“Migrants” deaths? Best advice: Stay safe, stay home

The Periódico de la República de Arizona (Arizona Republic) outdoes itself in the area of inconsistencies when it comes to promoting amnesty for illegal aliens. Recently readers were told that most of the foreign nationals displaying contempt for our laws and invading our nation have “gone home.”  Now we are advised that there is a “27% increase in desert deaths” even as “crossings decline.” If that’s the case in March, the figures could be astronomical by July as temperatures soar into the triple digits.

Exhibiting classic symptoms of schizophrenia is commonplace with this frenetic newspaper. The daily’s resident Amnesty Queen Linda Valdez, devotes an entire column to lecturing that the deaths of those she euphemistically calls “migrants” should spur immigration reform. Valdez says such “humanitarian” action is “necessary for the sake of our national soul.”

That advice is akin to saying that home invaders who face serious consequences if arrested for their crimes, should compassionately be given the keys to your front door to keep them from having to deal with the impact of negative consequences for their criminal actions.

There is but one answer to the question of avoiding desert deaths. Stay out of the desert.


7 Responses to “Migrants” deaths? Best advice: Stay safe, stay home

  1. Kent says:

    As for our souls, I’ll trust them to God over Valdez.

  2. MacBeth says:

    Valdez’ idea of humanitarianism is my idea of turning our country over to the invaders.

  3. VINOAZ says:

    No crossings, no deaths! When is McCain going to close the border? Oh, now I remember. Right after amnesty.

    • Tomfoolery says:

      Remember that stroll along the border with his buddy Babeu? When Babeu said “Senator, you’re one of us,” I wonder exactly what “us” he was referring to? It’s clear he didn’t mean the citizens of the state of Arizona who are damn fed up with the flood of illegals.

  4. Sgt. Preston says:

    I make no claims at being a mathematician, but if there is a nearly 30% increase in desert deaths doesn’t it appear that that there is something seriously out of kilter with Valdez’s premise that illegal incursions are declining? I seriously doubt it. With the economy what it is,there may be fewer illegals staying in Arizona. They still use this as a portal to fan out over the entire USA.

    At the risk of sounding callous, the fact is these deaths are preventable. They put themselves in the path of peril. Ms. Valdez’s dirge does not raise a swell of empathy within me. The post is right. Stay safe. Stay home.

  5. eubykdisop says:

    In it’s balanced and unbiased news coverage, did the Arizona Republic forget to report this?

    “U.S. Border Patrol Sees 70 Percent Spike in Assaults”

    “An increase in attacks on federal agents patrolling the U.S. Mexico border in San Diego”

    “By Greg Bledsoe and R. Stickney
    Thursday, Mar 14, 2013”

    “Activity and assaults against federal agents patrolling the U.S. Mexico border have increased. Now, one field agent tells NBC 7 San Diego that agents from other parts of the country are being called in to help patrol.”

    “Jerry Conlin with U.S. Border Patrol said the agency saw a 70 percent increase in assaults against U.S. Border Patrol agents last year over the previous year.”


    A 27% increase in the desert deaths of illegal aliens… and a 70% increase in attacks on federal agents patrolling the border in San Diego!

    What is it which WE need to “reform”?

  6. Brandy Baron says:

    The number of deaths is up because of all the talk about ‘immigration reform’/amnesty. The dregs of other countries are in a hurry to get here in hopes of being included in it. (I’m sure they already have plans on how to lie and fake their way through proving they’ve been here long enough to qualify.) They won’t be missed or mourned by me if they die. Those deaths are just nature’s way of weeding out some of the law breaking losers before American taxpayers have to pay for them. Why don’t they write about all of the American citizens who have been killed by these invaders who never should have been here?