Amnesty? Hard facts, solid numbers tell the real story

A path to oblivion for the GOP

Ann Coulter has written a masterful and relevant column titled, Hispanicked GOP Elite: They’ll Respect Us In the Morning. Coulter backs up her opinions with data.  It’s well worth the time of anyone who cares about the impact of rolling out the amnesty welcome mat to those who chose to come to the United States illegally.

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10 Responses to Amnesty? Hard facts, solid numbers tell the real story

  1. MacBeth says:

    Coulter gets it!! Why don’t McCain, Flake and the rest of the foolish Republicans? Not much of a surprise they were able to bring in liberals like Chuckie Schumer. The Democrats benefit and we lose. THEY know it and WE don’t have a clue. Amnesty has not been and will not be a winning issue for the GOP. History proves that to be the case.

    • eubykdisop says:

      It isn’t about Democrats or Republicans winning, MacBeth. It’s about the “New World Order” elites winning, regardless of their party affiliation.

      • MacBeth says:

        True, euby. However there is not a “New World Order” political party. That’s what I was referring to in this context.

      • eubykdisop says:

        That’s right, MacBeth! That’s why we see what appear to be some strange bedfellows crossing party lines to be “bipartisan”, LOL!

  2. Vince says:

    This article should be mandatory reading for the entire congress — especially the too-eager-to-please, and very foolish Republicans, who are ensuring our doom

  3. LEO IN TSN says:

    I suggest that everyone should call his federal (R) representative and his federal (Rino) senators to make sure THEY have read this piece.

    God bless America

    • LEO IN TSN says:

      SRA people, bend over and get ready to get MCCAIN’ed by your Phx mayor Greg Stanton. Cathi Herrod at Center for AZ Policy has put out an alert about his pending “Open Bathrooms Ordinance” sneaking McAmnesty-like through the City Council.

      Cathi says “Because of how the Bathroom Bill has been brought through the Phoenix City Council, many on the Council are unaware of the problems it will cause.
      If you call or email the Council, and they are unaware of what the Bathroom Bill is, let them know you are referring to “the amendment to Chapter 18 of the Human Relations Commission section in city code.” It is scheduled to come up for a vote on Tuesday – please urge them to vote no.”

      For details of the stealth bill and for contact info for the city council members, go to Cathi’s site at and educate the valley.

      God bless America.

  4. ann says:

    I wonder if the Republicans are using getting the Hispanic vote as a political ploy. They KNOW they won’t get the vote, but they sure want cheap labor for their cronies.