Brewer’s surrogates fail to convince EGC

The Executive Guidance Committee of the Maricopa County Republican Committee (EGC) met last night and passed three resolutions.

Although Gov. Jan Brewer’s policy advisor and chief strategist Chuck Coughlin and her financial guru John Arnold, made valiant attempts to convince the Republican leaders of the rightness of her position to expand the federal Medicaid program, Arizona’s involvement in the ObamaCare scheme was dead on arrival. Out of thirty possible votes, only two supported this debacle: Scott O’Connor, Chair of Legislative District 28 and Paul Whetten, Chair of LD 25.

State Rep. Carl Seel (Dist. 20) using facts and logic, effectively decimated the assertions by Chuck Coughlin and John Arnold, Brewer’s Director of the Governor‘s Office of Strategic Planning and Budgeting.

A second resolution opposing the McFlake Comprehensive Immigration Reform efforts to legalize upward of 25 million illegals, was passed unanimously by the Maricopa County EGC members. 

A third resolution opposing the implementation of Common Core — the Obama Education Department’s program to nationalize America’s public schools,  passed unanimously.  Laddie Shane, Chair of Arizona Conservative Educators, wrote the resolution and made a dynamic presentation for its passage.

7 Responses to Brewer’s surrogates fail to convince EGC

  1. Kent says:

    Bravo to the members of the EGC! This group is obviously a bastion of common sense. I applaud them for rejecting issues that expand government, legalize those who disrespect our laws (in a futile attempt to increase Republican voters, while in fact, aiding Democrats),and further corrupt our nation’s public education system, which is already failing American students.

    Are these meetings announced, and open to the public?

    • theprecinctproject says:

      Yes, registered Republicans may attend the EGC meetings.
      Have you considered become a precinct committeeman?
      Go to
      Go here for more:
      Conservatives need to unite and organize inside their respective local Republican Party committees for effective political action.
      Right now, in Maricopa County, and state wide, about half of the precinct committeeman slots are unfilled.
      If conservatives filled up all the slots we’d go from a half-strength, ideologically split party to a full-strength, solidly conservative get-out-the-vote powerhouse.
      Thank you.
      Cold Warrior

  2. Diogidog says:

    It’s time to start calling the RINO’s out to their face. They shoot with cannons and we hit back with stones. It’s time to slap the spit right outta their mouths. Call Brewer what she is; call McCain what he is; call Kyl what he is; call Flake what he is; call the local RINO’s what they are to their face. Why do we tolerate these frauds in our Party? Shame them out of our meetings and out of our Party. We will never continue a fortified Conservative front for winning if we have traitors like these digging at our foundation and creating subterfuge at every turn. Birds of a feather …

  3. Philip Alu says:

    First, thank you for covering this among other things you do.
    Because of you I been calling politicians @ the capitol all republicans and all returned my and were very knowledgeable and informative and assured me that Control Core would not be passed.
    Please keep most of these republicans in office

    Barry Young yesterday had Brewer on so she could lie about how good Obama-care is for AZ. No questions he only let her propagate her BS.
    Today Barry had to support McCain who is WAR HERO and RINO which I have no respect for, along with Barry which I seldom listen to. Of course Barry felt it was necessary to bash Ran Paul.

    • Louise Ann says:

      This is just the best news I have heard in – ? a long time? Thank you for this on a Friday!!

      I haven’t listened to morning kfyi for years. They are just the worst.

  4. jcf says:

    To Kent – I understand the EGC meetings are held 1st Thurs of month at RNC headquarters on 24th Street and open to any Republican.

    Question – How can we get copy of arguments made by Carl Seel?

  5. truth or consequences says:

    Thank you to the EGC and the brilliant representative Carl Seel. Too bad we can not replace the RINOs in the State Legislature with the EGC. The EGC truly represents conservative Republicans whereas the RINOs represent the elite Republican class working through lobbyists, the chambers of commerce and union thugs. They follow the lead of the RINOs in the US Senate, John McAmnesty and Lindsey Grahmnesty. I note the no votes in the EGC came from the two liberal LDs ….28 (liberal princess Kathy Petsas lives there) and 25. My sympathies to the conservative PCs in those LDs.