Basebrawl in Chase Field: WBC Mexico-Canada

Worldwide goodwill, sportsmanship fly out the window

Sporting News MLB reports on the riotous baseball brawl that took place earlier this afternoon at Phoenix’ Chase Field. The vicious fight involved several players — and even fans — as the melee erupted in the ninth inning of Canada’s 10-3 clobber of Mexico in the World Baseball Classic.

The event was reminiscent of the June 2011 melee, as Mexican fans — most of whom resided in America — jeered the U.S. team and chanted obscenities at the goalkeeper, as they blared air horns and bounced beach balls during the playing of our national anthem at the Gold Cup Final at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. The U.S. team was roundly booed as a vast majority of attendees supported Mexico in the U.S.-Mexico soccer match. It was regarded as a Mexican “home game” held on U.S. soil.

The attendance of 93,420 was the largest for a Gold Cup game in the United States. Shamefully, the entire post-match ceremony was conducted in Spanish. The U.K. Daily Mail’s incredulous report on that pathetic event can be read here. Be sure to scroll through the shocking photos.


7 Responses to Basebrawl in Chase Field: WBC Mexico-Canada

  1. Night Owl says:

    Misunderstanding? That’s what the Mexican manager Rick Renteria blamed for this unsportsman-like behavior? What a joke! These players and their fans are thugs.

  2. California Dreamer says:

    Thuggery could be the national pastime…..

  3. VINOAZ says:

    So much for them having conservative values. This is what you can expect from illegal Democrats.

  4. eubykdisop says:

    When Mexicans hear their president talking about legalizing and “regulating” drugs, what sort of behaviors should we expect?

    “Mexico’s President-Elect: Legalization Should Be Part of Drug Strategy Debate”

    “By: Margaret Warner
    July 3, 2012”

    “MEXICO CITY | The president-elect of Mexico, Enrique Pena Nieto, said Tuesday Mexico should have a debate about legalizing and regulating the sale of drugs here, an approach advocated by some other Latin American leaders to take marijuana sale profits out of the hands of the drug cartels.”

    “The Obama administration has responded warily to such talk from its southern neighbors. Yet two weeks ago, the president of Uruguay sent just such a proposal to his legislature — for the government to effectively become the sole seller of marijuana — saying “the traditional [interdiction] approach hasn’t worked” and “someone has to be the first” to try it.”

  5. Observer says:

    There is obviously no sense of sportsmanship or even good manners when Mexico plays. There is only nationalism that does not extend to America. And these are the people we are told will strengthen America? Sorry, I don’t see it that way. This observation is simply fact based.

    • Ray says:

      You couldn’t be more correct, Observer. My mother is from Chihuahua, Mexico, so I and half of my own family is Mexican. The conversations at family gatherings would curl your hair. My wife, kids and I have had to limit our time with them, which is difficult since I grew up in a close knit family. My American born cousins have deeper allegiance to Mexico than they do to America. I have even been corrected when I use the word “America” to describe where we live. They say this country should be called the United States because “America” is Central and South America. Even worse the hate filled speech has become generational. Their kids speak the same way, sometimes even worse. America is to be used, not honored. They want nothing to do with celebrating our history. This is fact from the inside.

  6. Ray says:

    PS I forgot to add they are ALL Democrats.