Speaker Tobin: Union reform bills deserve debate, vote

The daily newspaper is up to its old skullduggery again. In the first two sentences on the union bills which have passed the Arizona Senate, the blatantly dishonest report used the identical words “restrict unions.” That should be the first clue that these bills being held hostage by pro-union House Speaker Andy Tobin, are worthy of getting fair treatment.  We exposed the leftward bent of the local daily on these issues just last month.

Three reasonable reform measures that have cleared the Arizona Senate will likely not see the light of day without vigorous citizen input. 

Arizona Congressmen — Trent Franks, Paul Gosar, Matt Salmon and David Schweikert — agree, and have sent a letter to Speaker Tobin urging him to allow debate and a vote on these bills. Obviously leadership takes a back seat to union allegiance with Speaker Tobin. His brother is Deputy Chief Brian Tobin, president of the Professional Firefighters of AZ union and the founding president of Phoenix Fire’s “Command Officers Association” Union. He is currently chairman of the board of trustees of Arizona Public Safety Personnel Retirement System.

Don’t  be fooled by the fact that Brian’s brother Andy holds a Republican leadership position in the state legislature. In his official capacity, committed unionist Brian Tobin was a member of the steering committee for John Kerry for President.

Speaker Andy Tobin’s disappointing lack of responsible leadership earned him and his colleague Steve Pierce votes of censure from the Executive Guidance Committee (EGC) of the Maricopa County Republican Committee last November. His taint resonates. Lisa Gray’s strong ties to Tobin caused her campaign for Maricopa County Chair to falter — as she and her entire team —  lost the election due to her allegiance to Tobin, resulting in an overwhelming victory for conservative Team LaFaro.

These bills are extremely important. Call House Speaker Tobin’s office and ask that they get a fair hearing.

HB 2026 Rep. Michelle Ugenti (R-LD23)

HB 2330 Rep. Steve Montenegro (R-LD13)

HB 2438 Rep. Justin Olson (R-LD25)

Give Speaker Andy Tobin a call. His office number is (602) 926-5172. He knows this is how Democracy is intended to work.  Since we pay his salary, he’d no doubt be happy to hear from us.

10 Responses to Speaker Tobin: Union reform bills deserve debate, vote

  1. Clementine says:

    I agree with this post. it’s not too much to ask that Arizona citizens get action on these bills. This petulance on his part doesn’t speak all that well of a man called “Speaker.” With his attitude, he should be called “Supreme Ruler.” That’s what his actions portray him as. I wonder if he was once a Democrat like his brother is. Betcha he was!

    • Diogidog says:

      Tobin will never get anywhere in the future of Arizona Republican Politics. The PRIMARY is where voters need to send scoundrels a clear message. Like other politicians before him, Tobin will deservedly end up on the trash heap of “former” this and that … Birds of a feather …

  2. Kent says:

    Tobin’s actions, or lack of them, are infuriating! I hope the people in his district realize what a jerk he is and stop reelecting him.

  3. Philip Alu says:

    I just called @4:40 pm and Sarah said they would get back within 24 hrs.

    • Attila The Hunny says:

      I spoke with her earlier. She was polite and professional, and appeared unaware of the fact that the bills were being purposely held. She asked the bill numbers and kindly looked up each one without me asking her to do so.
      I requested that she pass along to her boss my message that they get a fair hearing.

  4. Annie O. says:

    If the Senate Republicans can find the guts to vote on these
    bills, it’s not unreasonable for us to expect the same from the
    House Republicans. And to vote like Republicans!

    • Yavapai Al says:

      Well stated, Annie! But I live in Andy Tobin’s district and have learned not to expect too much from him.

  5. JPD (@JPD321) says:

    Tobin did the same with John Fillmore’s school unification and consolidation bills last session.

  6. sgtflapjaw says:

    Dear Rep. Tobin,
    Any elected official who assists the Public Employee Unions in maintaining or increasing their power or aiding their financial position at the expense of the tax payers [the third party payers], is acting in direct opposition to the constituary that elected him.
    It should begin the swan song for that official.