McCain colludes with Dems: Pushes gun restrictions

Registry rankles gun owners; Bloomberg tries to “buy America”

In another of his seemingly endless conspiracies with the far left, Sen. John McCain has again emerged as a key player in advancing the passage of gun control legislation intended to expand background checks on all private sales of firearms.

The Senate is expected to vote on a comprehensive (there’s that McWord again) gun control bill when lawmakers return from Easter recess in April. Republicans involved in the negotiations objected to measures they felt could lead to the creation of a federal database of gun owners and language which could impede the transfer of weapons between family members or friends.

The latest impetus for the imposition of gun restrictions was the horrific mass murder of young school children in Newtown, Connecticut. Yet those guns were legally purchased with a background check. The bill being considered would have had no impact on the perpetrator. The state in which the tragedy took place has among the most stringent gun control laws in the nation. Ironically, the pro-gun-control Brady Campaign scorecard proclaims, “Connecticut has strong gun laws that help combat the illegal gun market, prevent the sale of most guns without background checks and reduce risks to children.”

Included in the bill is a measure introduced by Democrat Sen. Charles Schumer to implement universal background checks on all private firearm sales. Semi-automatic firearms, politically reconfigured by use of the incendiary term “assault weapons,” have currently been dropped from the Senate‘s bill.

Meanwhile Liberal New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, co-chairman of “Mayors Against Illegal Guns,” pompously opined Sunday that it’s his responsibility to provide advocates for stricter gun control with a national voice that counteracts the NRA’s powerful influence. Reputed as having over $27 billion in personal wealth, Bloomberg is personally funding a massive $12 million advertising campaign aimed at ginning up support for tighter gun restrictions in the states of 13 key senators, facing a vote on several gun control measures. McCain’s sycophantic junior senate cohort Jeff Flake is among those targeted. Apparently he hasn’t gotten his marching orders from McMaverick.

Appearing on NBC’s “Meet the Press.” the NRA‘s Wayne LaPierre countered Bloomberg‘s efforts, “He can’t spend enough of his $27 billion to try to impose his will on the American public. He can’t buy America.” 

The video can also be seen here.

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  1. eubykdisop says:

    An excellent article, SRAZ, but it’s missing something; Jeff Flake!

    “To that end, I support more effective and broader background checks for those purchasing firearms. For example, the state of Arizona has more than 120,000 records of mentally ill individuals barred from buying guns – but Arizona has not shared those records with the federal National Instant Criminal Background Check System, which checks the names and records of would-be gun buyers to determine if they are disqualified from receiving firearms.” -Senator Jeff Flake

    As Flake continues to promote amnesty for illegal aliens and is now backing “broader” background checks for guns, a solid Flake man has just been anointed as Executive Director of the state party!

    Robert Graham has made Chad Heywood Executive Director of the AZ GOP. What do we know about Heywood?

    Heywood was the Director of Outreach for the office of Congressman Jeff Flake. As Chairman of LD 22, he was opposed by the Tea Party. Heywood wrote this on Facebook:

    “DUDE, you have no clue how many older ladies just mailed Kirk Adams their panties … mail box was full today.”

    After an uproar, Heywood issued an apology.

    So Flake is right in there with McCain on immigration and guns and Graham has seen fit to make Heywood Executive Director of the AZ GOP!

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      You are absolutely correct about Jeff Flake. During his senate campaign we supported Wil Cardon. In fact, if you check out the right side of our home page, you will see an entire category is devoted to exposing Jeff the Flake.

      • eubykdisop says:

        Oh yeah, I know quite well that SRAZ was outspoken about the shortcomings of Flake and did not censor comments critical of Flake as did some other allegedly “conservative” blogs. In fact, that is how I came to be here at SRAZ!

        I just don’t want Flake to be missed as part of this gun control business right along with McCain. He’s in there too!

        I might add that there are also a number of articles in the SRAZ archives addressing Heywood, Flake and their outrageous behaviors, particularly in LD 22. Sparks were flying in some of those articles and comments!

        From my perspective, you’re good on this, SRAZ. Not being critical, just including Flake in the indictment, as he deserves to be! ;-)

  2. Justin says:

    The old McMaverick has no core. Why didn’t he just run as a Democrat and be done with the charade?

    • eubykdisop says:

      I have a possible answer for that, Justin. I believe it’s because more Liberals would vote for him as a Republican than Republicans would vote for him as a Democrat!

      By running as a Republican he gets a sizeable portion of the Republican vote, because he’s running against a Liberal Democrat. As a Democrat, he would lose most of that Republican vote to the Republican candidate. It’s the Liberal “crossover” vote which I believe re-elected McCain!

  3. eubykdisop says:

    OT: This is a follow up on a recent SRAZ article, “Dem official compels students to mock Jesus & Update”.

    In that thread several posters called out the response by Florida Atlantic University as a bunch of double talk. Well, here is what is REALLY going on now!

    “University Takes Action to Punish Student”

    “By Todd Starnes”

    “A Florida Atlantic University student who filed a complaint against his professor after he was ordered to stomp on the name of Jesus has been brought up on academic charges by the school and may no longer attend class, according to documents obtained by Fox News.”

    “The “Notice of Charges” against Ryan Rotela is contrary to a statement the university released late Friday night saying no one had been disciplined as a result of the classroom activity.”

    “We can confirm that no student has been expelled, suspended or disciplined by the university as a result of any activity that took place during this class,” the university said in a prepared statement.”

    “However, according to a letter written by Associate Dean Rozalia Williams, Rotela is facing a litany of charges – including an alleged violation of the student code of conduct, acts of verbal, written or physical abuse, threats, intimidation, harassment, coercion or other conduct which threaten the health, safety or welfare of any person.”

    “In the interim, you may not attend class or contact any of the students involved in this matter – verbally or electronically – or by any other means,” Williams wrote to Rotela. “Please be advised that a Student Affairs hold may be placed on your records until final disposition of the complaint.”

    I’m going to contact Florida Atlantic University and give them a piece of my mind!

  4. Doc says:

    Thank You for your patience with my “off topic but on point” posts. I just really believe our fellow Conservatives here NEED to see this stuff. Apparadently, you agree & I appreciate it. As to THIS topic, I MAILED a letter to McFlake last month…no response…although our senators DID vote to ix-nay any united nations intervention regarding OUR gun laws….goody…

    …As a PC, I sent the letter to McFlake, & am launching another to good-ole johnny mac TODAY. In it, I point out that his (OUR) Constituents DO NOT DESIRE “comprehensive background checks. Primarily due to the FACT that the ONLY WAY to operate that particular piece of legislation is to create a NATIONAL GUN REGISTRY. Ipointed out to them both that what I have in my home is NONE OF THE GOVERNMENT’S BUSINESS, & that creating this type of legislation makes law abiding citizens into FELONS. I doubt either one of these 2 will respond, but I did my “due dilligance”.

    That said, I return to my original question posted in the other SRA post: Isn’t this an impeachable offense? If these 2 go along with schumer & bloomberg, won’t their bill invade my RIGHT to Privacy, as well as basically negate the 2nd Amendment? It is my opinion that this legislation is a precursor to confiscation.

    Lastly, my Son this morning was fiddlin’ with the radio on our way to school. Up pops kfyi, & barry markson & michelle larson are towin’ th’ mcstain line, as they ALWAYS DO, Touting this garbage. Markson took a call from a guy who had the utter GALL to say that the government lies. Markson says, “What has the government lied about?” I didn’t hear the guy’s response ‘cuz I started yellin’ @ th’ radio! IDIOTS!!! Benghazi, Fast-N-Furious, Taxes, NDAA, Drones, HUGE Ammo & Equipment purchases by dammit-janet, OH MY GOD I could go on ALL DAY about th’ lies of this administration! I really think my boy did that just to see me launch like a SATURN 5 ROCKET! He did…I DELETED that R.I.N.O. station from th’ radio after I dropped him off…

  5. StetsonXXX says:

    American gun owners are not just wary, they are growing increasingly irate at the restrictions already being implemented. I’ve tried to purchase ammo (.22 and .38 caliber) for three weeks and have been unable to find any. When it is available, it is increasingly high priced. Ditto reloading equipmment. Obama won’t have to confiscate guns to accomplish his goal of disarming Americans. He will make ammunition impossible to obtain.

    • eubykdisop says:

      You’re not alone, StetsonXXX. The military and the police are also being impacted by the purchase by the Obama administration DHS of 1,600,000,000 rounds of ammunition!

      “Critical ammo shortages affect U.S. military stocks”

      “Supply comes from same sources as civilians for training, recreation shooting”

      “by F. Michael Maloof”

      “He pointed out that such popular rounds as 9mm and .223 calibers (same as NATO 5.56mm) “are virtually unavailable in any kind of quantity.” Both of these rounds are popular for training and are the backbone of what the U.S. military uses.”

      “The military relies on the retail level for their supply of ammunition and even the military has a problem getting it,” Farnam said.”

      “There are indications that the U.S. military is looking abroad for the components that make up a round.”

      “Law enforcement agencies across the country apparently are rising to the crisis.”

      “All officers qualified with rifle or slug-shotgun are now carrying them, hot, by sling, everywhere, and on every call,” he said. “Never seen anything like this!”

      “By “hot,” he meant that in addition to having fully loaded magazines, one round is in the chamber, ready to fire.”

    • eubykdisop says:

      “Police Departments Beg And Barter For Ammo While DHS Buys Up 1.6 Billion Rounds In Past Year”

      “DHS buying 360,000 more rounds”

      “Arms build-up continues as Congress demands answers”

      “While the Department of Homeland Security continues to ignore members of Congress demanding to know why the federal agency is engaged in an apparent arms build-up, the DHS has just announced it plans to purchase another 360,000 rounds of hollow point ammunition to add to the roughly 2 billion bullets already bought over the past year.”

  6. Ajo Joe says:

    According to this 2011 report by the Geneva-based Small Arms Survey – the leading source of international public information about firearms – the U.S. has the best-armed civilian population in the world, with an estimated 270 million total guns. The fiefdom over which Bloomberg thinks he reigns has a population estimated at 8.3 million.

  7. eubykdisop says:

    “Gun store rescinds Mark Kelly’s rifle purchase, questions his ‘intent'”

    “Published March 25, 2013”

    “A Tucson gun store owner has decided to rescind the sale of a military-style rifle to Mark Kelly, the husband of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, after Kelly said he had intended the purchase to make a political point about how easy it is to obtain the kind of firearms he’s lobbying Congress to ban.”

    “Store owner Doug MacKinlay said Monday in a Facebook post of his own that he “determined that was in my company’s best interest to terminate this transaction prior to his returning to my store.”

    “While I support and respect Mark Kelly’s 2nd Amendment rights to purchase, possess, and use firearms in a safe and responsible manner, his recent statements to the media made it clear that his intent in purchasing the Sig Sauer M400 5.56mm rifle from us was for reasons other then for his personal use,” MacKinlay said in the statement.”

  8. eubykdisop says:

    OT: Speaking of colluding with Dems, another Republican senator has betrayed Republican voters, the Republican Party and the Republican platform:

    “Va. Sen. Warner Supports Gay Marriage”

    “Monday, 25 Mar 2013
    By Todd Beamon”

    “Virginia Sen. Mark Warner is now the second Republican in the U.S. Senate this month to openly support gay marriage.”

    “Even though Warner announced his position on Monday, he signed on to a legal brief supporting the reversal of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) earlier this month, Politico reports.”

    “Warner faces reelection next year.”

    “Earlier this month, Ohio Sen. Rob Portman announced his support of same-sex marriage, a reversal prompted by learning that his son was gay.”

    Warner’s announcement was timed to come the day before SCOTUS hears oral arguments in the Prop 8 and DOMA cases.

    There is no place in the Republican Party for political prostitutes like Warner and Portman who, contrary to the position stated in the Republican platform, support homosexual “marriage”, giving aid and comfort to Liberal Democrats who seek to destroy our Judeo-Christian ethic. To the “big tent” people I say, that is a tent too big!

    And let’s call it what it is; “homosexual marriage”. The terms “gay marriage” and “same-sex marriage” are euphemisms propagated by the Liberal left to make the practice sound benign whereas “homosexual” is an objective clinical descriptor of the behavior and the pathology.

    • eubykdisop says:

      “Chief Justice Roberts’ Lesbian Cousin: He’ll Rule in Favor of Same-Sex Marriage”

      “March 25, 2013”

      “( – Supreme Court Chief Justice John G. Roberts’ cousin, a lesbian seeking to get married in California who will have reserved seating for relatives at two upcoming cases, wrote that she believes her cousin will rule in favor of same-sex marriage in an op-ed posted on the National Council for Lesbian Rights.”

      “The Times reported that Podrasky obtained the courtroom seats by emailing Roberts’ sister, Peggy Roberts, and then going through the chief justice’s secretary.”

  9. LEO IN TSN says:

    It’s great that so many Americans are exercising our Second Amendment and First Amendment rights. But just possessing and talking about guns and the ammo for them is not enough. Obamao, by executive order and with the help of several insane pieces of legislation, has given himself the power to take over the country (martial law). When he shuts down the power grids, our water will stop flowing, our lights and AC units will go off, the gas pumps that fill our vehicles will stop. When he shuts down the refineries, transportation stops. The grocery store shelves will be empty in a day. TSA and the rest of the Obamao civilian police will be manning armored checkpoints on the highways to stop rebels, and armored tanks to keep the city streets clear. When he shuts off the airwaves, civilian communication stops. He has these powers, thanks to a complicit apathetic Congress, and he has been choreographing his plans (45 Czars – 2.2 Billion rounds of ammo – 7000 military-grade assault rifles – 2,700 tanks) since his first immaculation.

    What we need now are patriots within the infrastructure who will keep the lights on, the gas pumps working, the airwaves open and the water flowing while being defended by the patriots with guns & ammo. Talk to everyone you know about our need to keep the Country up and running, and be mindful of the need to mobilize in defense of our freedoms. A well-armed patriot crouched in his dry & darkened home will be effective for about 4 days. An effective Minute Man Militia MUST be able to maintain the delivery of goods and services to all citizens in defense of our Country.

    And be mindful that universal background checks are nothing more that a universal gun owner registration program for obamao. With every “background check,” he will identify and locate TWO gun owners – pretty nifty?

    AZ’s senators are traiters, period. However, I suggest increased support for Gun Owners of America, Second Amendment Foundation, NRA and the other patriotic organizations who are continually communicating with the 33% of the Senate facing re-election in 2014. And let’s continue to try to find where the AZ4 in the House are hiding.

    God bless Ronald Reagan, our great Patriot President. God bless America.

    • Doc says:

      LEO IN TSN-PERFECTLY STATED!! These socialist bastards would have us bow to this abomination-administration. Again I ask, “Isn’t this an ‘impeachable offense’ by our senator(s)?”

  10. Saguaro Sam says:

    Meanwhile, another egomaniac, former astronaut, and political wannabe Mark Kelly gets his gun purchase cancelled by the owner of Diamondback Police Supply in Tucson. (Oops, he fell off his grandstand)

    Here’s the link:
    Read more:

    Mark is having a bad week. This past weekend, his daughter’s very large bulldog attacked a baby sea lion on the beach in California.

    If you can’t be trusted to train your dog, what would you do with a gun, Mark?