Amnesty: Hayworth calls it “…wrong policy at the wrong time”

In reporting on the supposed “bipartisan support” for “comprehensive immigration reform,” WND takes the issue to knowledgeable constitutional stalwart, former U.S. Rep J.D. Hayworth who actually wrote a book on the topic. Whatever It Takes: Illegal Immigration, Border Security, and the War on Terror was written by the 6-term Arizona Republican Congressman, who is now involved with

Hayworth is a frequent and popular guest host on nationally syndicated conservative radio programs.

We urge you to read this rational view on the massive impact of granting amnesty to millions illegally in our country. Hayworth says the current proposals are nothing more than a rerun of the 2007 plans, and “that means amnesty.” Among his cogent concerns, “Our sovereignty as a constitutional republic and where we stand fiscally.”

13 Responses to Amnesty: Hayworth calls it “…wrong policy at the wrong time”

  1. CD9 says:

    Oh please, I dream of what might have been, if only, if only JD would have won we would not be facing another Amnesty fight. Did you McCain sicophants really think he was going to “Build the dang fence”. He is retreading the 2007 bill, and there is still nothing about the fence, and yes the fence is the only thing I will accept and that has to be built first.

    We are stuck with two much less than perfect Senators, McCain, lets hope will not run again, and if amnesty goes through, the Mexicans will run a Latino against McFlake, how funny that will be.

    • Matt DeGennaro says:

      How right you are, CD9! We will all suffer due to McCain and now McCain Jr.’s election. McCain is a liberal and Jeff The Flake has long been a Libertarian, who knew he needed to use the GOP as his pathway to the US House of Representatives and now the Senate. Once in office, there is hell to pay getting them out without a lot of determined people working diligently to get the message of their deception out to the oblivious voters who mostly don’t pay attention until the ballot is in their hands and then vote for the name they recognize or against the one who has been smeared by the name they recognize. Witness what happened to JD Hayworth and Wil Cardon in their senate races. They were demolished by the vicious ads and money incumbents can generate through Independent Expenditure campaigns…all without having their own fingerprints show up on the barrge of unadulterated spew.

  2. eubykdisop says:

    I found this part of the article to be very significant:


    “Niger Innis, the national outreach director with, said there are other problems with the amnesty program idea.”

    “It does not address assimilation, which is critical,” he said.

    “He notes that this is one of America’s crucial problems, because kids in cities are not being given a foundation in civics.”

    “The irony is that those who go through immigration the correct way must go through a civics and American history examination,” he said.

    “But under the new plan, it’s not a requirement.”

    I have not seen that mentioned anywhere before but it explains WHY so many illegal immigrants, especially those from south of our border, are NOT assimilating. Again, that is no accident. It is part of “One World” and the “New World Order” and is specifically intended to bring about the dissolution of The United States of America as we have known it.

    Furthermore, it puts illegal immigrants in the position of having Liberal activists as their ONLY source for information, derpriving them of objective knowledge of U. S. civics and history which they should have in order to protect themselves. It’s a setup to be completely exploited by the Liberal left.

    • Westnash says:

      I have been to the Balkans, Euby. You have the Balkans in Phoenix and every city where there is an area that no one speaks English.

      Our elected officials are too busy raising money and counting their public paid benefits to become involved in making sure Balkanization doesn’t occur. The major Republicans in Arizona are hiring these illegals so naturally they are here to stay.

      • eubykdisop says:

        It’s not JUST about not speaking English, Westnash. It’s about not being required to be knowledgeable about American civics and American history and avoiding being required prove basic understanding of those areas through an examination.

        This avoidance, through amnesty, of empowering immigrants with knowledge of how America works leaves them entirely at the mercy of Liberal activists who seek to ruthlessly exploit them for their own nefarious ends.

  3. Westnash says:

    New article in Vanity Fair on Arizona:

    Lot’s of this we know is true…some is false. Point is the looneys on both sides make Arizona look foolish nationally and send us closer to becoming California every day.

    The Democrat’s love it!

    • Arizona Conservative Guy says:

      Westnash: You have finally exposed yourself as the liberal you are. If you think this Vanity Fair article is worthy of a link on Seeing Red AZ, you’re finally completely out of the shadows. An article that describes Arizona’s slide into “Kookocracy” and chastises Gov. Brewer for taking on Obama over SB 1070, as well as harping on Sheriff Joe Arpaio, would be right up your alley. Thanks for sending this. I will now skip over any of your future comments without reading them. They are not worthy of my time. I work with liberals. I don’t need more when I come here for a dose of sanity.

      No wonder you know what Democrats “love.” You’re clearly aligned with their thought if not with their political party. I’d take no bets on the latter.

      • Westnash says:

        Actually, I don’t care what you think but the point of me posting the article link was that this is how OTHERS see Arizona. Point is looneys on both sides makes Arizona look foolish.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Why would I or any other Arizona Conservative Republican give a rat’s patootie how “OTHERS” see Arizona? You sound like Jerry Lewis, who was so concerned about how Communist China views Arizona.

        Furthermore, you’re always talking about “looking foolish”. Is THAT what you think Conservatives are about, avoiding looking foolish at all costs? Foolish to who, Liberals like you, LOL!

      • Doc says:

        ACG…Already been doing this. As such, I’m back to enjoying my FAVORITE Conservative Blog, SRA! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS!

      • Observer says:

        Welcome back, Doc. I always enjoy getting your take on the issues. How are things in Prescott? You guys did a fine jpb in swapping out your Yavapai County GOP chairman!! It’s always a plus to oust the RINOs.

  4. CD9 says:

    But, But, Mc#$%^&*() is such a good American, is he not? He would never, never do anything so repuli\sive as take away the American History requirement? Is this not his bill, his “This is not AMNESTY” bill that Mc$%^&*( spews to us trying to tell us what is not? The Liar.

    I know Euby, rememebr Mc#$%^&*( betrayed his country n Vietnam and then when he got on the Commission to find our POW’s and MIA’s. How can the people here be so #$%^&*(? How can they get so upset then say he promoised me? I look at them when they say that to me and go @#$%^&. And I do it with a straight face.

    McCain had to be talked into running as a Republican, remember he was a Democrat. He has never been conservative, but Barry Goldwater entrusted the office to him, and the fools who keep voting for him are too old to understand what he is doing.

    I still say, close our Primaries or make us a Caucus state. Rid us of the two Mc’s.

    • eubykdisop says:

      My opinion, based upon long history, is that many elections are not on the up and up, CD9. Furthermore, I think that the more critical the election to the implementation of the “New World Order”, as was Flake’s election, the more certain we can be that “by any means necessary” will be at work, whether we bust it or not.