AZ República hearts Señor Juan McPhony, extols illegal releases

The amnesty devotees at the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) are in a congratulatory mode. The object of their editorial affection is none other than the “senator [who] showed political moxie.”

That, of course would be John McCain, the doddering dodger who nearly got run out of several Arizona towns as he took his amnesty show on the road last week. Readers will recall that after facing angry crowds at Town Hall meetings — just preceding his chummy tête-à-tête south of the border with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto — promising a path to citizenship for Nieto’s own citizens, McCain actually said “I’ve seen a shift in attitude….”

There’s not a chance he came away from those meetings with enraged constituents drawing that ridiculous conclusion, but when did reality matter to John McCain?

McCain’s new senate underling Jeff Flake rates editorial praise, also. The two of them are colluding with other pro-amnesty hustlers known as the Gang of 8, (although Flake managed to work in a short side trip to Cuba to shore up his creds in the Communist island). But back in March 2011, that was not the case. As his McMentor strolled the border claiming he wanted to “complete the danged fence,” Flake was busy shifting into campaign backpedal form. Clearly dismayed editorialist Doug MacEachern called Flake’s change of heart on legalizing millions of illegal aliens “jarring,” and declared Flake a mere “politician” — no longer a “statesman” — for emulating John McCain’s campaign border epiphany during his last senatorial campaign.

Now happily able to blame the mandatory federal budget cuts of sequestration, Janet Napolitano, Homeland INsecurity chieftain, has begun releasing illegal aliens held in detention centers across the country. An ICE spokesman farcically claims they will “be placed on an appropriate, more cost-effective form of supervised release,” monitored either by electronic device or by being required to check in with ICE by phone or in person.

Such clearly illogical reasoning begs the question, “How are committed lawbreakers, who hold our sovereign nation and its laws in the lowest of regard, going to be held on ‘supervised release’ and ‘required’ to do anything?”

The editorial concludes: “McCain didn’t take the easy way. He showed the kind of leadership that is essential to achieving immigration reform. Bravo Senator.”

Rational thinkers beware. Such language carries a high probability of causing gag reflexes to unexpectedly shift into high gear.

9 Responses to AZ República hearts Señor Juan McPhony, extols illegal releases

  1. Frankly Speaking says:

    Señor Juan McPhony? SRAZ hit it out of the park with this!! Thanks for the smile amid the otherwise grim news of the national releases of criminal illegals. I have no doubt Obama and Napolitano jumped on this as an opportunity to fan out more of our nation’s invaders throughout the USA. They are also telling us border crime is down, with few signs of violence “spilling over the border.” Tell that to the families of those who continue to be victims of Mexican drug cartel wars and random violence. It remains ongoing.

    Although the US Dept. of State uses carefully worded messages and has recently cleaned up the more explicit wording on the site it still warns visitors to Mexico to “defer non-essential travel.”

  2. Louise Ann says:

    Just read an article at Politico (it was a thread that started at Drudge) that the release was not made by Obama, and not made by Janet. It was just a person at ICE. And, this release has been going on for WEEKS. Apparently, they could see into the future and “knew” that this was the “most appropriate” method for any budget “cuts” that might come their way.

    I called Schweikert’s office. It is just the usual. There is nothing they can do. It is not within their legislative control. Oh, well that makes it just fine. I understand – governmental process is more important that the well-being of the Taxpayers and the innocent Citizens of AZ.

    Just another happy day in Obamaland. Just remember – we have 3 years and 10 months left.

    • Braveheart says:

      I can’t help but wonder how it could be within the purview of a single person to implement a decision as far reaching as this. Something’s fishy.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Congress passed DOMA. Obama decided to not defend portions of it.

        Congress, more than 24 times, failed to pass the DREAM Act. Obama implemented it’s provisions by executive order.

        POTUS may not make recess appointments when Congress is in session. Obama decided to do so anyway. His action was found by the courts to be unconstitutional but his unconstitutional recess appointments still stand.

        This started with another “One World” president, George W. Bush, and the promotion of the “unitary executive”. “Unitary executive” equals “king” or “dictator”.

        The idea behind all of this is, “who is going to stop me?”, and you will notice that no one has stopped him. Why? Because there are just as many “New World Order” people among congressional Republicans as there are among congressional Democrats.

        At this very moment, Mitch McConnell and the Republican leadership are planning to abdicate their control over the purse strings and hand it over to Obama. Don’t believe that? Search the news headlines!

  3. eubykdisop says:

    The person behind the release of illegal aliens from prison is B. Hussein Obama. Let’s make no mistake about that. POTUS is where the buck stops.

    Obama’s tactic is not new. He is copying another Communist, Fidel Castro. The only difference is that this time the attack is from within the U. S. by our own president.

    “Criminals ‘in exodus from Cuba’: US fears Castro emptying his jails – into Florida”

    “PATRICK COCKBURN in Washington
    Sunday 28 August 1994”

    “THE UNITED STATES believes Cuba has started to release prisoners from its jails and suspects that President Fidel Castro is about to send them to join the boat people leaving the island for Florida.”

    ‘This would immediately escalate the confrontation between Washington and Havana. During the last exodus of Cubans in 1980, Mr. Castro created a crisis for the White House by sending criminals, drug addicts and mentally retarded people to the US.’

    ‘Officials in Washington say they have learned from sources in Havana that the releases from Cuban prisons began last weekend. President Bill Clinton is acutely conscious of the effectiveness of the Cuban tactic of sending killers and thieves along with genuine refugees: in 1980 his own political career was almost ended when 18,000 Cuban boat people, mostly former prisoners, rioted at a US military base, Fort Chafee in Arkansas.’–into-florida-1386288.html

  4. Maggie says:

    During hubby’s campaign Michelle Obama said she had never before been proud of this country. I’ll paraphrase: I’ve never before been fearful of the leadership of my country.

    • eubykdisop says:

      You should be fearful, Maggie, because if the “leadership” of the country continues to have it’s way, you will become a slave before your life is over.

  5. Lucy says:

    Total fake outrage on McCains part. He want to legalize them all so why the outrage, Senator. In 1986 they thought they were giving amnesty to one million illegals when it actually turned out to be over 3 million. McCain told a man that was not true in a recent town hall. I think McCain is wrong. The point is don’t think it will be amnesty for 11 million. It will be amnesty for over 30 million.