Phoenix Mayor Stanton: An ambitious liberal to watch

“We should never let border security get in the way of the economy”

Phoenix’ Mayor Greg Stanton has made a comment so outlandish that we recommend it be committed to memory. “We should never let border security get in the way of the economy,” the ambitious leftist declared recently.  Stanton was in Washington D.C. last week meeting with mayors of Mexican border cities at the deceptive and extremist 21st Century Border Initiative. (Check out some of the links). Affiliate NDN is a major leftist think tank with a commitment to open borders.

Stanton, like his Arizona República cheerleader Linda Valdez, views Mexico as our route to economic recovery. In fact, Mexico has cost us hundreds of billions in remittances and is a top recipient of U.S. foreign aid, reported at $330 million.

This Cronkite News article,* stunning in its biased approach, was printed in the Phoenix News section of the Arizona Republic, and reports on the meeting. 

Stanton must have missed this carefully worded directive from the U.S. Department of State detailing the unpredictability of violent crime including kidnappings, disappearances,  carjacking and highway robbery throughout Mexico, even warning that local police have been implicated in some of these incidents. U.S. citizens have been murdered and Mexican border towns have become bloody battlefields. Last year’s figures of nearly 11,000 victims killed since 2007 in the single border city of Ciudad Juarez, (abutting El Paso, Texas) — the vast majority had no involvement in the drug cartels.

The UK’s Daily Mail headlined this report detailing the brutal slaying of Morelia Mayor Maria Santos Gorrostieta, 36, kidnapped and murdered — after two previous assassination attempts by a Mexican drug gang, one of which killed her husband. She was slaughtered as she drove her young daughter to school. The Arizona Republic was unable to devote space to this tragedy.

Greg Stanton, who was congratulated on his mayoral win via calls from Barack Obama and Janet Napolitano, has higher aspirations.  His wife Nicole, also a lawyer, is making her own name among liberal groups. Keep this duo on your political radar. They are calculatingly angling deep into the circles of Dem power.

* Cronkite, an ASU Walter Cronkite School of Journalism and Mass Communication student endeavor is partnered with the equally agendized Arizona Republic and it‘s Gannett-twin dispenser of liberal slant, Channel 12 — now housed in the same building . “Uncle Walter” was responsible for instituting the birth of opinion journalism.


17 Responses to Phoenix Mayor Stanton: An ambitious liberal to watch

  1. Seen It All says:

    Lots of troubling information contained in this post. Among the most concerning are Greg Stanton’s ties. SRAZ omitted he is also a longtime cohort of union boss Billy Shields, and even hired Shields’ daughter Mindy who stole close to $100,000 from Stanton’s campaign. Although Stanton was a former assistant AG, he was so concerned about infuriating his buddy Billy that he let Mindy slide. Billy repaid the theft.

  2. Annie O. says:

    And jobs for American citizens be damned! Half of our college grads could not find jobs last year and BO executes the ‘Nightmare Act’, so American students need more competition for jobs?
    Good job, SRAZ, pointing out just who’s economy these liberal hearts are bleeding for.

  3. Velcro says:

    Now, as I understand it, The One and/or Nappy have ordered the complete shutdown of TARS, the low-level, slow plane surveillance radar, as of March 15th. There’s one down near Sierra Vista. That’s probably not in the Republique either.

  4. patriotmom says:

    Americans will not understand the danger until the borders are thrown open, Spanish is the dominant language and drug cartels take over our cities, hanging and beheading as they go. But hey, if we’re making a buck, what the heck, right?

    Clearly Stanton doesn’t let thinking get in the way of his mouthing off.

  5. Westnash says:

    “Arpaio’s Criminal Employment Squad served a search warrant early Thursday afternoon on Lam’s Asian/International Food market at 6740 W. Indian School Rd. in west Phoenix.”

    Good job to the Arpaio. We seem to concentrate only on Hispanics but if you check any Chinese restaurant or grocery you will find a raft of illegals…many here as slaves. People say, What can it hurt…but it hurt’s a great deal as these people are totally illegal and also are not paying any type of taxes.

    A conversion of the tax and social security withholding system to more of a sales tax system would at least bring in the black money which is being avoided.

    • eubykdisop says:

      How would the tax and Social Security withholding system be converted to a sales tax system, as you propose, Westnash?

      • Westnash says:

        Very simple….no more withholding from employee paychecks for s/s or medicare and a reduction by half or so from the employer portion and a national sales tax, including on line sales, of a % that would cover the money needed to keep the system solvent. If something like this is not done state/county/city sales taxes will continue to creep up and that money will be wasted. The few states w/o a sales tax will have to develop a system to collect this . In this manner money would be collected from ALL people, including illegals and a reduction in the employer portion would help make business and self employment more competitive. It would bring in revenue that is now falling under the screen.

      • eubykdisop says:

        ROFL! Just a tad short on hard numbers there, Westnash!

        So your answer to reducing taxes is… more taxes! I think that B. Hussein Obama would like your idea but I’m not sure about Republicans and I’m certain that Conservatives would be less than enthusiastic, for some reason, LOL!

        Now what would be the impact on sales of a national sales tax? If sales dropped, revenue would drop and people would be subject to layoffs.

        Westnash wrote: “If something like this is not done state/county/city sales taxes will continue to creep up and that money will be wasted.” So it is local taxes which waste money but national taxes do not?

        More taxes, revenues going to the federal government… why you’ve just articulated the Democrat platform!

  6. Kent says:

    You guys are good!! Stanton is above the fold in today’s newspaper with slavish adoration.

  7. Louise Ann says:

    Is there any ‘organized’ opposition to this madness that can reach McCain and Flake. Our own Senators are not interested in hearing from individual Arizonans or doing what is in their best interest. If we are not organized – what can be done? Hannity’s special last nite did a fine job of explaining the corruption in Washington that keeps all this nonsense in place – and growing.

    • Westnash says:

      Good point and the development of a strong candidate who can take on McCain next time and WIN. However, he likely will be opposed by Napolitano or Giffords, they are the real threats.

      • eubykdisop says:

        What positions would a candidate have to take to win against McCain, Westnash? Conservative minds want to know!

  8. Westnash says:

    Euby, as Arizona morphs into another reliable Democrat California, Napolitano or Giffords will play the PC card and would beat McCain. If McCain retired and JDH ran against either of them, he would lose. McCain has sucked up all the Republican publicity and Jan Brewer looks like a bumbler every time she is on national television.

    Currently there is not another name well known enough to overcome the publicity machine of Giffords and Napolitano. The Arizona Republican party should take McCain aside and use him to groom some future candidates who can win.

    • eubykdisop says:

      So let me see if I understand you correctly, Westnash.

      Arizona is going to become like California and Giffords and Napolitano are the big threats. Republicans need a candidate who can win to counter them but we don’t have one and you don’t know of any. So the answer is for McCain to groom some uknown “future” candidates who can win. Is that about it?

      Just one question, Westnash. ARE YOU NUTS???

      • Westnash says:

        Not a bit….like it or not and I don’t, McCain is now the only Arizona politician with national stature. Flake had experience but was most likely elected because he had the backing of McCain and Kyl. It doesn’t have to mean he or she is a follower but I seriously doubt any Republican can win the Senate w/o the backing and support of McCain. Get it now or he could very well back the fame obsessed Gabby! It isn’t going to happen for JDH…he just as well make $$$ from the radio because he isn’t going to be Senator. Possibly he could be Governor.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Let me see if I understand this most recent comment of yours, Westnash.

        We need to have McCain groom future candidates OR “…he could very well back the fame obsessed Gabby!”

        So the powerless positon in which you see Conservative Arizona Republicans is that we MUST cozy up to McCain out of FEAR that he might back a Democrat. Is that right?

        That’s excellent Liberal Democrat propaganda, Westnash! You have framed your argument in a way which assumes powerlessness on the part of Conservative Arizona Republicans. Please forgive us if we don’t accept your paradigm of powerlessness, fear and doom!

        You seem to forget that nothing in politics is “forever”. Even John McCain is mortal. The situation in the future will be determined by the ferocity of the battle which Arizona Conservative Republicans wage NOW! And despite your Liberal Democrat naysaying, we shall continue to fight, with fixed bayonets if necessary! So sorry to disappoint!

  9. Westnash says:

    Your fixed bayonets only make the Democrats happy. McCain is mortal, yes. By the time he is out of the picture Arizona will be as Democrat as California and Nevada… are helping their cause with this gibberish. Gabby may very well hire you to make speeches.

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