Gov. Jan Brewer: Doing Obama‘s job in AZ


Gov. Brewer is showing her allegiance to the Obama agenda in various ways — all of them troubling.  We recently wrote about the numerous statewide Legislative Districts and County Executive Committees that have passed resolutions in opposition to the Governor’s Medicaid Expansion (AHCCCS) in support of ObamaCare — which includes expansion of funding for abortion providers. We noted it was an odd step for the pro-life governor.

The entire Democrat caucus supported this outrageous and economically unsustainable government overreach.

Now Republican Brewer is touting her signing of HB 2425, a gigantic leap in implementing the Obama administration’s insidious Common Core Standards so beloved by the left. Every Democrat in both the AZ House and Senate voted for this bill, also. The Maricopa County Executive Guidance Committee unanimously passed a resolution opposing Common Core.

It is interesting to note that Gov. Brewer took 10 days before signing SB1070 into law.  Yet she took less than 10 hours to sign legislation supporting the Obama education plan endorsed by uber-liberal U. S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan.

Conservative Columnist Michelle Malkin has a series devoted to this program, which she has aptly named Rotten to the Core. Gov. Brewer must have missed an installment or two.

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17 Responses to Gov. Jan Brewer: Doing Obama‘s job in AZ

  1. Brandy Baron says:

    Brewer didn’t sign SB1070 for the good of our state. She signed it because it was her only hope of getting elected. That’s no longer a concern for her so now she’s planning for her future.

  2. patriotmom says:

    Where was the GOP on this disaster and how can we get it undone?

    • Andrew says:

      GOP grassroots is fighting OBrewerCare every step of the way, Mom! 90% of our backbone elected Precinct Committeemen (I’m one) have issued resolutions opposing Brewer’s actions. We are Tweeting, Facebooking and talking to neigbors in person.

      Brewer has been captured by special interests. She is acting ridiculous! And this week Cathi Herrod of Center for Public Policy, a traditionally strong voice for the unborn and Brewer’s friend, took a neutral position. Planned Parenthood is on board! This is bad news for your family, mom. GET INVOLVED!

  3. LD 27 PC says:

    Jan, Jan, Jan……we hardly knew ye. How could we have been so easily duped? More importantly, why have we been?

  4. Realist says:

    LOOK IT! If every democrat in the legislature is for “it” and every Republican Conservative is against “it” the Republican Party Leadership is against “it” and the GOP Governor is pushing “it” … Arizona Conservatives, We Have A Problem!
    This is very unfortunate for the future of our state not to mention our beloved country.

    Brandy Baron, I believe you are correct in your assertion.

  5. Hometown Guy says:

    Remembering the conservative Jan Brewer who represented my district in the state legislature years ago, I’d like to think this newer version has been duped by the McCain cabal she is surrounded by. But I have to accept the harsh truth that it is us, the Republicans of Arizona, who have been duped. She’s been in public office too long not to know what she is doing and what the repercussions will be. And the McCain faction didn’t appear out of thin air. She opened the door and welcomed them in. Hard facts, but facts nonetheless.

  6. eubykdisop says:

    The weak in principle, conviction and commitment have always been among us and will always be among us. More than two thousand years ago was not Jesus Christ betrayed by Judas Iscariot? Are we so good that we should be spared what Jesus Christ suffered?

    But look at the outcome! Who, in the end, prevailed? We too shall prevail because we are on God’s side!

  7. eubykdisop says:

    OT: Update on this SRAZ article: “Dem official compels students to mock Jesus & Update” – March 23, 2013.

    ” ‘Jesus Stomp’ Professor Put on Leave”

    “By Todd Starnes”

    “A Florida Atlantic University professor who ordered his class to write the name ‘Jesus’ on pieces of paper and then stomp on it – has been placed on administrative leave — not because of the assignment – but because of his personal safety.”

    “Poole, who also serves as vice chair of the Palm Beach County Democratic party, created a national firestorm after he ordered his class to stomp on ‘Jesus’.”

    “Ryan Rotela, a devout Mormon was in the classroom and refused to obey the instructor’s directions. When he complained, Rotela was banned from the classroom and charged with violating the student code of conduct.”

    “After Rotela retained the legal services of the Liberty Institute, the university had a change of heart – profusely apologizing and promising to clear his record.”

    Amazing, isn’t it, how the legal services of the Liberty Institute can “change hearts and minds”, LOL!

  8. LEO IN TSN says:

    Thank you SRA for at last spotlighting the most insidious plan of the progressives, called Common Core in Education. I implore every patriot to read the Michelle Malkin series of exposes on this terrible plan to take over American families. This MUST BE REPEALED.

    Glenn Beck has also taken up the fight against this outrageous destruction of American education and freedom. Go to his website and listen to his radio and TV broadcasts in which he analyzes the terrible consequences of this stealth slavery process. Common Core is every bit as destructive to America as obamaocare. This MUST BE REPEALED.

    Common Core is set to be in place in AZ for the 2013 – 2014 school year. That is THIS YEAR. Start bombarding your State legislators, your LD, county and state GOP boards, every parent & grandparent you know, and our asleep-at-the-switch State Superintendent of Education. This MUST BE REPEALED.

    The urgency of this issue cannot be overstated, so I will repeat once more for clarity – COMMON CORE MUST BE REPEALED – NOW. AZ MUST NOT SURRENDER.

    God bless the little children. God bless America.

    • Hagar says:

      Read also several S.H.I.E.L.D. blogs (see for an expose’ of Senator Crandalls’ early major role in Common Core’s implementation, including Crandall’s numerous expensive gifts from leftist radical groups supporting Common Core.

  9. Delilah says:

    I was never duped by Brewer and it was because she took so long to sign SB1070. But signing that bill gave her all she need to be propelled into her election for Governor. Brewer was last in the running and waalaa she became the poster gal for illeglas. She is trying to have the law changed so she can run again, and with what she is doing she may get it changed using the Dims, lets make sure she does not make it out the primary this time.

    • eubykdisop says:

      Delilah wrote: “She is trying to have the law changed so she can run again…”

      Gee, Jan, are you modeling yourself after Uber Progressive New York Mayor Bloomberg?

      “Bloomberg Expected to Seek Third Term as Mayor”

      September 30, 2008”

      “In an act that promises to upend New York City’s political world, Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg plans to announce Thursday that he will seek a third term as mayor, according to four people who have been told of his intentions.”

      “Mr. Bloomberg, whose second term ends in 2009, is barred by law from running for re-election. So he will propose revising the city’s 15-year-old term limits law, which restricts him and dozens of other elected leaders to two four-year terms, those people said.”

      Of course, Bloomberg was successful and was elected to a third term!

      Jan is taking a page from the playbook of John McCain. IF she can win the Republican primary, running against a Dem, she will pick up some Republican votes and, because she now has Obama “religion”, she’ll also pick up some “crossover” Liberal votes.

      So if Brewer succeeds in getting term limits repealed, watch for shenanigans in the primary!

  10. Dave Hollenbeck says:

    3/30/2013 9:55:00 PM
    Board of Supervisors to mull Medicare expansion, P&Z issues
    Scott Orr
    The Daily Courier

    PRESCOTT – The Yavapai County Board of Supervisors will meet two times this week: on Monday, for its regular biweekly session, and again on Wednesday in a joint session with the Planning and Zoning Commission.

    On Monday, the board will consider a resolution in support of Gov. Jan Brewer’s Medicaid expansion plan.

    The proposal Brewer, a Republican, is advocating has met with opposition from within her own party. It’s a component of the Obamacare plan that expands Medicaid coverage to people earning up to 133 percent of the federal poverty level. That’s $14,856 for individuals.

    While 10 other Republican governors won’t participate, Brewer said the federal dollars would go to other states that do accept it if Arizona doesn’t.

    Brewer said she’s wary of a “bait and switch,” in which the federal government would encourage states to join in and then cut funding, shifting the burden to states. To avoid that possibility, her plan includes what she called a “circuit breaker” that would decrease state funding if the federal government cuts back.

    The resolution in favor of the expansion plan was submitted Board Chairman Chip Davis.

    On Wednesday, the board meets in a joint session with the Planning and Zoning Commission. Among the items on the agenda:

    • The possibility of returning the Development Services Department to a five-day-a-week schedule from its current four-day-a-week hours;

    • Whether small, private cemeteries could be allowed by administrative action instead of requiring a county-issued use permit;

    • Discussion on wind turbines and solar installations.

    The meetings will be held in different locations: Monday’s will be in the County Administrative Services Building, 1015 Fair St., in Prescott; Wednesday’s will be held in the Administrative Services Building at 10 S. 6th St., in Cottonwood. Both begin at 9 a.m. Each will be teleconferenced to the other location.

  11. Westnash says:

    My own view on Jan Brewer hasn’t changed…she was a looney tune, when others here praised her, and she is a looney tune now. Her time has gone and she needs to go into a (taxpayer paid) retirement.

  12. Hagar says:

    It was disgusting (albeit not surprising) to hear Crandall and Coleman play Brewer’s toadies on Medicaid expansion and Common Core. What a disgraceful duo we have [not] representing us in LD16. Coleman even admitted that his role as a legislator is not to represent his constituents but to vote as he wants.