Republicans prepare to sign their own death certificate

Is GOP leadership seeking mass exodus from party?

It’s highly unusual for Seeing Red AZ to link directly to another site as our post. This extraordinary set of circumstances reported by Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), compels us to do so. Read their five paragraph report, “Republican National Committee Supports Amnesty.”

FAIR’s shocking article begins with these words:
Embracing the false notion perpetuated by the open-borders lobby that the Party will continue to lose elections until it pushes amnesty, the Republican National Committee (RNC) has told its members they must support “comprehensive immigration reform.” (See
Growth and Opportunity Project at p. 8, Mar. 18, 2013)

Then get a dose of grim reality from Ann Coulter, who cites straightforward facts in this must-read commentary, titled, Hispanicked GOP Elite: They’ll respect us in the morning.

We also urge you to express your views to the RNC, at  202-863-8500. Or email them at


19 Responses to Republicans prepare to sign their own death certificate

  1. Pima Pal says:

    I am becoming ever more troubled by the submission of Republican leaders to this radical agenda. Thank you for shining this bright light on the GOP lunacy. Rewarding invaders does nothing more than give them our country. For many, their only thought is to exploit what we have for their own advantage. Many do not want US citizenship. They despise our history, advocate for returning the American Southwest to Mexico, as was clearly evidenced by the MAS Reconquista studies in Tucson Unified School District. It was Juan McCain who told the marchers to put away their Mexican flags and replace them with small American flags. This is a small idea of what we deal with in Tucson where we abut the border:

  2. eubykdisop says:

    Emailed the RNC a day or two ago about this. I hope that all here, especially registered Republicans, do the same.

  3. Braveheart says:

    The threat of “Our children will be able to out vote yours” is being given aid and comfort by our own foolish elected Republicans. Listen. This was clearly stated at the Arizona Capitol during a militant demonstration. Isn’t anyone paying attention? PLEASE can someone tell me one Republican in our congressional delegation who is standing up against this insanity??

  4. Louise Ann says:

    I do not agree with any regularization/ voting rights for anyone who is here illegally. I do not agree with any notion that we are in “economic recovery”. But, if one looks at US debt Clock. org one can see why we NEED an influx of people.

    The ‘Government’ does not want to cut benefits/ costs because they will lose their power during the backlash. So, lots of young workers (even the least skilled) will throw tax money into the mix and keep the welfare gravy train running for a bit more. The push for ‘amnesty’ is totally economic. Our ‘Leaders’ don’t ever want to concede that THEY have economically destroyed the country!!

    • Orion says:

      Louise Ann:

      I’ve never been opposed to legal immigration. That’s how my own family arrived three generations ago. But opening the border and bending at the waist to welcome illiterate Central Americans and Mexicans who ignore our border and laws while taking advantage of our social benefits, with many engaging in continued criminal activity once here is self destructive insanity. The point is well made that our economy needs workers to flourish. We need educated people who came through the proper channels and value what America is, with the intent of acclimating.

      Currently many natural born American citizens remain unemployed. It’s a slap in the face to them to bring in those who will compete for jobs in this distressed market.

      • Louise Ann says:

        I do not advocate for low skilled (or any) ILLEGAL immigrants. LEGAL immigration is an entirely different matter. My point is that the people in Congress – including many Republicans – are pushing amnesty to protect themselves from the fallout of an economic collapse. The debt we have is unsustainable, printing money is only a present stop gap. If they can increase tax revenue with a lot of more people working – then they think they can get out of this box that They put us in – with their ridiculous spending. As I suggest – US debt

  5. Delilah says:

    This is going to be anther 2006, that is the reason the Democrats took over. It had nothing to do with not passing Immigration but the sneaky lying McStain, McKyl and MrFlake bunch trying to shove Amnesty down our throats. I have not one time thought of leaving the Republican Party, but if this goes through, I will join a 3rd party. I am so fed up with these spineless jellyfish Republicans.

    • State Committeeman says:

      Delilah, When I read this comment of yours, I have to tell you, it resonated with me. I’ve been an active Republican, volunteering on campaigns and at party headquarters, I’ve donated to candidates and have been a precinct committeeeman. I’ve also recruited many others over the years.

      Reading “I have not one time thought of leaving the Republican Party, but if this goes through,I will join a 3rd party. I am so fed up with these spineless jellyfish Republicans,” is heartbreaking but understandable.I’m tired of the double talk and outright lies. If this is where our party goes, I’ll be following you out the door. I can guarantee we won’t be alone.

  6. Hometown Guy says:

    Here’s Rand Paul giving more “fairness” BS, advocating “prudence, compassion and thrift“ while assuring “12 million more people becoming conservatives.” He wants to give lawbreakers “probation.” I grew up in Arizona and owned horses. I’ve seen horse pucky before. I recognize horse pucky. THIS is horse pucky.

  7. Chuck says:

    Here’s a video of these “good” people desecrating the American flag at our state Capitol. Toward the end you’ll notice they are teaching their young children hatred of America, also.
    Yeah, what a great idea. Let’s make them all American citizens! It’s so obvious they have a deep love for this country. Especially their sign that says “Deport Brewer” in response for her signing SB1070.

    • Him says:

      That’s not a U.S. flag.

      • eubykdisop says:

        “Updated Aug 4, 2010 – 10:47 am”

        “SB1070 protesters desecrate US flag”

        “Last week’s SB1070 protest brought people to Phoenix from across the country, including immigrant-rights activists bussed in from California.”

        “What were they doing in the Valley?”

        “Some were desecrating the U.S. flag during the national anthem. Messages spray-painted onto the flag included: “Impeach Brewer” and “Deport Arpaio.”

      • eubykdisop says:

        “Protesters desecrate American flag in Phoenix”

        “By Christina Thompson, Dan Marries”

        “PHOENIX, AZ (KOLD) – New video has surfaced from last week’s SB-1070 protest that brought people to Phoenix from across the country, including immigrant-rights activists bused in from California.”

        “The video shows those activists desecrating the American flag. They used spray paint to write, “deport Arpaio” and “impeach Brewer.”

        “There’s also a toilet seat on the stars. They displayed the desecrated U.S. Flag and Arizona flag while a man sang the national anthem.”

      • eubykdisop says:

        “Video shows AZ capitol flag desecration”

        “By: Chris Kline”

        “PHOENIX – A YouTube video gaining traction on the web shows the desecration of a U.S. flag at the Arizona Capitol.”

        “In the clip, you can hear the national anthem play in the background as protesters unfurl both a U.S. and Arizona flag.”

        “The YouTube video shows at least two messages spray-painted onto the U.S. flag: “Impeach Brewer” and “Deport Arpaio.”

  8. PV Voter says:

    No mystery here. Take this to the bank. Both my wife and I (lifelong Republicans) will reregister as Independents. We will also take our money with us. Not another thin dime to a political party that stabs us, our children and all future generations of Americans in the back. We will also withhold donations to candidates who are either working to convince us of the rightness of this wrong headed scheme, or remain mute. Where are the strong conservatives we elected? Have they ALL became complicit in the open borders conspiracy?

  9. Him says:

    Well today someone announced at the capital they’d run for office because of the proposed Obamacare expansion. Based on the number of people in support, uh, well it looked like two people and three reporters. Lost opportunity. Oh, wait, easier to just blog about it I guess.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Could you be wrong? In your comment above you wrote, “That’s not a U.S. flag.” Three different news agencies say that it is an American flag. Could you be as wrong in your current comment as you were in your previous one? ‘Ya think?

  10. patriotmom says:

    Let’s not forget the absolute insanity of chain migration which will allow each and every “new citizen” to sponsor family members to come to this country. Instead of the highly suspect “12 million” illegals here, try a net influx of closer to 100 million as newly amnestied illegals bring in extended family. Will anyone be checking the papers to insure that these so-called relatives really are family? Yes, the same brain trusts who will insure that each and every illegal has been in the country the required length of time to qualify for amnesty.

    Those so-called experts who claim that thousands are returning to Mexico due to the “robust economy” and “declining birthrate” must have missed the heads hanging off the bridges down there. Here in Arizona we see the truth as jobs continue to require “bilingual” skills, illegals drive down wages for Americans and small family businesses, and Spanish becomes more commonplace. Rand Paul isn’t doing himself any favors by insisting that Americans learn Spanish- hardly a unifying idea for an English -speaking country.

    If the GOP signs off on a bill that allows amnesty plus chain migration and continued immigration from overly represented Mexico, Central and South America, then they should expect to see their numbers quickly impacted by people stampeding out of the party.

  11. ann says:

    Every retained illegal alien without exception owes his allegiance to the drug cartels. To retain illegal aliens is to imbed the cartel culture in this country and to turn it into another Mexico.

    Get off your chair and call call call. Make your voice heard. Tie up Congress’es switchboard. Take back your language, culture and borders. And at the same timehelp rid your culture of the immorality which is weakening us.