Michael Crow, Sybil Francis: A$U’s pricey duo

He’s quite a deal at 3/4 of a million, plus, plus, plus…

The usually fawning Arizona Republic is shining a bright light on ASU’s President Michael Crow. The headline was captivating in its revealing jab, “Reaching for the bonus money.“ In what appears to be a carefully selected accompanying photo, Crow is ostensibly waving.  But with his fingers splayed, and riveted stare, he appears to be grasping for an unseen money bag.

The report says. “ASU’s crow could get up to $260,000 extra in 3 years.”

There is only one takeaway.  Crow has done something to tick off the newspaper. The question is, what is it?

There appeared to have been a respite after the March 2008 article in which the daily ripped Crow’s wife Sybil Francis  questioning her hiring by the ASU Foundation for the healthy sum of $160,000. Interestingly, in her current Center for the Future of Arizona bio, she is still “deeply embedded in the Arizona State University Community and serves as a Senior Advisor to the ASU Foundation.” The Foundation is ASU’s main fundraising arm.

At the time, Johnnie Ray, ASU’s Foundation’s president and chief executive officer, called her a “senior advisor” and claimed the Crow/Francis duo was worth their weight in gold. According to Ray, Francis “is present at many university events and helps cultivate potential donors.”

How she serves as a senior advisor to the group that hired her is mystifying.

And Crow?  His annual salary of $475,000 plus benefits comes in at $742,500. There’s that $50,000 housing allowance to assist in maintaining their exclusive $1,250,000 Paradise Valley digs, and a nifty $10,000 yearly car allowance. The ASU Foundation on which his wife serves as a “senior advisor” kicks in an additional $100,000 annually in compensation. His yearly $85,500 pension and $22,000 in retirement, would round it all out nicely…but then there are the proposed yearly crank-up bonuses: 2013: Up to $40,000, 2014: Up to $40,000, and the major step-up in 2015: Up to $180,000 for exceeding benchmarks for freshman retention, research revenue, bachelor’s degrees awarded and transfer students.

That bonus money Crow was reaching for?  In a move that surprised no one, the Board of Regents approved it yesterday, adding the $260,000 bonus clause to his contract.

And Sybil Francis? Finding her current salary is a task we have not mastered. But it’s a sure bet it far exceeds the $160,000 salary she was paid five long years ago. 

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20 Responses to Michael Crow, Sybil Francis: A$U’s pricey duo

  1. Velcro says:

    It is always interesting to check the salaries at these beloved institutions and see how many people make over $100k a year. Then compare to custodial and grounds jobs where people work 2 or 3 jobs to make ends meet.

    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a socialist, but the disparity is so glaring that Crow et al (and Hart) may as well tell the low lifes to “eat cake”.

    Part of the problem is that the upper crust competes in a national market while the rest of us compete in a local market.

  2. Observer says:

    Michael Crow’s bloated salary and excessive perks are exceeded only by his bloated ego. What a shame that the Board of Regents has bought into both. His wife is another story, equally egregious.

  3. MacBeth says:

    Arizona taxpayers and ASU students, who have been continually victimized by massive tuition and fee increases, have been taken to the cleaners by this toupee wearing charlatan named Michael Crow. His bottom line issue is and has been since his hiring in 2002, the money in his own pocket. How much do you want to bet he could be replaced in a hot minute by someone who would successfully do the same job for half the base pay, minus perks and benies?

  4. eubykdisop says:

    The university system is not only the biggest money-draining pork barrel in the state but it is also a hotbed of Liberal activity!

    ASU started out as a teacher’s college. That made sense back then because there was a need in the state for teachers. Now it has become it’s own empire whose mission is self-perpetuation and unending growth while serving as a vehicle to promote much of the Liberal agenda. U of A is even worse in that regard.

    State funded universities should serve to meet the needs of the state first and the needs of the nation second. It should prepare American young people to enter the workforce in professions where they are needed. Tuition should be kept as low as possible because it should be considered to be a service to the state and to state residents.

    State legislators should choke off funds, forcing state universities to shed basket weaving and sports programs, shrinking the behemoths down to size and keeping them on track.

    • Kent says:

      Liberal activity and pork barrel spending, for sure! Are you aware that ASU hosts LGBTQA Education Workshops under the auspices of its LGBTQA Services Department? Yes. There is actually such a department!

      The acronym stands for:
      “Lesbian,Gay,Transgender,Queer/Questioning and Allies Services.”

      • a 2-3 hour Introduction to LGBTQA Communities at ASU workshop that combines SafeZONE 101/Gender Identity 101
      •Student panel for classrooms or residence halls
      •Professional development training that combines the “Introduction to LGBTQA Communities at ASU” with the area of interest particular to your group or department.

      Our tax dollars are paying for this and other such crap, authorized by Michael Crow.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Ugggh! That’s disgusting, Kent! :-(

        But thanks a lot for sharing those specifics and getting it out there for everyone to see! We need to know reality, no matter how ugly it may be, or we can’t take appropriate action!

  5. Westnash says:

    Good story. These positions are what is bankrupting our country. One here, one there and then you look up and there are 1,000’s in Phoenix alone…all paid by taxpayers. All should be put up to bif for 30 cents on the dollar and you would get 1,000s of qualified applicants. Same as the Phoenix City Manager.

  6. Vince says:

    Remember when the term “Queer” was a perjorative? Now it’s morphed into a means of self description.

    • eubykdisop says:

      I’ve been told by homosexual people that it’s fine for them to use the term “queer” but if a straight person uses it that it then becomes an insulting “slur”.

  7. Sgt. Preston says:

    Did you see THIS?

    Governor Brewer today joined the Arizona Board of Regents at its regular meeting to encourage the regents to support her FY14 state budget proposal and Medicaid expansion plan. Demonstrating the Board’s support, the regents passed a resolution endorsing the Governor’s budget recommendations for Arizona’s public universities in lieu of the Board’s earlier budget request. The resolution also demonstrates the Board’s support of the Medicaid expansion plan, which would allow state general fund dollars to be redirected for education in FY2014 – 2016 and beyond.
    “The Board applauds the Governor’s budget recommendations…blah, blah, blah…..”

    Here’s the Resolution these elite phonies passed:

    Click to access Resolution%20of%20Support%20of%20Governor%20Brewer%27s%20FY14%20Budget%20Proposal.pdf

    I really expected more from former GOP legislator Greg Patterson, but he’s now paying the power game, too.

  8. Frankly Speaking says:

    Take a look at the political insiders who are on the powerful Board of Regents:


    Even the so-called Republicans veer left. There are a collection of former politicians and strategists stirred into the unsavory mix

    • eubykdisop says:

      Dennis DeConcini! Good Lord, what do we have to do to make HIM go away?

      • Ajo Joe says:

        Dennis DeConcini was AZ’s slippery dem senator who bided his time in order to be the deciding vote in the Panama Canal giveaway. Just before he left office he ensured that federal buildings would be named after his own family members. He was utterly despicable as a senator, and was every bit as guilty as John McCain in the Keating Five banking and political contribution scandal, that ended the careers of other senators. AZ’s snakes managed to slither past.

        There is a message for Republicans in the DeConcini win back in the mid 70’s. It was painful to see this liberal succeed Republican Paul Fannin in the senate. But the GOP primary saw a catastrophic intra-party fight between the then-current U.S. Reps. Sam Steiger and John Conlan. People were so disgusted by the vicious assaults they each hurled that DeConcini won.

        Years later we witnessed a repeat of the same type of political warfare when former weatherman-turned-lawyer, John Kaites and Tom McGovern engaged in a similar slugfest in the Attorney General primary. With Wes Gullett and Chuck Coughlin as his campaign strategists, Kaites ran a guttersnipe ad showing McGovern behind bars, a reference to a minor teenage run in with the law.

        Kaites’ below the belt actions so soured Republicans, that we ended up with Janet Napolitano. She had already been appointed US Attorney General for the District of Arizona by Bill Clinton. Her victory in that Arizona Attorney General’s race pushed her political career into high gear, She went on to be elected governor and is now in Obama’s cabinet. Rumors abound that she is seriously considering a run for President after her boss Obama is out.

        Dirty campaigns are NOT the way to go. We end up with sleazy Democrats. And then they end up on the Board of Regents.

  9. Hagar says:

    I’m a Greek alumnus from ASU and Ivy Leaguer Crow’s determination to destroy the Greek system there is disgusting. After years of negotiations to build a new Greek complex, when existing Greek houses in good faith turned their owned property into a foundation to fund it, Crow and his goons are now stealing the land by eminent domain. What a slime!.

  10. Westnash says:

    What should be further investigated is the influence that college book suppliers have on these administrators and on the elected politicians. It is easy to spend $150 for a college textbook that teaches some basic subject and costs $5 to print. It is in the textbook company’s interest to have these adopted because there is a huge profit margin involved so trying to buy influence becomes the normal practice.

    The people that lose are students, parents, and taxpayers.

  11. LEO IN TSN says:

    This is a rabid dog that breaks into the public eye occasionally, causes a stir of outrage, and then is closeted again by the academic community where it grows bigger and sicker. Appointments by NEA-teacher/governors perpetuate and exacerbate the destruction, and the taxpayers are left with all the wounds and the bills.

    At the UA, handled just like ASU, the tuition and FEES for a real (in-state) college student following a real college program for this semester total over $5,000. At the same time, the “desired” groups of students are recruited, fees are waived, tuition is paid out of special minority grants & waivers, and they pursue degrees in HIP-HOP, the Music and the Culture. No joke, this is for real.

    So academia needs more money for more pay for more professors to fill more new classroom buildings to turn out more brainwashed socialist kiddies, and the taxpayers yawn and go back to sleep without a clue as to why we are rocketing down the road to destruction. Maybe this should be one of the issues come election time?

    God bless America.

  12. chick20112011 says:

    ASU never gives up a chance to stroke Crow’s ego. A “happy holidays” to ASU parents email contained a stroker. The guy has done nothing to bring up the VALUE of the education. Just raise tuition and fees. Once again, those paying for their education have to pay for everyone else. What he has built is an expensive facade with not much behind it. Why does every ASU email, the Alumni magazine feel the need to orgasm over Crow? Crow let the dirty secret out of the bag, Once publicly. Every “paying” student pays 20% of their tuition (so if you get a loan, tack on the interest) for another student’s (free ride) cost. They are putting money heavily into the feel-good, Algore type programs and the PC programs at the school, and the rest is going down the tubes.

  13. eubykdisop says:

    Why is Crow the golden boy? How about getting $15 million out of the Obama administration, LOL!

    “ASU lands $15M DOE grant for algae test bed project”

    “Sep 11, 2012”

    “Patrick O’Grady”

    “Arizona State University will lead a consortium of public and private groups on a $15 million grant from the U.S. Department of Energy that will examine test beds for algae research.”

    “The grant, announced Tuesday, potentially puts ASU at the top of a small class of algae researchers, said Gary Dirks, director of ASU’s LightWorks, the university’s research component for all things dealing with sunlit energy technologies.”


    Oh yeah, bring home da bacon!

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