Rob Haney on irresponsible attacks against Robert Graham

“Enough of this Nonsense!”

Former Maricopa County Republican Chairman Rob Haney provides an in-depth look at the facts behind the smear campaign in the upcoming election for Arizona Republican Chairman.

Read Haney’s statement here.

To learn more, visit Robert Graham’s impressive website.

Take a look at Robert Graham’s many endorsers.  It is an impressive list of Republican Platform conservatives who know and admire Graham.


35 Responses to Rob Haney on irresponsible attacks against Robert Graham

  1. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    I’ve heard both Robert Graham and his challenger. It’s the difference between night and day. Graham will have our support.

    • Diogidog says:

      It is time to say good by to the TEA people, and to the Paulbots. Hello, once again, to a Conservative led Republican Party stripped of the barnacles that attached themselves to it in 2010.

      The 2008 election and the 2010 election were annonmallies. It’s time to bust out, strip down to the bare bones, and reboot to a Conservative Reagan Era Republican Party.

      Let all the kooks go get their own thing going on.
      Far away from us.

      May the Lord please lead my people out of the wilderness.

      Birds of a feather …

    • Inquisitive says:

      Mr. Graham states on his web site he is a member of the “Arizona GOP Leadership Council” and seems to imply it has accomplished great and wonderful things. Having never heard of it, I did a Bing search on the name. Every hit led back to either Mr. Graham’s website or someone quoting his website. I hope Mr. Graham will be able to inform us before the vote what the Arizona GOP Leadership Council is, who its members are, and what it has specifically achieved for our Party in the past.
      Thank you.

  2. State Delegate says:

    Graham has respected leaders such as former Maricopa County Chairman Rob Haney, Congressman Trent Franks, JD Hayworth and a host of state legislators who know the lay of the land, all standing behind him. He also has the ability to bring the state party back in the black and assist its rise to new heights. Graham is an accomplished business leader with a known track record. I’m onboard!

  3. Westnash says:

    Graham’s bio says he is a “Financial Engineer” What would most people call that?

    • Dennis O'Brien says:

      I’d call it excellent! Our very successful and ethical financial consultant/planner has referred to himself using the same exact words. He is a highly educated man of impeccable moral character, whom we have known professionally, and trusted for well over a decade. Are you implying there is something untoward in such terminology? I’ve read enough of your spew to distrust your motives.

  4. eubykdisop says:

    “Seeing Red AZ” writes articles which are consistently from a Conservative point of view. When those articles are attacked, it is almost invariably by someone more to the left. In addition, “Seeing Red AZ” has shown that it is very much in the know about what is going on. Perhaps an endorsement by “Seeing Red AZ” is the most persuasive endorsement of all.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thank you for the vote of confidence, euby. We are most definitely conservative, which is why we stand with Robert Graham.

      • eubykdisop says:

        You’re most welcome, SRAZ! You’ve EARNED trust by having a proven and consistent Conservative track record across time.

  5. CD9 says:

    Rob wrote an excellent post to set the record straight. I so look to Rob and Marne for their straight forward Conservative opinions.

    At the Casa Grand debate the other night, the Doug little supporters were signaling him the answers to questions. One was giving hand signals the other using and IPAD to IPAD. This is going to be a cheating scandal, I will not let it go. Doug is up to his ears in this, he was very involved in cheating.

    Doug’s campaign is running on untruths, Robert said we could not go negative. If I have to I will quit his campaign to make sure all know about this and the CHEATING SCANDAL.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Seeing Red AZ has received a lengthy response to this comment referencing a “cheating scandal” involving Doug Little and his use of hand signals and his iPad. It also contained numerous links to Little’s website, his future appearances and a video:

      In fairness, we have excerpted the pertinent parts in defense of Doug Little at the meeting described in the above comment, which can be read here:

      Regarding ‘hand signals,’ Sparky Smith, one of my supporters, did try to get my attention on one occasion. As most people who’ve been in debates can attest, with so little time to consider, compose, and deliver each response, watching and interpreting hand signals from the audience would be a sure way to break my train of thought. I think Sparky was trying to tell me to hurry up and get to the point I was making since we only had one minute to answer questions.
      Regarding my iPad… I am a technology guy. I don’t use paper. So instead of notes, I use my iPad. I had my outline for my opening remarks on the iPad as well as some vote tally info for the three CD races that we lost in the last cycle so that I could make a few points about how close those races were and how much of a difference we could make if we had a statewide ground game that could match my district’s top-ranked turnout results. That accounts for a total of about four minutes. During the other 68 or so, the iPad sat closed with the cover over it on the table in front of me. WPCRC President Matt Herman was standing two feet from me at the podium and can confirm this.

      Information on Mr. Little’s campaign can be found at his website.

      • CD9 says:

        Seeing Red I stand by what I posted on the cheating.

        Doug, please tell us why you are repeating 2nd and 3rd hand heresay? It is hard to believe someone when they are involved in the politics of personal destruction. Yet I saw you accuse another of not being at the debate, were you at the GOP for the meeting you so much like to quote?

  6. Art Olivas says:

    With evry email That I have sent out there has been some Documentation! Some has even come from Seeing Red AZ. Now tell us if Bruce Ash owns the places that some of the republican offices occupy and is his money still behind the rinos? Also tell us what have all this so call conservatives have done for the Republican or Tea Party? Other then like a lot of others just show for a foto opt. Some of us have given the Republican Party a substantial amounts of Money! County and State office! All we get in return is LIP SERVICE! I have told Not just Hanny But also Husbands and a lot of the so called leaders that have been in Power to long and want us to accept their recommendations BLINDLY!! This Bullshit is not getting it.You say guilty by association O’ Hell no Hanny! I judge by what you Ash and the other have done. Who got us in this mess! Who are you going to blame for your Rinos Incompetence? How much longer will you help the Democrats weaken our party? The Tea Party came in time to save your Butts! All the Rinos came out of the woodwork to say you were conservatives. You fooled us for a while But now it is time for not me not you but for the people to take over the party. We have to fight and WIN where you and all the Rinos have failed. Now Hanny If you fill you can tell the truth let me know. When and where we can debait the issue. You see Hanny read my card it like me says what it means. Arthur Olivas Jr. ps I still have all the doc’s and you should TOO!! 

    • American Patriot says:

      If your misspellings and random capitalizations are an indicator of your brilliance, I’ll stick with the known conservative leaders and Rob Haney any day in the week.

    • CD9 says:

      Art takes his cue from the Little campaign, Art sent out emails and forgot to take one of Little’s campaign workers name off. But Art you great Tactician tell me what does Rob Haney have to do with Bruce Ash? Your ramblings are moronic.

      SORRY SEEING RED IF THAT WAS AGAINST THE RULES. But someone needs to tell the man to shut up, if you would see the emails he sends out.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        You’ve stated facts and violated no “rules,” CD9. What we’ve attempted to curb is the ongoing feud between two commenters, who were continually using derogatory terms to address and refer to one another. Hopefully that’s over and they will comment on posts rather than one another.

  7. No Guts, No Glory! says:

    Robert’s campaign has remained a positive, issue packed declaration of leading edge ideas throughout this process. Those who oppose Robert Graham spew negative, untruths attacks which only hurt their candidate and bring disgrace to themselves.

  8. truth or consequences says:

    So the forces behind Little’s candidacy are the political genius Lynne Breyer, who gave us the Jim Deakin-McCain farce and Jim O’Connor, who has been driving a stake into the Republican Party; and less we forget, their blogging buddy, Art Olivas. Case closed!

  9. charlie conservative says:

    During the 2010 Deakin-McCain alliance, Breyer displayed a much more intense animosity toward JD Hayworth than McShamnesty. Coincidentally, so did Jimmy Deakin.

    • CD9 says:

      When I first joined the Tea Parties I was told they had someone they could support against McCain. The very first time I saw Little Jimmy he was wearing that very tall hat. I was appauled at the sight, all I could say was, “My good lord, someone needs to talk to the TP if they think this man can win anything”. But for months I went to rallys where he spoke and met the wife, it solidified my first imperssions.

      I begged JD to get in the race, of course he paid me no attention, but he did listen to the political forces around the state. At last we had a viable candidate. Well, immediately the Tea Party started to realize JD was the candidate we wanted, but the TP did not believe they could endorse. Jimmy and Adonia became so enraged all they could do was join into the McCain politics of personal destruction.

      Lynne Breyer as Jimmy Lee’s biggest supporter is still practicing those policies. The woman makes politics vile. Her brand of nasty has poisoned the race for Chairman, but she has a few fellow helpers this time. It is perfectly ok for Doug and his supporters to repeat 2nd hand info and never bother asking the person who supposedly said it if it was true. Yet I saw where Doug said someone was not allowed to speak on the debate issue because she was not there. Why does that not apply to the Doug Little campaign? Lynne and Bill and Bill and Jim have all passed along heresay without bothering to ask if things were said or not. In other words why bother with the truth when a lie is so much easier.

      Before Doug got in the race the personal destruction from Breyer began, she was calling people to stop the momentum of Robert’s support. This woman does not know a Conservative she did not attack. For a long time she was in Rob Haney’s corner, well if he agreed with her, but once he endorsed Robert he was persona non grata to Luney Breyer. He was to be destroyed, like the Tea Parties she goes after. She thinks she should be the only TP Leader in the state, beware tea parties, ask around at what she has done, she will go after you also.

      • CD9 says:


        Tell The Truth says:

        January 20, 2013 at 7:22 pm

        Dear Fellow Patriots, COLD WARRIOR AND MR. LITTLE, Don’t find ME despicable! I WAS THERE! I was happy to hear the decision was made NOT to allow Ipads at the debate and especially the Election due to the following situation I WITNESSED IN CASA GRANDE.
        I was at the meeting in Casa Grande. As Doug Little was speaking, he hesitated for a moment, he stepped back and grabbed his Ipad. He looked at it. He then looked up and looked out into the audience. He basically stopped in his tracks. As I looked over to see what he was looking at I witnessed a man sitting at a table by the back wall who had three fingers up ( the middle, ring and small fingers) up and the thumb of the other finger pointing downward. When Mr. Little had a confused look on his face I looked back again at this man by the wall and still sitting in a chair. He was waving his hands in front of his face as seeming to state “just never mind”, shaking his head and actually looking embarrassed as if Doug missed out on what he was trying to tell him. There was a hesitation, very apparent, from Mr. Little. ( moment of silence) . A picture was taken by someone as well as I saw a flash go off. I AM telling the truth. I was stunned by this behavior.
        The lady that was doing the video taping sat down with the man who did the hand signals after the meeting was over. They talked for quite a while. The man was a grey haired man somewhat tall with glasses. The lady who did the video taping had glasses as well, dark hair and somewhat short. She could not have video taped the hand signals as she was in the back next to a wall that came out and you could hardly see her taping. The camera was pointing up front the entire time. The man signaling was back against the wall and could never have been seen by the camera. Therefore, ANY SIGNALS GIVEN WILL NOT SHOW UP ON THE VIDEO THEY ARE HAVING US WATCH!. She, as well, did some signaling so as to “coach” Mr. Little. SHE MADE SPECIFIC MOVEMENTS ACROSS HER CHEST. I saw this as I kept checking back to see if any more of this type of activity was continuing.
        After listening to these accusations it is obvious to me through MY observations Mr. Little WAS RECEIVING signals. He was looking directly at the older gray-haired man and the lady video taping. The lady video taping, after watching the activity after the meeting, was there for Mr. Little same as the older man. She also left with Doug Little. One more thought. If she did the video taping couldn’t they EDIT OUT whatever they wanted? Please be careful what you believe. Like I say I WAS THERE!! I would take a lie detector test if need be. I don’t like people who DON”T TELL THE TRUTH MR. LITTLE. I SAW THAT MAN HAVE 3 FINGERS UP AND A THUMB DOWN AND I SAW YOU GO GET YOUR IPAD TO FINISH ANSWERING A QUESTION. YOU LOOKED AT YOUR IPAD, LOOKED UP AT THAT MAN AS IF YOU WERE CONFUSED AND COULDN’T FIGURE OUT WHAT YOU WERE TO SAY? SOMETHING FISHY WAS GOING ON MR. LITTLE.

  10. East Valley PC says:

    Thank you for sharing your insights, Rob. I have voted for you as chairman twice and can truthfully say you were the best Maricopa County chair in my many years as a precinct committeeman. Thank you for this important information!

  11. MaskedTruthman says:

    Rob, thanks for stepping up once again in pursuit of justice. Those who accuse Graham of being a covert McCain establishment candidate must have a memory shorter than their thumb. They have forgotten that, when Graham ran for State Chair two years ago, the McCain establishment candidate was Ron Carmichael.

  12. Seeing Red AZ says:

    We have not posted the multiple comments from Adonia Deakin. Known for her foul mouth when her husband Jimmie Lee played McCain’s shill in the 2010 U.S. Senate race, she stayed true to her reputation in her comments.

  13. Westnash says:

    Seems to me an even more important story is the one from today of the town of Cave Creek discovering it was $62 million dollars in debt from a water treatment plant. Where did the money go and what type of Financial Engineering was used here?

    The citizens of every town in Arizona should be both alarmed and steaming at the unrestricted expenditure of money by public officials without minute accountability. Glendale is another case we are aware of. This money must include vast overpayments for goods and services that finds its ways into the pockets of those connected.

  14. Louise Ann says:

    I am not inclined to join groups as I am always more conservative than anyone else. After this last O election I have been reconsidering that position. The election of ‘conservative’ individuals on the local scene was my signal that the tide had turned and I should be more involved. As usual, I’m glad that I have not wasted my time. This is all utter nonsense. This is why the Dems are winning and will continue to win. They have a goal, they work as a unit toward that goal, they will say/ do anything to achieve that goal. But, they are fighting conservatives/ republicans – not each other. The Republican party is an organizational mess. In my district I have never been contacted by a PC (even when they are my neighbor) or any Republican. If these are the kind of individuals/ situations that exist, then it is not about candidates, it is about something else (personal, power, ??) No thanks.

    • theprecinctproject says:

      Louise Ann,
      The reason the Republican Party is not “conservative enough” for those complaining conservatives is because those same complaining conservatives are not “in” the Party as precinct committeemen. Right now, in Maricopa County, 48% of the PC slots are vacant and 40% of the precincts have not even one PC.

      Why not become part of the solution?

      Thank you.
      Cold Warrior

  15. theprecinctproject says:

    Westnash asked re the vacancies in the Republican PC ranks in Maricopa County:

    What do you attribute these vacancies to?

    Do you have a list of the vacancies?


    I think I read in another thread that you are not a Republican PC. So, if that's the case, to what do you attribute your non-participation?

    As for a list of the vacancies per precinct, that can be derived from an Excel file posted on the Elections page of the County Recorder's web site.

    I attribute the vacancies to several intertwined factors.

    First, apathy. Any conservative can pick up the phone or get on the internet and figure out when and where their local Republican Party committee meets.

    Second, lack of knowledge of basic American civics or the common sense to figure out the following: there's two major political parties, one is bad and one is good, and "somebody" must run those parties. At the local level. And I ought to "do something" and get involved in the good party so as to defeat the bad party at the polls.

    Third, almost all of the conservatives already "inside" the Republican Party as precinct committeemen or as elected Party officers or as public office holders DO NOT want the status quo to change. Because if the status quo changes, and greater numbers of conservatives have become precinct committeemen, then their reelection changes might go down. Even someone like David Schweikert or Michele Bachmann will not encourage conservatives to become PCs because if all the PC slots were filled up by rabid conservatives, and they were perceived to have failed to live up to their oath of office, some newcomer from the right, who could say he wouldn't trade his vote, might run against them in the all-important, traditionally-very-low-turnout primary election. United and organized conservative precinct committeemen, holding strong majorities in the legislative district and county committees, could toss out of office incumbent "conservatives" who do not fight tooth and toenail for our liberties.

    Ever receive a mailer from any incumbent Republican or any county or state or national committee (AZ GOP, RNC, NRCC, NRSC, for example) imploring you to become a precinct committeeman? Or from any conservative group? They all want your time, you money, and your efforts, but they DO NOT want you to discover where the real power lies: it lies in conservatives uniting and organizing for real political action inside their respective local Republican committees.

    Go here for further information and follow the links:

    Thank you.

  16. Ron Ludders says:

    Between now and the GOP State election Saturday, things will understandably become hectic and, perhaps, emotional. We can be certain the atmosphere will be replete with accusations and counter-charges, deluging us with rumors, gossip, innuendo, and disinformation – all intended to deflect, demonize, and demoralize.

    This would be a good time to remember that our eventual purpose is to re-secure the blessings of liberty within our Republic, through a fair and representative process first within the party and then on to an even greater confrontation with political progressives from the other side.

    It may be titillating to pass along rumors and gossip, however we may benefit from considering that those who spread rumors, gossip and scuttlebutt usually have nothing more substantial to discuss.

    They would be well advised to remember that words said can never be ‘unsaid’ and are reminded to keep words soft and sweet, should we end up being forced to eat them.

    Big Picture, warriors. Let’s not allow ourselves to get distracted by detail or channeled by controversy.

    We have a party to win. And a Republic to hold. Robert Graham has the vision, the action plan, the leadership skills, ability to unify a divided party, the energy and strength to lead the Arizona GOP to great success.

  17. Angie says:

    Art Olivas is not a reliable source of accurate information. He has caused quite a divide among Republican candidates. His reputation for truth is questionable. As for Lynne Breyers, she also has a problem with accuracy. What a shame these people are even mentioned in a serious conversation.