let the AZ Republican party finally soar. We’ve been in the doldrums long enough.

      • sgtflapjaw says:

        AC & 7
        You guys like to strut your knowledge but seem to be on both sides of the fence. While you sling aspersions on others you appear to be a bit inconsistent yourselves.
        Graham, since mid 2011 until about 2 weeks before last years primaries donated his own money [not pac money] to Tobin, Adams, Quayle, Flake, Lovas, and Dubrel.
        I really don’t think that you would know a rino if one was sitting on your flat heads. You do not promote unity by giving money to and taking sides in primaries, especially if you look as if you are trying to form a solid base of support to help you run for office. If you curry favor with less that conservative candidates you ought to have the character to own up to that.
        I will stick with Doug, and you can stick with the “rino” backer.

  6. Westnash says:

    If the Goldwater Institute claim is correct, this is a travesty and should be stopped. There are huge inefficiencies in city/county/state govt that pad the pockets of employees and cost taxpayers money. The issue of overtime pay for all govt workers including police should be examined and solutions worked out to eliminate as much as possible.

    The Union Dues payments however I think is an issue between the union and its members. I am totally opposed to govt. employee unions but they have wrangled their way as becoming the largest in the nation.

  7. eubykdisop says:

    Let’s consider the political views of the above poster, Westnash. These are his views on Marxism, Socialism and Communism:

    “Westnash says:
    January 11, 2013 at 3:41 am
    Obviously, Euby, it is easy for you to blame Marxism, but impossible to offer a solution for the Arizona Republicans. Hopefully there is someone in the party smarter than you.” Westnash is concerned that we are “blaming” Marxism. Please excuse us, Westnash.

    “Westnash says:
    January 15, 2013 at 11:47 am
    Euby, this may come as a great shock to you but someone being a communist or socialist is not against the law.” Actually, it is against the law according to the Communist Control Act of 1954. Even if it weren’t against the law, Conservatives still oppose Communists, Socialists and Marxists.

    Westnash is “concerned”, as in “concern troll”, that Republicans are losing elections because of what he calls the “far right”. Here are five examples from Westnash of what he considers to be “far right”:

    “Westnash says:
    January 5, 2013 at 8:54 am
    5 Far Right:
    1. Refusing to compromise on Gun Laws in wake of the recent shootings and publicity.
    2. Refusing to compromise on fiscal cliff issues.
    3. Touting Joe McCarthy for anything but the buffoon he was.
    4. Insisting on the full Military Budget.
    5. Refusing to discuss the immigration issue and developing a “guest worker” program.
    These are killer issues for the National Republican party.”

    This response to what Westnash considers to be “far right”, and costing Republicans elections, by poster “1776″ says it all:

    “None of these issues are “far right.” They are quite reasonable stands that are labeled “far right” because that moves the baseline making the Democrat’s preference for Marxist socialism look less “ultra left.”

    And last, but not least, here is Westnash on the 2nd Amendment:

    “Westnash says:
    January 8, 2013 at 8:00 am
    There will be some changes in gun regulations at some point in 2013 and the Republicans who only tow the NRA line of “no” will lose. Wouldn’t you rather outsmart your opponent than trying unsuccessfully in throwing up a wall, that is crumbling down around you.” I think that piece of Pinko propaganda speaks for itself.

    When reading comments by Westnash, always consider the source! Westnash is a Pinko in Conservative clothing!