Arpaio recall: Fool’s errand runs short of ca$h, volunteers & Update

When even the Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) concedes the myriad problems associated with the recall of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio, it’s clear the misadventure is in the toilet. Arpaio was elected to his sixth term in November, easily beating his nearest challenger by nearly 81,000 votes.

Laurie Roberts, a columnist for the daily, acknowledges what others have known: the effort to recall our recently reelected sheriff is going nowhere. 

Open borders and anti-enforcement proponents Randy Parraz and his wife Lilia Alvarez have had to admit that their deceptively misnamed effort, “Respect Arizona,” is doomed — due to lack of cash to pay petition circulators and overall disinterest in carrying off this trickery. 

Arizona’s Secretary of State’s Office lists these non-resident petition circulators who have come into our state to infringe on our election process.  The forms list their effort as “Recall Joseph Arpaio Maricopa County Sheriff.” Click on their individual names to view their redacted, notarized registration forms. They are here, intruding on our duly elected sheriff‘s election results to earn money, but the well has run dry.

The recall leaders, buoyed by their Nov. 2011 success in recalling Arizona Senate President Russell Pearce, need a minimum of 335,317 valid signatures by the May 30, deadline. There are major differences between the two efforts. Pearce was elected from a single legislative district (former LD 18) and the recallers needed only 7,756 signatures to carry off their sham effort.

Pro-amnesty activists were also aided by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints which places heavy emphasis on proselytizing Hispanics. Behind-the-scenes support of a well-known former Bishop and Stake President in the Mormon-heavy East Valley district hampered Pearce‘s campaign. Pearce, also a devout member of the church was the architect of SB1070, the law making illegal entry a state crime. The scant 33.67% Election Day turnout also worked in the activist’s favor. But the election zeal was short lived. Jerry Lewis, who won the recall was ousted in the following election, handily beaten by Democrat Ed Abelser — giving the liberal radicals what they wanted in the first place.

According to the calculations in Robert’s column, the campaign to recall Sheriff Arpaio “needs at least 450,000 signatures in order to ensure success. Assuming the campaign had 120,000 valid signatures 12 days ago, it needs about 26,000 more where they came from every week until the end of May.”

It ain’t gonna happen.


This information has been sent as an email from a district chairman:

I heard the news, and so did you…. but it’s NOT true!

You probably heard the news that the recall effort against Sheriff Joe Arpaio is lacking funding and will be hampered. It was all over the news, both locally and nationally.  But the ‘news’ was a dirty tactic by the leftists ordered to dampen the ‘counter recall’ effort.

This has been confirmed with both Sheriff Joe’s campaign manager, and other high ranking people who know.

You see, our efforts to counter the recall (we’re called ‘Blockers’) is having a stifling effect on the people hired to get petition signatures. So they used the media in an effort to ‘call off the dogs,’ and to minimize the effort of the Blockers. The petition drive is not quitting!  And neither should the Blocking campaign. We cannot even slow down! In fact, the blocking campaign desperately needs your help! We CANNOT leave this important work undone!

DON’T believe the media reports! Wanna know how you can help with the blocking campaign?  Contact:


19 Responses to Arpaio recall: Fool’s errand runs short of ca$h, volunteers & Update

  1. Maggie says:

    This is the best way to begin the day — with good news! God has blessed Joe Arpaio straight along, giving him the tools to have a successful law enforcement career, a steady contingent of strong supporters in spite of the liberal onslaughts against him and a lovely and devoted wife who supports him in all he does. I wish him a full and speedy recovery from his recent shoulder injury. We need this good man on the job protecting the citizens of Maricopa County.

  2. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    Beware! Let us not get too happy yet, there is always cash flowing in from California to “turn” Arizona into a big Government failure [Janet Brewer aside on this issue]. There is still time for them to shake the money tree and get back on the streets.
    This is good news but lets us all not get too confident yet. Congrats to the “Save Joe Campaign in their work so far.

  3. says:

    All true, but the prospect of paying for legal fees in defending in the
    suit that Klayman is expected to announce Thursday may be a bigger challenge.
    Bernard Paluch

  4. says:

    Re the petition circulator requirements, how can anyone not be a resident
    of a state but be qualified to vote in it?

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says:

      I believe that being eligible means a citizen of the U.S. a non felon, and any other requirement to residents. One does not need to be a resident of Arizona for petition circulating. I could be wrong here……Anyone?

      • Matt DeGennaro says:

        I copied this information about non-resident petition cirulators directly from the Secretary of State’s website:

        2014 Election Cycle Non-Resident Petition Circulators
        Pursuant to A.R.S. §§ 16-341 (G), (H) and 19-112 (C), prior to circulating petitions, each non-resident circulator must register with the Secretary of State. The non-resident circulator must qualify to register to vote in Arizona. Signatures collected by any non-resident circulator who has failed to register with the Secretary of State before circulating petitions are subject to review and challenge pursuant to applicable laws. Non-resident circulators shall register directly with the Secretary of State, regardless of the jurisdiction they are circulating in.

        Also, click on the list of non-resident circulators in the SRAZ post. I was shocked to see the number of them that came in to AZ to perpetrate this charade. What bothered me is that their addresses are blocked out on these forms, but you can see them if you are inclined travel downtown to view them in person.

  5. Sgt. Flapjaw says:

    Thanks Matt,
    Just as I thought, they are eligible but just not registered. I looked at the list too and figured that they are coming in by bus just like always. Their money backers check at certain calender points and see how many signatures they have and if the amount falls below what was projected……..They pull the plug on the money.
    However, Parraz can go find a new source so we need to be watchful as they go on with local volunteers.

    • Ajo Joe says:

      My best guess is these are not folks who will be up to standing in the sun too long. They are probably being imported from Mexifornia and are used to cool breezes now and then. That won’t be the case here. Locals are not going to volunteer as the temps move upward, either. Certainly not without pay. You’re absolutely right about remaining watchful. I was here in Phoenix when the Cesar Chavez union punks were being bused in from what was then known as California. They were attempting to recall Arizona’s conservative Governor Jack Williams. A very popular former mayor, Williams prevailed as the recall fell apart. This same baloney has been going on for decades. Over the ensuing years, Chavez morphed into a hero, though he was anything but. It was hilarious when he was outed for eating late at night during his weeks long hunger strike. So many of us refused to by grapes and lettuce that had the United Farm Workers logo on the wrapping that the local grocery stores began removing the identifying emblem. In the household were I was raised, we went without lettuce and grapes for a good long time! My parents were solid Republicans and weren’t taken in by the deceit. The Arizona Republic was actually conservative in those days and printed reliable news, not liberal opinion passing as news.

  6. Hagar says:

    As a Mormon and former LDS bishop, I was thoroughly disgusted at how my church was used to promote useful idiot Jerry Lewis against Russell Pearce. It continued during the recent primary where Bob Worsley had the same support. When I was a bishop there were very strict rules against any use of church facilities, name lists, etc. All these went out the window for these candidates with no consequence from church leaders.

    • Sgt. Flapjaw says:

      I never saw such a bunch of discusting hacks as who were in the old LD18 in my life. Jerry Lewis got an embarrasing defeat [so well deserved] Hooray for the voters and hope that that rodent never surfaces again.
      I am afraid however that the remnants of the LDS double dealers will remain for a long time. I as a non LDS will in the future be wary of any LDS candidate throughout the state. I am not alone.

  7. Seeing Red AZ says:

    Your repeated negative references to two of our stalwart conservatives will not be seen here. You are welcome to add informative items, and reasoned commentary is always appreciated. Snide remarks contribute nothing. You have attempted to use the last couple of posts in this manner, making rude references that have nothing to do with the topic. We ask you to please stop. This is not an invitation to others to pile on. Enough has been said.

    • Westnash says:

      Tell me how anything I ever say is anything but factual? You obviously dont want to hear anything other than glowing remarks then, no matter how distorted.

      • Seeing Red AZ says:

        Your “facts” are often as distorted as you accuse others of being. You conveniently forget that one of the people you have repeatedly attempted to defame was completely exonerated of all that you continue to cite as wrongdoing.

        This will be the end of this exchange. You are welcome to contribute and even disagree, but not to vilify good individuals, whose political ideas you oppose. Keep it civil.

  8. Delilah says:

    I think they are mad as hell because the Real Arizona Project, not the organization who ahs tried to steal the name, is recalling Chad Campbell. I guess turn around going after the Liberals is stopping the recall. Please do not stop the Chad Campbell recall, if you do they will be emboldened and continue the same sore loser tactics.

  9. eubykdisop says:

    While the news is good, I agree with other posters above that it ain’t over til it’s over! Petitions have to be filed by May 30. I’ll relax on May 31 if it is clear that they haven’t made their numbers.

    As other posters have mentioned, all it would take would be for someone like Soros or New York Mayor Bloomberg to jump in with a pile of cash to fire things up. Bloomberg, for example, has dumped many millions into races outside of New York state… and succeeded!

    Never stop fighting until the enemy has surrendered unconditionally… and even then, keep your sights on him!

  10. Delilah says:

    Euby, from your typing to all’s reading I hope. lol.

  11. patriotmom says:

    My frequent trips to the Tempe Library have been marred by petitioners asking me to sign the petition against Sheriff Joe. Every time, I answer, “Nope, I LIKE Sheriff Joe”. The last clown responded ” And I like you, lady “. Real brain trust that one. As Bugs would say, “What a maroon.”