Robert Graham takes the helm of AZ GOP & Update


Conservatives sweep AZ GOP intra-party posts

Arizona Republicans have a new party leader. Robert Graham brings boundless energy and vitality to lead the party. He has pledged to defend the principles of the Constitution while implementing a meaningful vision going forward, keeping Arizona’s top elected offices in Republican hands.

A dynamic speaker, businessman and author Graham won in a runaway against challenger Doug Little, taking almost 70% of the vote. Graham defeated Little by a vote of 1,000 to 430 votes (30.07%).

The Statutory Meeting of the Republican State Committee drew 1,512 elected delegates. There were 927 in person and 585 by proxy.

The election results confirmed that the pro-life and illegal immigration issues diminished by Doug Little were actually key considerations in the election — affirmed by the 2.33  – 1 vote. In casting their ballots, delegates were clear his positions were inconsistent with the principles of the Republican Platform and the Constitution.

Also elected were AZ GOP Party Secretary Linda White, over Lynne Breyer and Treasurer Timothy Lee — who ran unchallenged and was elected by acclamation. 

The gathering was opened with a stirring presentation of the colors by the Buffalo Soldiers and invocation by Rev. C. T. Wright. Congressmen Trent Franks — who supported Robert Graham — David Schweikert and Paul Gosar addressed the crowd.

Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne, Treasurer Doug Ducey, Superintendent of Public Instruction John Huppenthal, Senate President Andy Biggs, Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, County Attorney Bill Montgomery, and former state Senate President Russell Pearce were among those warmly received by the applauding crowd, often rising to give standing ovations.

Conspicuously absent?  Senators John McCain, Jeff Flake and Gov. Jan Brewer. State House Speaker Andy Tobin didn’t show up, instead sending a self-glorifying video presentation titled “Leadership.” It started in his early days and slid past his blatant union allegiances and questionable practices that have made him unpopular in many quarters.  Tobin’s legislative cohort Steve Pierce, recently ousted as Senate President, was also nowhere to be seen.

Former GOP chairman Tom Morrissey decided not to seek re-election.


Resolution Affirming the Second Amendment  – overwhelmingly approved by voice vote

Members At Large:

CD1 –Bill Bridwell, Richard Mihalik, Sylvia Allen.

CD2 – Gail Griffin, Cynthia Coleman, Joshua Michael Townsend.

CD3 – Bob Westerman, Gene Chewning and Harold Hough.

CD4 –Don Ascoli, L.G. Mace, Patti Lewis.

CD5 –Daniel Grimm, Haydee Dawson, Mickie Niland.

CD6 – Jim O’Connor, John Strasser, Laddie Shane.

CD7 – Barry Wong, George Cuprak and Terry Rapp.

CD8 –Emily Sabo, Lyle Tuttle, Marcus Huey.

CD9 –Bill Baxter, Diane Ortiz-Parsons, Nancy Edwards.

62 Responses to Robert Graham takes the helm of AZ GOP & Update

  1. LD 7 PC says:

    This is excellent news. Robert Graham is very impressive and exactly what the Arizona Republican Party needs to give it a shot in the arm. He is young and full of energy. He has the ability to raise money and always takes the time to listen to those who want to assist. I couldn’t be happier with the results. It was a pleasure to see his wife and children standing alongside him today. A young son and daughter each approached me with Graham lapel stickers in the lobby.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Now all we have to do is to address the crisis among Arizona “Republicans” at the federal level!

      McCain and Flake have wasted no time in joining Reid and Durbin in assisting Obama to achieve his principal goal for his second term; “comprehensive immigration reform”. The basis of a “deal” has been reached which includes… AMNESTY!

      To make matters worse, the man who is often spoken of in terms of a possible Republican presidential candidate, Marco Rubio, supports “a pathway to citizenship”:

      “Comprehensive Amnesty Threat”

      “Sen. Rubio Offers Amnesty Proposal”

      “Monday, January 14, 2013, 10:03 AM EST”

      “Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) put forth an outline for immigration reform last week that was published in this weekend’s edition of the Wall Street Journal. His outline calls for legalization of the nation’s illegal-alien population and major reforms to the existing immigration system.”

      Do you remember when Republicans used to be different from Democrats in Washington?

  2. says:

    I was present. Your report is accurate. McAmnesty & McFlake would probably have been booed!

    • Fought For My Country says:

      Exactly, BPaluch! That was the reason John McCain boycotted his own home state convention when his name was placed on the Arizona ballot as the presidential candidate. That speaks volumes about the low opinion in which he is held by many Republicans and tells the full story that he knows he is despised. I have long contended that he continues to win because we have so many newcomers to the state who are unfamiliar with others on the ballot but recognize his name since he is as ubiquitous as dog poop. Also the senior citizens who live in Arizona’s Sun City, Leisure World and other such communities still believe the war hero hype he spreads. Being captured does not a hero make. And during his 2008 presidential campaign a good number of those who were imprisoned with him in Hanoi condemned his story about being offered early release and refusing to take it, opting instead to stay with his fellows. They said it was pure crap

      • eubykdisop says:

        I don’t live in Sun City but I qualify as a “senior citizen” and no, we aren’t all senile and we older Conservatives hold the same opinion of McCain as do Conservatives in other age groups. We’ve been around for McCain’s entire sordid career and probably know more horrific details about what he really is than do a lot of younger people.

        I think McCain wins because he is backed by Liberals whose numbers are added to those of those Republicans who are gullible.

  3. Mike L. says:

    And let’s be clear, Robert Graham gave Andy Tobin a rather large campaign contribution…

    • State Delegate says:

      Proving exactly what? We all make mistakes. My cousin and his wife in Prescott voted for Tobin and Pierce and both regret it now. They were also conned by Yavapai County Republican Chairman Malcolm Barrett, who is nothing more than a country club liberal. He was finally dumped in a recent election amid much rejoicing.

    • Clark says:

      That is rather ironic considering Graham loves to focus on unions. Wasn’t his donation to Tobin during the primary too? It was interesting to see the first people on Twitter to congratulate him within minutes of the announced win. Tobin, Gray, Sproul, Noble, Adams. I hope this isn’t a sign of things to come.

      • SuzanneC says:

        Clark it was for a mailer, it was 4 days before the primary, it did not mention Lori Klein at all. Not worth mentioning at all since Lori Klein endorsed him.

    • Save Our USA says:

      Mike L.. Have you called or spoke to Mr. Graham and found out “why” ?

      • Mike L. says:

        Typically people give campaign contributions because they agree with the positions the candidate take.

        For the record Andy Tobin will NEVER see any of MY money.

    • RonF. says:

      A donation that helped secure seats in areas Republicans weren’t supposed to win (Ethan Orr) and a donation that helped defend seats where republicans were embattled (Shope, Pratt, Brophy McGee). Would you have rathered we just handed these seats over to Democrats? Dummy.

  4. Proudly ProLife says:

    Of course life issues matter. This is a center-right country and there is no denying life is the most fundamental right of all.

  5. shocblog says:

    Steve Pierce was there and in fine shape. The others who decided to pass on being booed by a disrespectful crowd probably made the right call.

    • State Delegate says:

      Disrespectful crowd? I was there. I saw nothing of the kind. You are obviously hallucinating on a megadose of your leftward bent again. You show yourself to be a pot stirring trouble maker, Scott. If you were a woman you’d be a malicious crone.

      • shocblog says:

        You twisted what I said, as usual. It was BPaluch777 above who said the 3 J’s would have been booed. My response to BPaluch777 meant that if they had attended and been booed, that would have been disrespectful of the crowd, and that if BPaluch was so sure that would have been the outcome, it was a good thing they didn’t come.

        SeeingReddogs all seem to think I am some kind of commie pinko, which is rather amusing to me, though not true. The pot stirring trouble maker I saw yesterday was someone from my LD who did not get elected as a delegate roaming the halls and hurling insults at anyone she perceived as having prevented her from winning that seat.

      • Lynne Weaver says:

        Scott O’Connor / shocblog apparently doesn’t know that Kathy Petsas sought me out of the crowd, ran over and started scolding me with her finger wagging at me. Plenty of witnesses. So, Scott, you are caught in another lie.

    • Ben F says:

      You showed up and you are as left and out of touch with the Party Platform and the majority of conservatives as the three J’s. If a US Senator does not have the spinal cord to address his constituents (like Cong. Kirkpatrick a few years back) perhaps he should consider that he is no longer qualified to represent them.

    • PV PC says:

      They would not have been booed. I’ve never seen that behavior at any GOP gathering, and I’ve been attending them for quite a few years. But given that you are correct, why do you think such men as McCain, Flake and Andy Tobin might be on the “Boo” radar? It would be because they undercut conservatives at every turn. They only veer right when campaigning and revert back to their RINO ways the day after the votes are tallied. Kyl was the same such liar, but at least he usually showed up at the state meetings.

  6. SuzanneC says:

    LD 7, I very much agree with you, all went well and the best man and woman won. In fact I can see the factions coming together already, I saw Doug Little go congradulate Robert. Robert had his first meeting with the LD Chairs immediately following the election. I am excited about the next two years, Robert has plans, he even has charts already where every LD in the state needs help. He has that boundless energy Shane wrote about, he kept us on the road with two and three meetings a day in two and three different cities. You would think he is getting paid.

    I had somone I have been on opposite sides of issues with tell me we finally had something to agree on. This woman and I could not look at each other, ok ok it could be me too I was not very receptive to her either. But I saw how gracious she was when she invited me to have coffee with her. If Lisa Gray and myself can sit and talk, find the issues we agree with and work together, I expect many more conservatives to come together to make this GOP the most well run Republican in any State.

    Thank you all for your unwavering support and vote for Robert.

    • John Q says:

      OMG. We now have 2 among us who are here through immaculate conceptions – BHO and RG. Plans, charts, and two or three meetings a day running for the leadership of the Party. NO ONE ELSE HAS EVER DONE THAT BEFORE. Also, I was brought up to be aware of the company one keeps. Adams, Ash, Dubreil, Gray, Noble, Tobin and White are not reassuring.

      I am hopeful that his performance will match his promises. I do not feel that he will not do a good job, but he has no track record anywhere in the Party that establishes how he will perform. I will support his efforts if his walk matches his talk, but I use Reagan’s philosophy for all – Trust but verify. Trust in any relationship – marriage, business, religion, politics – happens as a result of going through tough times together and experiencing how the other person handles adversity.

      God Bless Robert. God Bless the Party. God Bless Arizona.

      • Atilla's Hunni says:

        Again, we have the so-called know-it-alls trashing someone they have yet to meet. Doug Little was certainly unprepared to lead anything or anybody. I had pictures of him being given hand signals on how to answer questions. Then he used the excuse he was a techie he needed his IPAD, that turned out to be his teleprompter as BHO So John Q, there is your BHO candidate. Robert spoke from the heart with no notes not cheat sheet no signlas, oh I am susre to you that was wrong to you. Robert was not the person incapable of forming his own opinion

        Yesterday as soon as the election was over and I got home I received a very nasty post from Lynne Breyer and her AFA blog, telling us we again did not elect a conservative. the same woman who went over board on Jimmy Deakin, please that woman gave the msot divisive speach for 5 minutes we ever heard, Doug Little’s was not much better. They alwasy want to diminish the other person with angry remarks and brag about there so-called experience, that is non-existant. I was ashamed of her, Robert again said nothing derogatory trying to keep the meeting on a upward path, Linda White did the same thing. She spoke on how she would work with Robert and how she decided not to retire once Robert got in the race. These people with ego’s in outer space think they should be the so-called leaders with their I am great you are not attitudes, we do not need. Yes we need the “Gate keepers” but We also need to come together, an idea I for one never held close to my heart, but I am tired of losing becaue of a few “stupid” answers by the Tea Party politicians who think they know what the public wants.

    • Mike L. says:

      Why do you need to”work with Lisa Gray”? The Lisa Gray/Andy Tobin slate lost…

      And she failed to congratulate the AJ LaFaro slate, she is a sore loser.

      • SuzanneC says:

        In my win with Robert, I am trying not to trash the losers, unlike you I want a win and not toss it in others peoples faces. Mike why keep trashing the people you do not agree with? In the past few months, I have had two types of cancer, I came through both with flying colors, many of the people who came to me with good wishes and prayers were the ones I did not get along with. And faster than some of my friends. But I gave them a chance, we still do not agree on many things but we surely do on others. I will work with all on anything we can come together on. Unlike some I will not try and take others away from the Republican party like these ego driven deserters who think they should start another political party to keep their power, I have no power over others only myself. I want a strong Republican Party, with victories in 2014 and we can only get there by electing an “R” nots taying home as many did in the Presidential election.

        Lisa Gray came to me and was very gracious to somone who trashed her all over the blogs. Maybe I can adjsut my attitude. I voted for AJ, I like the entire team he put together, even though at least one is very upset with me over my support for Robert. But Robert Graham played fair he ran a upbeat possitive campaign. PERIOD.

        I do not want the same thing happening to another Chairman like what was done to Tom. Even thought I have a better understanding of what they tossed away now than what I was originally told. But there wa no transition in place, no one went there and helped, they decided to let the new Chair and his staff faulter on their own, well they need to take some of the blame too. We have most of Tom’s team helping with the transition, maybe that should have been done with Tom, but was not. Their man lost so they left and said NA NA NA NA.

      • Save Our USA says:

        @Mike. You’re correct. Lisa and her team DID NOT congratulate Team LaFaro. That did not go unnoticed!
        Also, WE ARE HUMAN! We will NEVER agree on everything. We have to be willing to “listen” to ideas and suggestions from others. REMEMBER, we Republicans are a strong breed! Very opinionated, and think our own, personal ideas should be accepted no matter what! We also are fighters. sadly it’s within ourselves to our own. It’s obvious it means nothing to many of our brothers and sisters within our own party to try and destroy one another, chew one another and spit them out over and over again. Sadly, some people just don’t learn until it is too late. ALWAYS, look and her BOTH sides of situations.
        First of all we may learn something, we may not agree at all and agree to disagree, and we may open up an even greater idea to a thought! A TEAM EFFORT has to be put forth , a willingness to work things out “together” for the betterment of our Party that is so fractured right now seems of the utmost importance. It is imperative ANYONES INVOLVEMENT ON A TEAM/COMMITTEE has to keep open-minds as to how steps will be taken to communicate anything that may require discussion whether it be 1-on1 to a group discussion about an issue or issues. Just because your way may not be chosen to use doesn’t mean your’e ideas aren’t worth listening to again in the future on another topic. NEVER GIVE UP! Our goal is to DO OUR PERSONAL BEST TO COME UP WITH THE OVERALL “BEST” RESULTS/SOLUTIONS THAT WILL BENEFIT THE ULTIMATE GOAL OF THE AZGOP’S GRASSROOT CONSERVATIVE PEOPLE. Join us on our journey to produce nothing but the VERY BEST to and for our Parties grassroots conservatives. Volunteer YOUR expertise to help make this happen. Call up the GOP HQ as soon as possible an express an interest.

  7. greenvalleygal says:

    Chairman Morrissey called for inclusion of Libertarians and their energy in the AZGOP. Will Chairman Graham cultivate them along with the tea party?

    • SuzanneC says:

      The short answer is YES!!!!!

      • Night Owl says:

        Most Libertarians are for abortion on demand, and uncontrolled drug usage. They abhor constraints of any kind. What a swell society they envision in the name of “freedom.” Would you consider this a high ground arena in which to raise a family? I don’t. There are actions which benefit society and those that don’t. Not all restrictions are bad. We have lines in the street for a reason. They control chaos. We are a nation founded in law not in wild unrestraint.

        Tom Morrissey probably has little idea of what libertarians are actually about. His overtures are foolish.
        Euby got it partially right in his description. He is off base in thinking that they are willing to compromise on social issues. They are righteous in their stance.

      • Mike L. says:

        Are you an “official” spokesman for Robert Graham?

        I don’t think so…

        So why do you feel compelled to answer for him?

        You are very full of yourself.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Both Libertarians and the Tea Party don’t take the strong stances on social issues which Conservatives do. If they don’t want us to back off on social issues as the price for having them on board, they’re welcome.

      • Atilla's Hunni says:

        Euby, I agree with you, I have very very strong stances on abortion and drug use. But we need to find the areas of agreement, even the Libertarians have figured out that all they are doing is losing elections for Republicans and helping the Dimwitted Democrats win. When that happens they may get their drugs, but lose their guns and their other rights they hold so dear. They are more restricted than ever, even the Libertarians need to realize they must soften their stance on abortion.

        Ron Paul could not win a national election, they kept accusing me of voting for the lessor of two evils, hell I thought RP wa more evil than Mitt Romeny and just one about BHO. They see what they did in CD 9 with Jill, all Jill did was help elected Cristin Sinema a communist/socialist who will work with Obama on gun control but will give you abortion on demand.

        But truthfully, abortion is not a national issue, it is a state’s rights issue and all National candidates should shut up, period. We need to take back states rights, maybe then the Libertarians can make some inroads, quit being so demanding.

  8. East Valley PC says:

    I’m grateful the incompetent Tom Morrissey is gone. My dog could run a better meeting than him! Sitting through his glaring lack of leadership is torture…on many levels.

    • greenvalleygal says:

      Chairman Morrissey and his wife dedicated two years of volunteer leadership to the AZGOP. What has your dog done to match?

      • Ellsworth says:

        Do you actually think Morrissey can run a meeting? He should do penance for the pain he puts us through. I agree with East Valley PC. The man learned nothing in two years. It was good that he stepped up, and now it’s good that he’s stepped down….albeit while endorsing Doug Little who says the Republican party needs to back off of “divisive and contentious issues” like illegal immigration and abortion. It’s clear Doug Little hasn’t bothered to familiarize himself with the Republican Platform, which Constitutional Republicans support. When I saw the video of him saying that, I knew he was cooked.

        As to Chris Morrissey, she reveled in the limelight.

      • John Q says:

        Not only that, but where was EVPC two years ago when no one else would step up to the plate for the conservative cause. Morrissey was a round peg in a square hole, but he dedicated two years of his life in a job that caused him more torture than you will ever know. Thank the man for his willingness to serve in an office that he did not seek, but was drafted into. If Robert invests of himself as completely in the cause, he will be the best Arizona State Republican Party Chairman – EVER!

      • John Q says:

        Ellsworth – For you to take gratuitous shots at the wife of the former chairman is not only uncalled for, it shows your lack of minimal class.

        First of all, learn how to spell her name.

        Second, for every hour she was at an event, she invested dozens of hours behind the scenes doing the work no one else was willing to do. I did not get along with her on many levels, but she stood tall in supporting both her husband and the Party.

        While others let the HQ go into horrible disrepair to the point it was embarassing to have guests even enter, she spent hundreds of hours in cleaning, painting, scrubbing the toilets, updating the decor, etc. – many times with her own money!

        I have been around the scene for many decades and the only other spouse that invested themselves in the Party at the level Kris Morrissey was Jack Londen.

        Just be gracious and say THANK YOU! To do otherwise is just unbecoming and classless. I know that she will be glad to be away from ungrateful people like you.

      • Pima PC says:

        I thank Chairman Morrissey and his wife Kris for their dedication to our Party. I wish him well in his upcoming surgery.
        I also look forward to a well run Party and well run meetings. I am thrilled that we have Robert Graham at the helm and Linda White maintaining the position of Secretary, and I am NOT a power broker!!!

      • SuzanneC says:

        Kris Morrissey is a very classy woman, she received no compensation for her dedication to helping Tom. I like tom also, but there were too many forces against them.

        Tom went to the TP meetings to try and get each one to donate $5.00 a month to the party, that would raise the money McCain got the big donors to with hold. But no, many refused to put up $5.00. The TP hates McCain, but they still refused to give any monies to the Party. Well Tom had to go to McCain for the money, but it did not help, McCain has a ,long reach and he punished all Republican’s with his type of destruction.

        In order for us to be a viable Party we need the money to help candidates and educate the voters. We do not need Tea Party’s trashing the Republican party, where they at least have a home. You can say they will be Independent, tell me what you can do from the outside looking in, so far nothing. Lets get them back, there is going to be new policies and prceedures in place to talk and act on disagreements, but we need to talk not walk.

  9. Realist says:

    I see district 11 RINO Kathy “The Dekookifier” Petsass lost in the CD 6 race. Like Ronald Reagan used to say…”You can run, but you can’t hide” (from your past).

    Hats off to the state committeemen in CD 6.

    • Rambling Rose says:

      Yes! Wasn’t that great? Laurie Roberts at the AZ Repulsive will surely write a column on this indignity suffered by her kooky pal Petsass. (Notice I “borrowed” your clever spelling?)

    • Mike L. says:

      A slate was handed out to everybody in CD6

      Only Kathy’s name was circled with a large “NO” next to it.

      Oh the irony…

      • PV PC says:

        I’m a state delegate in CD6 and never saw the slate you describe. Regardless, I would NOT have voted for Kathy Petsas, who calls Constitution and Platform-based Republicans “kooks.” Worse, she does it in collusion with the real kooks at the Arizona Republic newspaper, whose sole aim is to turn this state blue and oust all of our Republican elected officials in the process. Phooey to her and her liberal leaings. She ought to switch her party and openly join with the Democrats with whom she shares so many opinions.

      • Save Our USA says:

        Kathy Petsas got what she deserved NOTHING! Shame on you Petsas! Go AWAY!

    • Save Our USA says:

      @ REALIST. Thank you! Sadly, Petsas, just as Bryer, O’Conner, Meiley, Sparky, Jeni White, and others I know and will yet protect until I decide to not, all keep on destroying themselves more and more. Their day will come!! Sooner than they think!!

  10. Atilla's Hunni says:

    I was more than happy Petsas lost, she stood there with a teflon frying pan and a comic book for props, gave a vile nasty talk and expected conservatives to want her for anything. She should switch parties and get a warm recepting from the real “Kooks”.

    • truth or consequences says:

      I don’t understand why Petsass isn’t universally loved(NOT MUCH). She had a multicolored, two sided, 5 by 7 flyer distributed featuring her candidacy for MAL. She was the only MAL candidate from LD 28. That was thanks to her LD 28 Chairman buddy Scott O’Connor’s failure to notify any of the other 300+ PCs to send in their applications for the MAL position.

      Petsass also saw to it that Kyl helped her dekookify LD 28 of conservative PCs via his multicolored 5 by 7 post card sent to all LD 28 Republicans urging them to only vote for those PCs blessed by Petsass. It was Petsass home return address on the postcard. And she denies she had anything to do with it?

      Petsass had all 114 PCs from her slate elected as State Committeemen from LD 28. I understand she only got 55 votes from three LDs and finished in 5th place? Can that be correct? Someone tell me if I am wrong. Petsass is really such a sweetie, Why would she garner so few votes?

  11. Arizona Conservative Guy says:

    We should all be rejoicing at the prospect of having this dynamic new leadership for the Arizona Republican Party. Let’s put all of yesterday’s infighting and gossip aside, and move forward. We have our work cut out for us and it requires UNITY! Let’s not assist the Democrats.

  12. American Patriot says:

    Time to come together folks. At least Doug Little congratulated Graham. From what I hear Lisa Gray has never had the good manners to do the same with AJ LaFaro in the Maricopa County election that was held TWO WEEKS ago! Such class….

    • greenvalleygal says:

      What a pleasure it was for us Southern Arizona people to be graciously greeted by AJ Lafaro at the Chairman’s Award Dinner!
      We are grateful for his leadership and committment. Thanks, AJ!

    • Save Our USA says:

      I guess better late than never. If he had any class he would have been up there right after Mr. Graham was announced new Chair. He barely made it in time. He also has a lot of apologizing to do.He never called and made a police report as he was told to do regarding the threat he “apparently” made. Why not? BECAUSE IT DIDN’T EVER HAPPEN!!! ALL HEARSAY MR. AND MRS. LITTLE!! WHAT CLASS!!

      • Mike L. says:

        “He barely made it in time”

        What the heck are you talking about? Did you create some imaginary time limit for Chairman Little to congratulate the winner?

        Editors note: We have taken the liberty of removing your medical diagnosis of another commenter.

      • CD9 says:

        Mike, we said the same thing, ‘Make a police Report”. It never happened, but they tried to stroke it till the very end. Little tried and tried to get traction on this, I know many emails were sent to him and many phone calls were made, I alos know his team had appointments but cancelled them, would nto show to discuss this. That was one of their tactical errors. Believing heresay and repeating it. Or starting the whisper campaign that others were accused of.

        Doug Little did come up on stage at almost an after thought to congradulate Robert, I am still trying to find out if Lynne did. But in the end, the hurt feelings will turn back to activism I hope, and the vile nasty remarks made during the campaign will be left at the door and we will again be a group of Republican’s working for the betterment of Arizona and the USA.

  13. No Guts, No Glory! says:

    What am I “chopped liver”? I never got a slate either. Did it really happen?

  14. RINO Hunter says:

    It is a great time to get a new start. We need to pull together and get Constitutional principles first candidates elected at every opportunity. Let’s work together to find the best candidates we can find in order to take out the establishment.

  15. eubykdisop says:

    In conclusion, it looks like Conservative Republicans are alive and well and chomping at the bit to kick some Liberal and Rino butt!

    America lives!

  16. Mike L. says:

    I was afraid that she would start attacking people with her “assault frying pan”

    She was not real happy that she lost. And to add icing to the cake, a ron paul kook also lost.

  17. CD9 says:

    Mike, we lost several elections because of the RP followers, I think they see what they did by getting a 3rd party to enter races or staying home or writting in RP’s name, or voting Gary Johnson. We need to get together on what we can agree on and stop the infighting, I know I am just as guility as the rest on that. In fact if you look areound there are more of them left then us oldies trying to hold on till we rid this Country of BHO and the Clinton’s.

    But I am a firm believer if they want to join the Republican Party, they need tor espect our Platform. They along with RP want to strike down the Social Issues we believe in, if they want inclusion, they must accept us also.

  18. Westnash says:

    They should be more worried about Democrats than Rino’s. I would like to know more about Graham’s career as a Financial Engineer. Wasn’t this about the same career as Chuck Keating?

    • eubykdisop says:

      Why should “they” be more worried about Democrats than RINO’s, Westnash? Please explain that to us.

      Let’s keep this practical, Westnash. It was Graham or Little. Are you saying that you would have preferred that Little won?

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  20. ld20liberty says:

    most Paul supporters are pro life.. we recognise life at conception and stand consistently in favor of state determination on all issues not addressed the constitution.. the social issues that we disagree on in terms of marijuana decriminalization are of no consequence if we don’t stand together to protect our constitution from the radical left, we can get back to politics as usual later