GOP LDs slam Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion

Attempts to sell ObamaCare scheme to AZ Republicans falls on deaf ears

Monday night Legislative Districts 20 and 30 joined Maricopa County GOP LDs 1, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 21, 22, 23, 25, and 27, Pima County Republican LDs 2, 3 ,4, 9, 10, 11, 14, the Coconino Republican Executive Committee, along with the Pinal, Cochise and the Cochise County Republican Committees —  in passing resolutions in opposition to the Governor’s Medicaid Expansion (AHCCCS) in support of ObamaCare. Pinal County Republicans passed their resolution back in February.

The fact that the entire Democrat caucus supports this outrageous and economically unsustainable government overreach tells “the rest of the story.”

The resolutions can be read here, courtesy of the Maricopa County Republican Committee. Check out their informative “Briefs,” posted daily by Communications Director Frosty Taylor.

Are any of these poor excuses for Republicans pretending to represent you? Give them a call, drop them a line. Since we pay their salaries, they should be all too happy to hear from us.

Senate supporters:

LD16   Rich Crandall  (602) 926-3020

LD18   John McComish  (602) 926-5898

LD28   Adam Driggs  (602) 926-3016

House supporters:

LD1   Karen Fann  (602) 926-5874

LD8   Frank Pratt  (602) 926-5761

LD9   Ethan Orr  (602) 926-3235

LD17 Thomas Forese  (602) 926-5168

LD17 JD Mesnard  (602) 926-4481

LD18 Jeff Dial  (602) 926-5550

LD18 Bob Robson  (602) 926-5549

Appeared with Brewer in support of this expansion:  

LD1  Steve Pierce  (602) 926-5584

LD15 Heather Carter  (602) 926-5503

LD16 Doug Coleman  (602) 926-3160

LD20 Paul Boyer  (602) 926-4173

LD25 Bob Worsley  (602) 926-5760

LD28 Kate Brophy-McGee  (602) 926-4486

15 Responses to GOP LDs slam Gov. Brewer’s Medicaid Expansion

  1. MacBeth says:

    The people are these lists are no better than traitors. They all ran as smaller government Republicans, and fiscal conservatives. They are all liars who should face strong opposition. If you live in their districts, find some good folks to run against them. Their support of Obama-like government expansion should be used against them.

  2. Chuck says:

    I wonder how Jan Brewer views the fact that she is losing the support of one Republican district after another? She will leave office as a villian. All of the finger wagging at Barack Obama meant nothing. What we all know it that she is pushing his plan to dole out more government subsidies that we simply can’t afford. She is surrounded by McCain strategists, all left of center. Can’t she think for herself? I’m thoroughly disgusted.

    • Realist says:

      Chuck, Your last 3 sentences say it all.

    • AZSpectator says:

      I never believed that Gov. Brewer’s finger wagging was intended to chastise Obama. Rather the caption should have been “Don’t you worry Mr. President, I’ll get Arizona right where you want it.”

      In 2010 the AZ State Brd of Ed, which is controlled by the executive branch not the electorate or even the Legislature, sold out control of our children’s education to the federal government through the adoption of ObamaEd – the Common Core Standards.

      Now she’s trying to control of our healthcare by implementing Obamacare.

      No big surprise in either case, she has been a big government control, big government spending gal for quite some time.

  3. eubykdisop says:

    SRAZ: I do believe that State Senator Adam Driggs is actually in LD 28 rather than in LD 18.

    That’s an interesting one because Kate Brophy McGee, who also supports Medicaid expansion, is the Rep. from LD 28 and O’Connor is the Chairman.

    Much of what lies in that district was a Conservative stronghold and McCain worked hard for years to undermine that.

    • Seeing Red AZ says:

      Thanks, euby. We also caught it — hours late — and made the correction. Editing assistance is always appreciated.
      Regardless of the district in which Driggs was elected, one thing is certain, those who thought they were electing a Republican will be represented by a Democrat colluder.

      • eubykdisop says:

        You’re most welcome, SRAZ! :-)

        You’re certainly right about Driggs! They worked LD 28 over pretty good with gerrymandering by population movement. Lots of government subsidized low income housing!

  4. eubykdisop says:

    The other thing that Obama is seeking to shove down our throats is homosexual “marriage”. The extent of those efforts is reflected in the virtual media blackout of the “March for Marriage” today. But here is the news for you!

    “National Organization for Marriage Leads Massive March and Rally in Support of Marriage”

    “March 26, 2013”

    “Washington, D.C. — More than 10,000 pro-marriage citizens from across the country and from every walk of life marched and rallied today peacefully in our nation’s capital, rallying at the National Mall and marching to the Supreme Court with two simple messages: “Respect Our Votes!” and “Kids Deserve a Mom and a Dad!”

    “The National Organization for Marriage (NOM) led a coalition of over 45 organizations featuring over 20 speakers all united in the common purpose of defending marriage between one man one woman while demanding the Supreme Court respect the millions upon millions of Americans who have voted to enact laws protecting marriage in their state constitutions.”

  5. jcf says:

    My guess is that LD 28 is filled with a bunch of 2nd and 3rd generation trust fund babies who clip coupons (as in bonds, not groceries) for extra funds to support their lifestyle. They feel guilty they have so much w/o working too hard and want us all via taxes to support the less fortunate. They never offer to donate from their own coffers. Too bad we can’t pass a bill for all in legislature who join Brewer to pay costs when her vaunted poison pill/sunset clause is not permitted by HHS when federal monies for no less than 80% of Medicaid expansion are not forthcoming. Oops they think Bernanke can print forever….

  6. Goodyear GOP says:

    How do we know that the legislators on the list are Yes votes at this time? I think the lists are largely correct, but there is at least one name that I don’t think belongs on the list. I’ve seen the same list on other blogs too but I’ve never seen a source for it. Are they co-sponsors of the bill itself? Thanks.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Um, maybe you haven’t gotten an answer to your question in two days, Goodyear, because it’s irrelevant.

      If your Senator or Representatives are on the list and you want clarification regarding where they stand, call them or email them. The telephone numbers and email addresses have been provided. You can feel free to contact them even if they are not on the list. You can even contact those outside of your district! You get the idea, Goodyear, it’s like a “do-it-yourself” sort of thing. You know, like the way democracy works.

      I feel quite certain that you can find out where Senators and Representatives stand on the issue much faster by contacting them directly than by posting the same question here repeatedly.

      Now if you find out something worth sharing, you can post it in this thread and enlighten all of us. Pretty cool, eh? Give it a try!

      Have a nice day, Goodyear!

  7. eubykdisop says:

    OT: More ongoing follow up to this recent article by SRAZ:

    “Dem official compels students to mock Jesus & Update
    March 23, 2013”

    “Fla. Governor Calls for Investigation of ‘Stomp Jesus’ University”

    “Florida Gov. Rick Scott is calling on the state university system chancellor to investigate a classroom lesson at Florida Atlantic University in which students were instructed to stomp on sheets of paper that had “Jesus” written on them.”

    “As we enter the week memorializing the events of Christ’s passion, this incident gave me great concern over the lessons we are teaching our students,” Scott wrote in the letter to Chancellor Frank Brogan. “The professor’s lesson was offensive, and even intolerant, to Christians and those of all faiths who deserve to be respected as Americans entitled to religious freedom.”

    “Scott said in his letter that he was “deeply disappointed” by the recent incident in an intercultural communications class taught by Deandre Poole, who also happens to be the vice chair of the Palm Beach Democratic party.”

  8. eubykdisop says:

    The expansion of Medicaid is but one in a coordinated series of Obama attacks on America. Sovereignty, states’ rights, marriage, the 2nd Amendment, religious freedoms and a plethora of other areas are all simultaneously under attack. Obama is out to destroy everything which defines America as American, everything which is normal and everything associated with the Judeo-Christian ethic.

    “Scouts: We’re Being Bullied by Gay Rights Activists”

    “By Todd Starnes”

    “A coalition of Eagle Scouts, Scoutmasters and parents have launched a new organization vowing to keep sex and politics out of the Boy Scouts of America.”

    “Representatives from more than a dozen states gathered in Florida to announce the opposition to any attempt to allow open homosexuality in the BSA.”

    “The BSA is expected to offer a proposal that would remove the national rule banning open homosexuality — and replacing it with a local option. That resolution would be voted on by the national council in May.”

    “What they want is full-blown gay activism in scouting,” he said, “and that’s what they can’t have under the current policy.”

    “We think that sex and politics should stay out of Scouting,” he said. “We think that’s utterly inappropriate where boys as young as six and seven years old are being trained to be men.”

  9. Goodyear GOP says:

    eubykdisop, could you please limit your comments to the topic at hand? i’m very interested in this Medicaid expansion story and have to wade through all sorts of unrelated stuff to read the comments on it. This is like some sort of blog comment spamming or something. I don’t want to come across as rude, but it is like trying to have a group conversation with people and some odd duck keeps sticking his head in to yell completely unrelated statements. Thanks.

    I’m also still waiting for someone to share the source of the names on that list. Some of them are easily verified, but others only exist on that list on this website. Thanks.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Short answer Goodyear, no.

      I really don’t think it constitutes an excessive hardship for you to “wade through” some posts. Trust me, you can handle it. I’m sure you’re a big boy now.

      The stated purpose of SRAZ is to inform from a Conservative point of view. SRAZ is not a corporation and does not have a full time staff to research and present every news item of significance to Conservatives. When something arises that I consider to be of importance to Conservatives, I’ll post it by way of contributing to the stated purpose of SRAZ.

      There are precious few venues where Conservatives can share issues of importance to them. Perhaps you should try expanding your Conservative interests by taking in more of what is posted rather than restricting yourself to a narrow focus. Broaden your Conservative horizons, Goodyear, and realize that SRAZ was not created to cater to your limitations.

      You’re welcome.