Desperate AZ Republic luring subscribers with ca$h


$2500 in prize money for buying liberal agenda

Although number one of the nine official rules to enter the Arizona Republic Gift Card Giveaway! obligatorily declares in large print NO PURCHASE NECESSARY TO ENTER OR TO WIN. A PURCHASE WILL NOT INCREASE YOUR ODDS OF WINNING. SUBJECT TO FEDERAL, STATE, LOCAL AND MUNICIPAL LAWS AND REGULATIONS. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED — you just know a purchase is precisely the intent of the money giveaway.

The Grand Prize is a $1500 Visa gift card. Ten $100 prizes are additional carrots dangled by the online-subscription hungry newspaper.  If you’re thinking this giveaway is merely post-holiday benevolence on the part of the newspaper, think again.  In minuscule type under the phone number to call “for a chance to win” is this small caveat: All call-ins will receive a promotional offer from The Arizona Republic.

Who’d a guessed?

Winners will be selected by a random drawing Wednesday, February 6, 2013. No doubt anticipatory palpitations are shaking through bodies around the state. Recent offers of an umbrella covered with the words, “Arizona Republic” and slashed online subscription rates didn’t bolster the sickly newspaper, barely clinging on life support. The decision-making wizards are hoping offers of hard cash will.

But reality includes grim statistics which can be seen in this annual report “The State of the News Media 2012,” as profit margins continue to decline for media companies and stocks fall across the board. Rapidly plummeting advertising revenues continue to be the industry’s core problem. Ad revenues are now less than half what they were in 2006. Additionally the 20-year view shows a steady slide in paid circulation. Daily circulation, which stood at 62.3 million in 1990, fell to 43.4 million by 2010, a decline of 30%. 

Readership remains confined mainly to older readers, although that number is also falling. Even Grandpa can only stand so much liberal opinion passing as news, and has fled. He’s no fool, preferring those hot, smart, conservative babes on FOX News who deliver the unvarnished truth.

14 Responses to Desperate AZ Republic luring subscribers with ca$h

  1. Maggie says:

    I have a splendid suggestion that might save the newspaper. Get rid of their “kook’ Laurie Roberts. Sweep out their liberals beginning with Linda Valdez, Yvonne Wingett, Mary Jo Pitzl, Daniel Gonzalez, and McCain toady Dan Nowicki (are they going to assign one to the Flake?).

    Dump cartoonist Steve Benson. I’m sure I missed some in my listing because I’ve stopped reading this sad excuse for a newspaper.

    • State Delegate says:

      Funny isn’t it that when the Republic’s Laurie Robert’s “De-Kookification” friend Kathy Petsas lost the election for Member-at-Large at last Saturday’s statewide Republican Statutory meeting, the usually verbose Roberts became strangely silent.

      Even the loosey goosey Republicans in Petsas’ LD 28 could not possibly be as enthused with her as she is with herself and you are with her. She was tossed on her ear by her own district “moderates.”

  2. Westnash says:

    Even 10 years ago this was an overpriced but poor newspaper. The business is tough today for all newspapers but there is more interest in news and more news being communicated than ever. If it were only a liberal bias that would not explain other paid publications having the same problem.

    Interesting that they do not see the need to delve into the excessive pay increase of the City Manager and the huge issue of the $50 millions in water bonds for Cave Creek in a more meaningful way.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Westnash wrote: “If it were only a liberal bias that would not explain other paid publications having the same problem.”

      The article does not claim that it is “only” a Liberal bias, Westnash. In fact, the article goes to great lengths to point out the trend in the annual report. Nevertheless, as a Liberal, you felt compelled to make that point clear, LOL!

      The fact is that the Arizona Republic is a Gannett-owned newspaper. Gannett has not only had a Liberal bias for many years but it has also sought to deceive voters through editorials in it’s “military” publications, like the “Army Times”, giving the impression that they speak for our men and women in uniform:

      “Election Smackdown: Conservative Vs. Liberal Media”

      “Cliff Kincaid — November 6, 2006”

      “Another important bastion of liberal media power, the Gannett Co., the parent of USA Today, is weighing in on the eve of the election with an editorial calling for the firing of Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Because the editorial is appearing in Army Times and other military periodicals, some are suggesting that it represents the opinion of the ordinary soldier. In fact, however, all of these publications are part of the Military Times Media Group, a subsidiary of the liberal Gannett Co..”

      “Coming close to calling the Army Times editorial a dirty media trick designed to fool voters, White House spokesman Tony Snow commented on Saturday: “A lot of people are thinking, aha, what you have are a lot of military people in open revolt against the President, when, in fact, you’ve got a lot of Gannett editorial writers, which would be thoroughly consistent with USA Today and the rest of the Gannett chain, which I think, if memory serves, does not have a single strong conservative editorial page in the entire chain.”

  3. Blaine Dunning says:

    Will anybody miss them when they fold? I think not!

  4. Still Hoping says:

    About five years ago I was going to the grocery store, two men stood outside trying to get us to take the newspaper. I asked them to open it up, and the real stories were all below the fold. I pointed that out and said when this changes I may possibly read this.

  5. Army Of One says:

    Monetary prizes for subscriptions? Sorry guys, that’s not the way to generate revenue. Although its clear the newspaper needs to change its liberal agenda driven spew and factually report news, it’s clear that will never happen. When the Republic’s carcass is hauled off as so many others have been, they can hold themselves responsible. Bet they’ll feel smug that they accomplished their task of spreading the manure they pass off as reporting.

    • eubykdisop says:

      They may feel smug, Army Of One, but after spreading all of that manure, they don’t smell so good, LOL! ;-)

  6. No Name Please says:

    Newspapers are collapsing all over. Few people read. The union run schools have accomplished their goal of controlling the populace by virtue of dumbing them down. I have one set of grandchildren who are the products of public education. The others, of similar ages, were home schooled. Both sets of parents are college graduates and involved parents. As a grandparent it’s difficult to be objective, but I would say both sets of kids are of higher than average intelligence.

    The public school grads can’t write. They print. Their spelling is atrocious. They have limited math skills and neither one could find Japan on the globe that is on our family room book shelf when I asked them.

    The homeschoolers both received university scholarships. They are excelling, one in engineering the other in architecture. They each have easily readable cursive handwritiing, are obviously proficient in math and are avid readers. They know what’s going on in the news and speak intelligently, even when are views differ. They know geography and history! The others’ talk centers on pop culture. I recently tried to engage the oldest boy (age 23) in a conversation about WWII, and he had shockingly little factual information, which he thought was funny enough to laugh about.

    Both sets are good kids who grew up in intact and loving families. As grandparents, we have always been involved in their lives. They all have decent friends. No run-ins with the law. Both are churchgoers. I point to them as an example of today’s failing public education. Incidentally, one pair voted for Barack Obama, The others did not. It’s not difficult to guess.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Most public schools no longer teach chidlren to write in script!

      “Schools Not Teaching Cursive Writing”

      “41 States Don’t Require Students to Learn Cursive”

      “Just print your John Hancock here. It may sound funny, but given the current educational standards across the US, few tots may know how to sign their name by the time they graduate from high school. To date, 41 states have adopted the Common Core State Standards for English, a new set of standards students are expected to learn before graduation, which doesn’t include cursive writing.”

      I guess it’s tough enough to try to teach the children of illegal aliens to print in English, let alone to write English in script! And, of course, the abilities of the aliens, or lack thereof, is what determines the limits of what will be taught to everyone!

      • Tomfoolery says:

        You make some well reasoned points…unfortunately. We are in the worst of times as related to educating the masses. We are getting the masses, but not the educating.

    • Westnash says:

      Good post. It is amazing to see how little children and young adults know about history. Books on history are actually selling better than ever but the audience must be middle age people and up.

      I happened to see a BBC program yesterday where an audience questioned representatives and newscasters about current political events in the UK weekly. Some of the best and most articulate questioners were young adults….they complained about no jobs but that had a high grasp of current events. Hard to believe that could happen here. Our educators are paid much better than theirs and are at least part of the problem.

  7. Chuck says:

    Today, with major instability swirling around the globe, the economy in chaos and a dictator in the White House, this idiotic newspaper ran a front page report on the fact that cats eat birds! Give me a break!

  8. NightOwl says:

    The Arizona Repulsive couldn’t make an offer sweet enough for me to ditch my principles to have their rubbish come into my home.