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Organizing for Action: Obama launches Saul Alinsky-style project from White House

Katie Pavlich, author and Townhall News Editor, has written a compelling article detailing the latest scheme in the Obama arsenal. Organizing for Action, is a massive community organizing project geared towards pushing through Obama’s second term agenda and changing how voters think about issues for the long term.

There is a video included in Pavlich’s post. Listen closely to the words of Michelle Obama, regarding “changing our country.” She clearly states that’s the mission of Organizing for Action.

She speaks of “Barack’s vision” of differentiating between “the world as it is and the world as it should be…but we aren’t there yet. Winning an election will not bring about the change we seek, it’s simply the chance to make that change.”

Read and ponder the words carefully. Liberal Newsweek magazine, now merely an online version,  characterized Obama’s reelection in the most disturbing of terms, as “The Second Coming,” clearly comparing him to Jesus Christ.

 Media Research Center reports on ABC’s famous has-been,* comb-over king, Sam Donaldson on The Chris Matthews Show, declaring, “Hey, Tea Party: “It’s Not Your Country Anymore.”

* During a 2006 White House Press conference, retired newsman Donaldson inanely shouted at George W. Bush, “Mr. President, should Mel Gibson be forgiven?” referencing reports of the actor’s anti-Semitic remarks. President  Bush laughed and looked up to see who had asked the question. Bush joked, “Is that Sam Donaldson? Forget it…you’re a ‘has-been!” We don’t have to answer ‘has-beens’ questions.” Donaldson rudely shot back to the President of the United States, “Better to have been a has-been than a never-was.”


4 Responses to Weekend reading guaranteed to make you smarter

  1. Westnash says:

    There is a young female daughter of illegal aliens who is interviewed quite frequently on Phoenix tv. She was going to college and received the benefit of Obama’s protection against deportation. I think her original study was a nurse or something productive. Now she says her goal is to be a Community Organizer…what a load of blather that these people see that as a paid profession… government and coerced funds like this new Action Committee of his…instead of working in the private sector. Our state and local governments are no less guilty for allowing these organizations to be funded at such a level as to provide full time employment.

  2. Standing Tall says:

    It’s clear the left, aided and abetted by a compliant liberal media, has anointed Barack Hussein Obama as a God-like figure. His Socialist ideal of remaking America into a replica of failed nations that litter the globe will be well received by those in the entertainment industry, the unions and the media. Remember, unions aren’t just the AFL-CIO and Teamster thugs. They are the very teachers who influence your children on a daily basis.

  3. AmericanDad says:

    That video sends a powerful message! Thanks for including it.

    My sister was a teacher who refused to join the National Education Association and the Arizona Education Association unions. For this exercising of her rights, she was actually shunned by her co-workers. One of those who refused to respond to her when my sister spoke, refused to acknowledge her presence in the teacher’s lounge, on the playground and in the cafeteria, had been a classmate of hers years earlier at ASU, where they had begun their friendship. The union took precedent. This woman was willing to throw my sister under the bus and deny their long friendship because of her allegiance to the union. I share this just to give credence to the strong union ties to Obama and remind all of you with children in your lives how the union influence helped elect and reelect Obama and how the dues paying teachers are impacting young students and future voters. Obama won with a large percentage of first time voters.

  4. Maggie says:

    So the irrelevant Sam Donaldson thinks it’s not the conservative’s country anymore? The Founder’s were certainly conservative in their views. Should the US Constitution be revamped to suit him and his leftwing media cronies?