Slobbering love affair with Obama? Clear evidence abounds

Former CBS News reporter Bernard Goldberg has long maintained that the mainstream media (MSM) is not simply liberally biased, but have gone over the cliff into liberal activism. 

He states that “from the day Barack Obama [initially] announced his candidacy to the moment he took the oath of office, the mainstream media fawned over him like love-struck school girls. Even worse, they have gone beyond media bias to media activism.”

In his provocative book, A Slobbering Love Affair, (subtitled The true and pathetic story of the torrid romance between Barack Obama and the mainstream media), Goldberg shows how the MSM’s hopelessly one-sided coverage of President Obama has shredded America’s trust in journalism and endangered our free society.

As an example, today’s edition of The Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) ran this gigantic photo and awestruck headline commemorating Obama’s second term: AZ_Republic_slobbers_over_BHOs_2term

And here we see a gushing Diane Sawyer,* forgetting her supposed role as a journalist, nearly unable to contain herself, blathering on Inauguration Eve, “The whole city has a smile on its face.”

Yet this CNN poll released almost simultaneously with Sawyer making her absurd comment shows many Americans don’t agree with her — with 51% saying things are going pretty or very badly.

More? How unbiased is this? Liz Thatcher reports that 18 of 20 of the nation’s top newspapers push gun control in their editorials. The Arizona Republic is rife with articles, columns, editorials and Benson cartoons demeaning Second Amendment advocates. When forced to report demonstrations protesting restrictions, the newspaper characterizes the attendees as fringy : “Thousands rally against stricter gun control in US, Gun advocates – some with rifles slung across shoulders or pistols holstered at the hip…”

Arizona’s liberal daily gleefully reports that the Vatican has “praised” Barack Obama’s proposals for “curbing gun violence,” saying they are a “step in a right direction.”  The Vatican should remember gun control is the gateway to tyranny. In November 1938, a gun control law was passed by the German government one day after Kristallnacht signaling the beginning of what became known as the Holocaust. Without guns to defend themselves, 11 million people including 6 million Jews and 5 million others were put to death by the Nazis in Europe.

*H/T Noel Sheppard NewsBusters


10 Responses to Slobbering love affair with Obama? Clear evidence abounds

  1. Standing Tall says:

    Liberals are hypocrites. They push their leftwing agenda to the exclusion of all other views. With a full frontal assault on any conservative closing in during a presidential election cycle, they promote their chosen candidate by an in unison diminishment of the Republican…seeking or making up dirt to secure the post for their Great Liberal Hope. We saw it with “The boy from Hope” (Arkansas) Bill Clinton and Obama, their ideal of the “Hope and Change” contingent.

  2. Dennis O'Brien says:

    Bernie Goldberg’s well read books are on our bookshelves. They have been loaned out to friends and relatives after we finished them. They provide great insight into the phony media. He was there long enough to see it in it’s rawest and most extreme form. He’s now a FOX News contributor.

  3. patriotmom says:

    Seriously, why is the Republic still in business? I know we have added a ton of liberals- mostly fleeing taxes and/or crime created by their own votes-but they can’t number enough to keep this rag afloat.

    The GOP had better get alternate media savvy real fast in order to beat back the love affair that is coming from the MSM and to reach the low information voters.That doesn’t mean caving on abortion, gay marriage, or illegal immigration in order to pander. Remember, had they energized the white vote enough, we’d have seen Mitt and Ann Romney walking Pennsylvania Ave.

  4. Fed Up says:

    The liberal media is in ecstasy. As a taxpaying, conservative American citizen with a family to support in this lousy economy and trying to put aside something extra for their education, I am in despair. I see the floodgates opening for illegals who will get breaks on college tuition and ultimately compete with my kids for jobs. I see the first immigrant population that makes demands and holds this country in disdain rather than being grateful for the ability to acclimate and prosper. I am appalled that our own elected officials (McCain, Flake and previously Kyl) work to grant amnesty to lawbreakers. These three and those on the national scene who are part of this deception have caused me to drop my involvement in the Republican party as well as drop my lifelong GOP registration. I expect this treatment from Democrats but had hoped that Republicans would value the rule of law and not encourage even more lawbreakers to enter our country. Mexico doesn’t stand for such invasions from Central and South Americans on its Southern border. They are met wit barbed wire and armed guards. Why should we do less?

  5. Westnash says:

    Bernie Goldberg is a smart fellow but usually gets pushed off into the weeds for his anti liberal comments.

    SRA do you make it a point to develop contacts at AR and respond to some of their stories or just do it via the blog forum?

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      You have outed yourself as a liberal fool.
      1. Saying best selling author Goldberg “gets pushed off into the weeds for his anti liberal comments,” shows how ill connected to reality you are. He is an award winning journalist who exposed the facts of liberal bias in network and press newsrooms. And for this you chastise him?
      2. If you’ve been reading Seeing Red AZ for anytime you would be aware that the blog responds to and exposes Arizona’s radically left newspaper, which is a good thing.

      I have read SOME of your comments (more than a few would be intolerable) and it’s clear to me that you discharge your opinion on topics without actually reading the posts you are commenting on. You appear to be so egocentric that you think your disconnected view is paramount. Why do you come to this site? Your disparagement of conservative perspectives is very revealing.

      • Westnash says:

        Why dont you stop with the personal attacks and comments on the threads. Bernie makes some good points, and he won awards, but he doesnt get much credence from his current reporting.

    • Vince says:

      Goldberg is a regular on Fox News network. That’s hardly being “pushed into the weeds.” Would you rather he embraced liberalism? That appears to be what you’re saying.

  6. Clementine says:

    Here’s a slo-mo of the rude Michelle Obama rolling her eyes at an exchange between her re-anointed hubby the Obamessiah and Republican Speaker John Boehner –even as Boehner addressed her. She took a few seconds out of stuffing her face to make a face.

  7. Orion says:

    Far out in the left land’s stratosphere Chris Matthews has obviously got another tingle running up his leg this time around. He thinks Obama is Lincoln!