Nat’l Review slams Brewer’s ObamaCare $urrender

Calls her justifications for deficit-expanding measure “fiction”

The editors at the conservative National Review have taken aim at Arizona’s Gov. Jan Brewer in a piece called Brewer‘s Price, saying she exemplifies that “unfortunately common strain of Republican leadership that is uncompromising in rhetoric but opportunistic in reality.”

The article appropriately goes after her with unbridled fury in view of the Republican governor’s decision to sign off on the federal government’s plan to radically expand Medicaid eligibility.

They write, “We now know Jan Brewer’s price; as it turns out, it’s not even that high. Her explanation for her position has been, in short, that the people want it. But she is a governor, not a tribune of the plebs, and when the people demand actions that are destructive or irresponsible, it is the job of leaders to dissuade them and to advocate a wiser course of action.”

Arizonans recall that in 2011, Brewer, facing a fiscal crisis, called a special session of the Arizona legislature to address Medicaid expenses. She offered up a plan to reduce benefits and eliminate approximately 280,000 childless adult Arizonans who were added to the eligibility rolls in 2000. At the time, then-Senate President Russell Pearce explained the dire situation with these words: “We’re broke. We need the waiver so we can make (budget) decisions.”

The article points out that “as a country, we are no less broke today than we were then — in fact, we are even more broke, as the result of another trillion-dollar deficit. Gov. Brewer’s surrender on ObamaCare’s Medicaid expansion is helping to make the country broker still.”

By acceding to this deficit-expanding measure, Gov. Brewer has done a long-term disservice to the people of her state. The Medicaid expansion will add some $800 billion to our national debt, even if the states themselves spend “only $8 billion.”

Read the complete National Review article here. You’ll feel like spitting nails, too.


9 Responses to Nat’l Review slams Brewer’s ObamaCare $urrender

  1. Villanova says:

    Gov. Brewer has become a disappointment. But I worry about her replacement. Far left extremist Carmona will make us long for this double crosser.

  2. Westnash says:

    When will the governors band together and say “enough on a Cadillac health care system’, when what is called for is an affordable catastrophic health insurance with a high deductible that keeps the premiums affordable for anyone but prevents a person from being wiped out if a serious illness occurs. Why do people with 6-10 children pay the same for family care as people w/ 2? Makes no sense. The Governor, hopefully Republican, who gets out in front on this will set the trend for the nation. Otherwise, you will see huge and rapidly escalating premiums and people continue to run to the emergency room every time they cough.

    All the programs are “Make Doctors Another Million” bills.

  3. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Gov. Brewer has disgustingly caved to the liberal Chamber of Commerce and their ilk. I remember her as a conservative early on in her political career. I’m glad she is unable to run again. I could never again support her after this shameful, costly and duplicitous action against the same taxpayers who pay her salary.

  4. Seen It All says:

    How the hell can Jan Brewer or any Republican justify this massive expansion of federal socialized medicine known as Obamacare? I almost gagged when I first heard of her actions. If the Chamber of Commerce’s little slug Glenn Hamer is behind this, each and every taxpayer with a conscience should oppose it.

  5. Working Stiff in LD11 says:

    As scathing as the National Review evaluation is, Jan Brewer is getting off easy. She should vacate her office in shame and let Secretary of State Ken Bennett act in a responsible manner on behalf of the already over burdened taxpayers. Does she think we are the golden geese? Increased taxes and the devalued dollar are already taking a huge chuck out of our paychecks. Gas prices and utilities are escalating. Even the costs of our food, which is still being taxed, is rising. My wife and I work long days and can barely keep our heads above water. Jan Brewer can shove this preposterous idea!!!!

  6. Night Owl says:

    Brewer deserves this attack and more. She has folded in with the Dems and abandoned those of us who have supported her. Obama wasn’t even able to cast a vote for her….IF he’d ever been so inclined. What happened to the woman who wagged her finger in his face?

  7. sgtflapjaw says:

    Jan Brewer has long been a shill for the big Education/Public employees monopoly. Health care is just an extention of this duplicitous phoney.
    All of the working people that she is burdening with this expensive move should take the gun rally to her house. When you are there ask how many able bodied people, many making more money than the payers in this convoluted system, are being added to her welfare expansion. Shameless establishment hack, this woman. Bring back Janet Napolitano, at least she was fairly much up front with her back stabbing of the public.

  8. Hagar says:

    Jan Brewer a conservative? That’s laughable. Although as a legislator she did show some fiscal restraint, once she was on the county board it was “bring me the money” and she has not looked back. She gets credit for signing SB 1070 yet those in the know at the capitol remember how she stewed about it for days and finally, only grudgingly, signed it. What a charlatan she is. Do you suppose she will dare show up to the state Republican meeting this weekend?