Robert Graham’s thoughtful assessment of AZ’s Medicaid expansion

Conservative activist and candidate for AZ Republican Party Chairman Robert Graham has released the following statement in response to Governor Jan Brewer’s announcement that she has agreed to a key component of Obamacare by expanding Medicaid:

“I want to commend Governor Brewer for her overall commitment to fiscal responsibility throughout her administration.  Under her leadership, Arizona has gone from a $3 billion deficit to an $800 million surplus.  She has tirelessly fought the Obama Administration to preserve Arizona’s rights on issues such as immigration policy and the implementation of a state-run healthcare exchange.  Last year, she was a leading critic of Proposition 204, which would have ushered in the largest permanent tax increase in Arizona history.

When it comes to the AHCCCS/Medicaid issue, I think the Governor has earned the opportunity to have her ideas heard and thoroughly discussed.  Like the Governor, I have been a long-time opponent to Obamacare.  I believe that not only is the program unacceptable public policy, but it is also unconstitutional. 

However, her announcement last week to pursue a large expansion of government healthcare within the state’s Medicaid program raises many unanswered questions. Conservative policy makers and fiscal organizations such as the Goldwater Institute have raised concerns about our state being able to afford these unfunded mandates in the very near future.

When the Supreme Court ruled on Obamacare last June, it gave states the right to decline the largest ever expansion of the nearly 50-year old program.  The issue here is one of fiscal responsibility: can the federal government afford this?  Can Arizona really afford this? 

I urge the governor to continue her proven track record of standing up for states rights and the principles of a limited and fiscally responsible government.”

Please contact Governor Brewer’s office and share your thoughts today:

Phoenix: (602) 542-4331      Tucson: (520) 628-6580

As most of you know, Robert Graham is the conservative running for chairman of the Arizona Republican Party. The election at which elected state delegates will cast their votes for AZ GOP intra-party leadership will be this Saturday, January 26, 2013.

Seeing Red AZ wholeheartedly supports Robert Graham’s candidacy.

To learn more about Robert Graham and his plan for Arizona’s Republican Party, visit his website.  Be sure to check out his impressive — and growing —  list of endorsements.


5 Responses to Robert Graham’s thoughtful assessment of AZ’s Medicaid expansion

  1. Tom Jenney says:

    For a line-by-line refutation of Gov. Brewer’s arguments for the ObamaCare Medicaid, and to take action, go to the AFP-Arizona website, and click on the slider at top with the skeleton photo.

  2. CD9 says:

    I think Robert’s assessment is spot on. He has all the common sense we need to run the State GOP for the next two years.

  3. Art Olivas says:

    Hey big Red!Thankyou for proving that you are a hell of a lot more ignorant then what you think we are!! You see under the Brewer leadership. We the tax payers will be paying medical for more illegals. And still some Americans citizens will not have Healthcare!! I can see that Robert Graham just like McCain, Kyl, Flake, Brewer and Ash just to name a few will be in line to kick us Americans in the butt! While Robert Graham cater to McCain and Brewer Illegals! As you can see in the attachment. My Grandfather said! Who ever you lay bed  with! Want it or not you will have their BABY!! Follow the victory plan BABY.  Arthur Olivas Jr. EL TUDY MEXICAN BANDIT! AS ALL WAYS IMEAN WHAT I SAY.  

    • Sam Aritan says:

      You sure don’t get the concept behind this message, Mr. Olivas. Cool your jets and read for comprehension. You might inadvertently learn something.

    • eubykdisop says:

      ROFL! I just can’t help it on this one, LOL!

      Hey, beeg EL TURDY! Thankz to jous a lots for choing uz whut ignormant really ees! Jou gotses jou own blog weeth lotz of pitchers of jou an jour wife. Y doan jou go ofa dere and blow jou noze eenstead of comming hear an mezzing up dees plaze, eh?